Wallpaper Battlescape 1920x1080

Under construction. Ships being worked on…


It’s well done, but maybe you could make it clear with a little bit of text at the bottom that this is “Concept Art Superimposed In-Game”. That way if/when these get around no one gets the mistaken impression that the ships render in an animated style in the game. :smiley:

This and you should also remove the Inovae logo in the first image to make it even more clear that it’s not official ;).

Proper hd wallpapers <3 be still, my beating heart.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Dev build, I have need for 2160, 1440, and 1080 images.

Yeah, I can change that. :relaxed:


Where did you get those pictures? Because the game hasn’t been released only a prototype is out that only specific people can get. Also I just noticed that some of these arn’t even infinity battlescape and some would be misleading.

I think they’re screenshots from here which he has photoshopped to add concept art.