We Got New Badges!

Just noticed we got them.


big badge, much support.

Can people not see their own badge? I have “Stellar Supporter”, as indicated in notifications, but it does not show up for me in this post.

Badges in this forum don’t show up next to your name or anything. They might change that in the future, but for now it’s just like any other badge.

You have to select your title which is associated with the badge.

Didn’t know about that, thanks.

I still have no badge… :confused:

Probably because you pledged with an email other than the one your account is registered with. I am working on uploading the solution for that to production here shortly.


No, it’s the same email, might be that I’m using Google login for the forums?

That shouldn’t matter, I’ll have to look into it.

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I can confirm that we have no record of your email address in our Kickstarter database. You used a separate email address for your pledge (which we do have a record of). You’ll have to add your 2nd email once I finish uploading this new build.

You have me worried now Keith, you are saying the KS account email is not the right email?

It’s simply a separate email than the one you used to register your I-Novae account. I’m working on getting a new build of the website up right now that should allow you to link the two. It’s almost 3am so I’m debating how much testing I’m going to do before I upload it and hope for the best.


Works for me at least.

You should leave it for tomorrow…

Funny thing, I’ve got the “Galatic supporter” badge but was initialized with “Stellar support”.

Anyway, kudos for the badge :wink:

Turns out you need to logout of the main INS site, log back in and wait 24 hours, once you logout and if you can’t log back into the forums, clear the cookies for the site…

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The group assigned Stellar Supporter by default. You should have the Galactic Supporter badge and switch your title if you want.

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Proud of my new badge !



Screw the forum fairy.



Also, I’m certain I used the same email but no badge yet either.

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