Weekly Update #21

Another angle:

Will be a challenge to keep lines while adding engines and bridge.


Now it either looks like a satellite or a sweet remake of the Independence Day ships. Either way nice.


For the record guys we hope to release modding tools at some point so that those of you who are interested can produce your own content for the game.


I know but I can only make the models and textures I cant code them and I also prefer everyone to see the same thing and everyone to have it, that is why I prefer them to be in the main game. But if a mod does good enough would you think about adding it into the main game if it goes with it well, is balanced and you have the owners permission?

I have a question about the smoke, how does it behave when a ship flies through it? Does it get distorted? It would be cool if you could like escape an enemy by flying through smoke like the radar can get scrambled from smoke hitting it.

Also what planet is that base on and did you enable oceans because the surface is lower quality than the ones in game, indicating its a new one and the black next to it looks like the oceans in the game settings(which I cant change because there are no tutorials on how to get it working, I cant even host my own server, when I try the game just crashes or refuses to join)

Too much questions but wouldn’t you need a 3rd flight model for under water because if they can handle space and different atmospheres they can probably handle the water, just move a lot slower, but it would be a cool way to sneak up on a base by moving smaller ships under the water.

Here are the “tutorials” for enabling oceans, but it’s heavy on resources,

so only use it if you PC can handle it.




Interesting. Didn’t even know there were oceans. Going to see if my PC can handle it but I doubt it. GPU needs and update, but its not too behind I think.

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It’s all about that 4+ Gs of DDR5. I have 3, and am able to play on high, but ultra crashes it.

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Yeah we’re pretty heavy on the VRAM atm, bringing that # down is high on the priority list.

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Phwoar, that planet looks so much better with an ocean - the landscape makes more sense! I like having the clouds enabled too even though they’re flat and boring currently :smile:

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With untextured placeholder assets we’re not that heavy anymore. Last time I tested we were right around 1.8 Gb of vram. Crash at ultra settings must be a different problem.


Doesn’t need engines, cause it moves using a drive that distorts space-time.

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Maybe a combination of both. Interesting…

hmm intresting i seen placeholder in Baldurs Gate when they add dlc.

I was skimming the planet surface while on ultra. FPS took a big hit, from about 30 to 10 or less (planetside). This was before the atmospheric flight update, though, and I was going about 1 km/s roughly 30 m above the ground. I’ve never actually tried to replicate the crash, so it might have been a fluke, but because of the huge hit in performance I’ve always kept it at high.

I’m running a gtx 970 and when i’m at the planet’s surface, it runs around 30-40 fps regularly on ultra. I’ve also had random times/places where it has dropped down to < 20 fps. It wasn’t exactly consistent when or where it did it either, but always near the surface. I don’t think it started the random frame drops until after Flavien fixed the flickering issue, but then again I haven’t run into it as of late either, so who knows.

Could someone give me an answer to this question below please, asked on SC forum. Thanks kindly.

I have a question for anyone who has played this game. Can you please describe the controls? Can this game be played with a HOTAS setup? Is the flight model more similar to Elite or Star Citizen?

Input would be greatly appreciated. I am seriously ready to pull the trigger on this one but I need to find out how the game plays before I jump in.


I’ll fire up my Thrustmaster HOTAS and see if I can’t get it working! I’m curious as well.

When is the next update gonna come out(just wondering), because you said that you were gonna delay it to add the land base, or did I miss something?(I am just cerious, because I really want to play with the land base.)

We’re working hard to get it out ASAP. The changes required to fix our build after Microsoft’s update to our dev tools a little over a week ago ended up taking a lot more time than we had anticipated. Fortunately final testing on those fixes will start tomorrow and shortly thereafter we should hopefully be back to releasing the patch.


changes required passion after update tools

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