Weekly Update #6

That’s the point of dev tier :wink:

It’s pre-alpha and I wouldn’t expect alpha level amounts of gameplay until the end of this hear. I think that’s when alpha is supposed to happen according to their timeline.

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The only good thing I say about the Cyrano ship, the second smallest with the long nose, is that it makes players appreciate having other ships. Sorry to be so harsh but I see it all the time: sub-par ships kept when they shouldn’t be. And as a creator of MANY sub-par ships, I know what I am talking about.

Also, a minor thing perhaps but the interceptor exterior does not match the interior shot, even if the top is windowed which I excluded when photoshopping.

The destroyer could be thinner, for some unknown reason I’m ok with the corvette.
The bomber, cruiser and carrier. Ya, que the loud explosion music. 8)

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If that shape is kept for the corvette, I hope Cyrano will stick as a name.

A little known fact is that the historical Cyrano de Bergerac, in addition to be a formidable swordsman, was also possibly the first science-fiction author.


Since the KS, Kimmo, Gene, Andre and Panu have left. :broken_heart:

is there a post detailing this somewhere? I was away from the forums for a while and dropped off of regular.

There are snippets here and there, but no dedicated post about all of them.

I remember something about people leaving because they couldn’t do it full time. Is it just temporarily, or permanent? I couldn’t find anything through search.

Kimmo is confirmed to have left permanently, the other 3 are in “legal negotiations” that even involves back-pay and are very unlikely to come back, so basically permanent all four of them.

I’m guessing the Hellion was removed and that the other ships like this interceptor are getting a remake because of the IP rights. Hope the KS crowd doesn’t complain that they are getting different ships to what was pledged for…

So they just left I guess. What purpose is there in “legal negotiations” anyway.

Issues to be resolved, we don’t know much about it, it’s confidential. Money and IP rights is my guess.


Unfortunate to hear that some or the team members left. I like the new interceptor models, but man, did that KS Mercenary Interceptor look good! Loved the dual tail, and was hoping it would bring an advantage when flying in atmosphere.

Having said that, looks like the new merc ship has larger thrusters; more powerrr :smile:. Also appreciate the more “weathered”, industrial look. Only 1 year to go before Beta :sunglasses:


I see a carrier https://sketchfab.com/models/c9b6af2b0484414385a2c8658465ad12 :grinning: