Vertical Ships (WIP)

Talking about Vertical ships recently on the forums, I thought I would tinker a bit and came up with a design. Just a very basic outline but with a litt…lot of work it may yield something. Not sure which looks better though, round or block engines. I might have actually figured out how to land the one with the blockish engines…maybe.



I can’t help but see “Boba Fett” written all over it.

I know, I know, all ships look like other ships that look like other ships.

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Vertical ships are awesome, they always look interesting. I also don’t understand the dislike for the WIP “cyranno” ship with the extended nose, I think the ship design mockup looked great, they just have to make the model look more like the mockup (less blocky shapes).


but imagine how much cooler it would look if the nose were on top and the cockpit underneath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wip for vip

That looks a bit too “Gallentean” to me, almost reminds me of the helios. Of course, it’s a really good mockup and basic design, but I think SFC style is more of a cross between caldari and minmatar styles.


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Yeah, being compared with any Star Wars ship is a big complement and greatly appreciated. But Boba Fett’s ship is Slave 1. Other than being vertical I can’t really see the similarity.

I remember there being a tiny little vertical fighter in the combat prototype. It had a bit of a problem in that facing your target to engage it also exposed the maximum amount of surface area to enemy fire.

How do you not see the similarities? Curved front, straight lines in the back, engines sticking out to the side (well, tbh, I don’t recall if Slave 1’s wings are engines or not, I know a great deal of them are on the backside of the ship).

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, although vertical ships really aren’t my slice of cake. I’m just saying that I looked at it and “Boba Fett flies this” was my very first thought.

EDIT: I should add that the comment was made before the 3-D render of Helios was posted. If that’s your concept art of the design, then it’s nowhere near the same as Slave 1.

To be fair, the round posterior (hemispherical) on the slave doesn’t really fit his concept, which is like a kite.

these vertical ships decommissioned from the cross of Jesus , he too could fly vertically on his ship if it was fastened to the cab and the engine .

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I think you might be on to something…

Interesting concept, I love vertical ships. Rough as it is, this one is quite similar to some recent creations at CIG.


This thread needs more Walrus.


Myrmidon. Quafe edition.


Very cool picks! The Vertical ship lives. :heart_eyes:

The original and the best


And try engines again…lol