Weekly Update #22

Due to the holiday last weekend this was a short week so it’s already time for another weekly update! Unfortunately a shorter week means less stuff to talk about. On the engineering side you can summarize our entire effort as working on getting the forever patch released. I mentioned last week that a recent update to Microsoft’s development tools broke our build. At the time of the last weekly update it looked like it would be resolved in about a day but unfortunately the snowball effect that is so common in software development caused the effort required to resolve the problem to “snowball” into taking up the entire rest of the week.

Capital ship turret placeholders.

The good news is that we actually found a number of unrelated bugs in the game/engine that we were able to fix (hence the aforementioned snowball) and final testing on the new build will begin tomorrow. If all goes well we’ll get back to finishing up the last bit of the new launcher and then releasing this dang patch.

Interceptor cockpit UV progress. Green = complete.

On the art side work continues on texturing and materials. Jan has made good progress on the interceptor cockpit, Dan is finishing up the geometry decal pass for the bomber cockpit, and Kristian is working on the exterior for the hauler. Hopefully we’ll have some prettier images to show off soon.


Good to know something good came from the problem :slightly_smiling:. I’m assuming stations and bases will also be getting these?

Glad to hear things are back on track for you guys. :slight_smile:

Any plans to bulk those turrets up a bit? Most of them seem pretty delicate right now compared with other models in the game.

Shared to SC, ED and LTT forums.


Hey @JonnyRedHed, has anyone answered this yet?


Not yet no.

I can’t comment for SC, but it’s nothing like Elite. There are no hard capped speed limits. FaOff acts similarly where there are no assists(I believe that was in the most recent atmospheric update), but there is no upper limit on speeds for both rotation and translation. The (smaller) ships move as you would in a fps, and you can control your speed in any direction independently. It is fully newtonian, and you can strafe at 5km/s if you wanted to but good luck hitting anything.

I have a logitech stick, but I haven’t attempted to fly with it in battlescape yet. I am almost 100% positive that HOTAS will be supported…and expanding on that I’m not sure if sticks and/or gamepads are supported yet™.


You can’t or you won’t? :grin:


I have not played it…I don’t know at all how it’s flight mechanics work. :wink:

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If this came out at around 12:30am then do you mean Tuesday by tomorrow? Also will you be able to spawn at the land base? because it would be nice to not have to fly to it but just spawn at it with like a basic gui that will be updated later when you get to that part of the game.

Nobody does.:wink:


Good job on the progress! I’m sure with your clear goals, that you guys will make the optimal decisions.

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I have a question in the game there is a fighter ship but that was for a stretch goal, should you try replacing it with something else? Also for faster texturing could you try a contest where you send everyone the basic layout and you keep the best texture to edit for the game?

The fighter was a stretch goal and we won’t be replacing it with something else. Once the game ships to retail and we’re able to release a modding SDK we’ll provide the shells of the ships and everything else people will need to get started building materials or even their own ships.


I meant to replace the stretch goal not the ship if that’s what you thought I meant.
Also can you make us able to delete our topic posts because I really want to delete some of mine.

PS I really like it how you reply to the comments on your site because I never see other good developers replying to people and can you in the next weekly update, show a new size comparison picture sense some of the ships were changed, maybe with the current textures in it if you want(well all of this is mainly if you want).

Has Flavien decided to stop giving updates from his end?

No but with the weekly newsletter it has made it a bit redundant.

To the contrary, your updates seemed so much more valuable, involved, personal and interesting than these weekly updates. They really portrayed the indie spirit and gave us an insight into a mind of an engineer working on the game. I wish you reconsider. :slight_smile:


I do appreciate the detailed in-the-weeds kind of updates myself. We don’t need them weekly of course, but feel free to let us know what’s going on every now and again.

I didn’t say I was dropping them; just that the original motivation ( an update every few days ) is not really necessary anymore. So I’ll just post whenever I have something interesting to say / show :slight_smile: