We must talk abour Kickstarter Stretch goals

So the Stretch goals can push a crowdfunding of an game many time when its logical enouth and when the gamer realy want them.

as example
many kickstarter projects that has failed
has had to big steps between their goals.
1.000.000 for the game
1.250.000 for 5 new missions and 2 new ships

that bullshit make no sense to an gamer even when you explain why this “mini addon” should cost 250.000 in dev cost…

make small steps with small “adons” and between them big steps with special “addons” like
1.000.000 for the game
1.050.000 for 2 new solar systems and 5 new ships
1.150.000 for linux support
1,200.000 for ship customization with colors and symbols
1,300.000 for Mac support
1,350.000 for … bla bla bla

so you can even make stretch goals for the number of founder like: when 10.000 people has fund this game we give you all this and when 15.000 people has fund the game we give all of you even this…
so the gamer that like your game not only want that the stretch goals gets fund,no they also want that more people found the game.

So before you make the kickstarter campaign
think twice about the stretch goals and how you can make the people addicted to the process so they want other people in social media to crowdfund too

You must know people in social media with huge amount of followers so they can post the link to the kickstarter campaign

It might not the best idea to make stretch goals based on # of backers. Each stretch goal will have an inherent developing cost (which I hope will be made abundandly clear by inovae why stretch goal x costs y usd), now let’s assume that 50k people pledge only 1$. this would mean 50k usd for feature x, which, if I remember correctly isn’t that much money when it comes to implement stuff into a game (I am pretty sure that there was a mention about the developing cost of a single ship somewhere, but I don’t remember which thread it was mentioned in).

There is nothing to support the observation that stretch goals increase funding by any significant margin, except for your own subjective observations.

People will back the game based on the game presentation, if it’s good they’ll back it, if it’s not they won’t.

Stretch goals are just as likely to adversely effect the funding, for example if you have too many of them which makes people think they aren’t getting the game they were promised if all the stretch goals aren’t met. Or if you put a significant feature as a stretch goal it will create a controversy and put people off the game.

At the very least, no one recommends putting stretch goals on the page before the campaign is funded, let alone at the very beginning of the campaign.

I was writing this post when it hit me:

Spacewhale or space potato(rock) tattoo for the devs as a stretch goal?

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