VR price range etc

Sooo after a news outlet accidentally leaked the price, HTC now officially unveiled the price for the ‘Vive Consumer Edition’, at 799 USD.
This leaves us with the current price range of 599 USD for the oculus to 799 USD for the Vive (without considering pc upgrade related costs to properly run these things). Any thoughts on that? Do you think that Vive reflects a high-end price or do you expect other vr devices (like StarVR) to have an even higher price tag attached to it? And while we’re at it, what are your opinions on the different vr devices?

I am at the moment hoping that the Playstation VR will settle at around 400 USD, mainly because I already have the needed hardware to run it, and I could live with paying the price of a second ps4.

Added a table with the prices in the usa and europe. I’ll try to update it whenever there is a new price/system announced. If you want me to add something, just say so.

There have been a few threads in which a lot of people expressed their general views towards VR and the price range they are marketing them at. Make a search for “Oculus”.

I did, but I found that none of the topics that come up when searching for oculus (or vr, or virtual reality, or rift, or […]) were applicable to this thread. I would have had to further derail the ‘preorder oculus’ or ‘oculus bought by facebook’ thread. So i decided that it would be the best to make a more general price range / vr thread, that isn’t all about oculus specifically.

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It’s too expensive for 99% of the people living on Earth today, not sure why you need a thread for that.


I think the vive price is a lot better than the rumors, there was speculation it would cost around $1500 (USD). Comparing it to the occulus price and taking into account that the vive comes with controllers I don’t think it is too bad. Both headsets are still quite expensive, probably too much for me but hopefully the price will go down over time.
I am really looking forwards to trying the vive, I have had an opportunity to try several other vr devices (Occulus, GearVR and google cardboard) and I want to see how the vive compares. Out of all the headsets I think the vive is the one I am the most excited about with their room scale tracking and the fact they are from valve! :smiley:

if the speculation was including the cost of the computer required to run it, then that number is probably accurate…or even on the low side

the vive price makes a lot of sense, since it includes it’s two controllers. when you factor in the controller price for the oculus you quickly realize that the prices are pretty much the same, except vive isn’t owned by facebook and will likely have better support from developers for room scale because the controllers are bundled.

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Also it’s probably going to be the device Valve throw most of their weight behind, having worked with them on it

Depending where you live, the price might already be nearly the same/comparable. That is, unless Valve/HTC decide to take a piss on european customers as the oculus/facebook guys did.

I dont know why, but I do like what StarVR is doing. They opted for a higher field of view, compared to the others. I’m also curious, if you can mix and match, like for example oculus rift headset with steam vr controller (probably not lighthouse, but the handheld controller look neat)… I mean regardless of the over the top price it would cost to get two systems (or even more)

As far as I can tell the rumor originated from http://focustaiwan.tw/news/ast/201601120023.aspx
and it looks like it was referring to just the vive. I have no idea where they got that number from, maybe they misread a cost estimate that included the computer or something.

As far as I know the tracking for the handheld controllers requires the lighthouse to function so you wouldn’t be able to use the steam vr controller without the lighthouse system set up.

Makes sense, my bad ^^’

In other news, Valve also released a VR benchmark that takes roughly 5 gig to download, and then tells you how much you’re failing the minimum requirements for vive (and I guess oculus too? *shrugs*)

5 gigs to install, it seems to ‘only’ download ~2gigs.

Right now VR seems like the Wii at launch. A very interesting peripheral with a lot of amazing potential, but with a lot riding on developers to work out how to interface human movement and interaction.

2nd gen is always a huge leap forward and I hope the price can come down by at least a third.

meh, probably even higher resolution. Thus keeping the price up.

That comparison doesn’t bode well for sales, long term…

So who has ordered a vive here? I did, was 960€ in germany. I hope its worth it.

Came so very very close!

Wife talked me down as I do have a Rift on order, though if the Vive does seem to be the better device when the dust settles, I’ll just sell the Rift and buy a Vive.

TBH i think that may well end up happening, the Vive’s room scale VR really appeals.

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Widespread use by many other industries will help maintain momentum though. The Wii remote et al were too specific to gaming.

Price for Playstation VR was announced at the gdc. It will cost 399USD / 399EUR, and is set to be released in october this year.

I am glad that the price ended up being exactly what I imagined it to be, although I am kind of annoyed that I will have to wait until october to get it. -_-’

but hey, on the bright side … That makes ps vr kind of the cheapest thing to buy from the ground up (apart from maybe gear VR and google cardboard). All you need to get it going is the vr headset (400), a ps4 (350) and a ps4 camera (45-50). So less than 800EUR, making it only 50EUR more expensive than the Oculus Rift (standalone, without a pc to run it).
I guess us residents will have the biggest chance at a lower cost for OR (seeing how they have ~300USD leeway), provided that they already have a pc and only need to upgrade one major component of said pc.

If you want to play with move controllers, that would be another 34 (1 hand movement) to 70 (2-handed movement) EUR.

In case you wondered: I like rounding up.

So somebody made a way to stream VR content from the PC to a phone with google cardboard.

It’s… buggy, at the moment, but it works.

Not sure if this goes here but think it is kind of relevant. Good take on VR but JS’s take on getting sick, although true for many, really depends on getting use to it. If you only jump on VR for a short time every few weeks I expect motion sickness to persist, but playing regularly will probably resolve it. Hell, I use to get motion sickness without VR when I first started gaming… At any rate, lots of other valid comments: