Weekly Update #134: Beta Improvements

Hey everybody, time for a new update. Two weeks ago we released the beta along with patch I’m happy to report that overall, the beta went pretty well. The server crashed twice during the launch, but the issue ( related to multithreading ) was fixed a few days later and the server has been perfectly stable since then.

Beta feedback

SpaceJay has posted a lot of new 4K screenshots which you can see in this thread: Wallpaper - Give Us Your Best Shot! (Image Intensive)

Playbenni has also released a fan-made video of the beta launch, which you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxQ1MrltSn8

Last week we released patch with more fixes and improvements to the beta version. We’ve still got a long way to go; namely, the balance is still off, some ships are overpowered ( I’m looking at you, cruiser’s shields overcharge ) and some of the controls / mechanics are still clunky ( locking will get a revamp soon ). Some of the most important feedback we’ve gathered from this beta launch is that the game still has a too harsh learning curve. We’re not all that worried about it (yet), though, since we’ll be add tutorials and more in-game helpers at a later stage.

Upcoming development

As I mentionned last month, our top priority for March will be work on the UI and in-game menus. The goal is to have a first version of the star map and main menus somewhere around end of March.

Although UI has the highest priority, there’s also a number of important tasks that we’ll be working on in parallel. Here’s a non-exhaustive list the next 1-2 weeks:

  • We’re switching to FMOD for our audio library. Goodbye OpenAL, you served us well, but you won’t be regretted ! The main advantage of FMOD is the higher sound quality ( we can use 3D stereo / multi-channel sound sources, while OpenAL only supported mono 3D sources ) and the ability to apply real-time filters to effects. We might give a try to muffling distant sounds in space as an option - is that something you’d be interested in ? Please let us know.

  • More iterations on capital ships control scheme

  • Another balance pass, especially on ground bases and static defenses. We’re also revising hardpoints on various ships

  • We’ll be finally adding the missile, torpedo launchers and laser countermeasures on capital ships. Art assets are ready for this, but due to lack of time it couldn’t get finished in time for the beta.

  • More improvements to the HUD / controls and revamping the locking system ( it’s been long coming )

  • Adding correct projectiles intersection hits with the mesh hull of a ship, instead of using the bounding box

  • Finishing the new AI battle system that was being worked on during December and January

  • And of course as usual: bug fixes, new minor features, improvements, HUD updates, some new icons, some experimental changes etc…

And that’s pretty much it for the “coming soon” list. A new patch ( ) is scheduled for the new Community Event, probably this week.


Here is my take on it.

In Battlescape, sounds occur in outer space due to a ‘Audial Awareness’ module built into spaceships. As in the name suggests, sounds are generated for the user’s ears to increase combat awareness even in the vacuum of space. So as long as the module is active and undamaged, then you should hear sounds outside of the piloted ship no matter how distant.

Also, sounds should take the variety speed of sound while within different atmospheres of planets. But in space, it should be instant.

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Generally I agree, but it should be simulated if the sound is far away or close. Otherwise how would you know how close the source of the sound is?

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Simple, based on how muffled it is.


By the way, I preferred when W/S was set orientation and R/F pitch.

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Remember the muffled and vibration like layered sounds you heard when in Battlestar Galactica (2004) mini-series the sound of the viper gun-fire from outside the cockpit. Very cool that sound. Something along those lines maybe.

And these muffled exterior sounds as Pegasus rescues Galactica (from Exodus Part II)

And I’m pretty sure Firefly the TV show had quite a few outside in space muffled sound effects as well.


I was thinking of exactly the same shows.

Feedback from ED forum.


Aah yes. NMS and Snarfbuckle.

Repeating themselves over and over and over.

Do they expect a diferent answer or result?

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It’s okay, you can’t please everybody, and I don’t think these guys realize we have like 0.1% the budget of Star citizen or Elite :wink:

Although we’ll be adding a mission system later on, so there will probably be many non-combat missions. But the game is match / team based, so all missions by nature will be related to supporting the war effort.