Using a Space Mouse as a joystick

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I’ve looked through the forums, and I’ve seen where some users have gotten their Space Mouse to work in IBS, but I’m not having much luck, I’m afraid. I use my Space Mouse with Elite: Dangerous and love how I instantly feel like I’m flying a spacecraft instead of an aircraft, and having flown both in the real world (Naval aircraft, but spacecraft from the ground, I worked in flight ops for NASA), there’s a real difference.

I’ve tried using vjoy and sx2vjoy, but so far I haven’t really had any luck. The game recognizes control inputs in the keybinding GUI, but in the game, it’s sporadic at best (and usually only in one direction, if at all). Has anyone had any luck getting the Space Mouse to work with IBS? Could I trouble you to post your config files or walk me through what you did to set it up? I’d forever be in your debt!

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Yes I have been using my SpaceMouse Pro since the release of the first avaliable Pre-Alpha Version. I usually use Four of the Six axis with the (normal) mouse doing Pitch and Yaw for personal preference reasons.
I also implemented a Switchover mode when I activate freelook it puts all Six axis on the SpaceMouse and lets me use my (normal) mouse for looking arround. This sadly has been broken since a few updates.

Yes. I also use vjoy and sx2vjoy and it has worked for me ever since. It seems you suffer from the usual confusion when it comes to the keybindings control. (Could be made better, yes, several suggestions were made to the devs)

Could you share you bindings? A tip to try is to use “F4” to switch to direct flight mode as some axis are locked behind there, it could be that problem.

Although that “one direction” thing sounds peculiar. Do you mean just one axis?

Here’s a thread I made a while ago concerning the input configuration:

Some information is outdated. Should take some times and update it one day but most things still apply.
Also. Head over to discord for direct help if you want: Infinity Community Discord Server

Really cool background you come from. Hope you stick around to share some of that if you like to. :slight_smile:

I will share my configuration as soon as I get some time back at home.


Alright, was a bit tired yesterday so didn’t have time for this but here it is:

I created three profiles from scratch (right click link and “save content as” or get them all as a .zip file here):

Implements all 6 Axis of the SpaceMouse. I have only implemented the Axis as binding the Buttons is very dependent on preference.

Implements all Translation Axis as well as Roll.
Allows the use of “Direct” Controll mode with the mouse.

Is simmilar to Partial just that it includes my usual Keybindings for the Spacemouse as well as my normal mouse I got accustomed to.

All profiles Allow the use “Target” control mode with the mouse.

Frelook and Pitch/Yaw currently can not be used at the same time due to a recent change introduced in a patch … sadly.

Put these files under:

C:\Users\<YourUser>\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles

To have them available in the launcher.

sx2vjoy Settings

These are my sx2vjoy settings. Output Sensitivity is personal Preference and can be set howerever else:

Inverts are done in the Battlescape config files.

Infinity: Battlescape Game Launcher Settings

Here’s the launcher setup:

Pay attention to the controller. This has to be the vjoy device.

Ingame use “F4” to switch to “Direct” mode in order to use all 6 Axis.

@InovaeFlavien While setting this up I noticed again that using Freelook completely locks Pitch and Yaw, even when making it “default on” by unbinding the key. Which is (still) sad. Can’t use 6 AXIS and Mouse to look around at the same time. Mouse just sits there and can’t do anything with its sensor. I like to point at this suggestion again where I detailed what I see as the most optimal and clear way to handle the input configuration:

Also the “Spectator” Error shows up every time I open the launchers bindings editor even when working off a freshly copied and renamed “QWERTY.xml” file … so must be some bug or something.


Well, if Freelook wasn’t locking pitch/yaw, you’d be pitching/yawing at the same time as you look around. I guess I could detect if ViewYaw/ViewPitch are assigned to the same keys than ShipYaw/ShipPitch, and only lock ship pitch/yaw in that case. I can also detect if Freelook isn’t assigned and simply assume you’re not going to bind the same keys than ShipPitch/ShipYaw, and “unlock” pitch/yaw all the time for that case. How does that sound ?

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Hey Flavien. Thanks for answering to my sidenote.

That case only applies when both functions are controlled by the mouse, which is, yes, for most players.

It is a problem several games have and it is usually solved by having the mouse being “captured” for whatever it is currently used and only allowed to be used for one thing but at the same time it is being allowed to be bound to multiple things. It is also a specific problem only with the mouse because people expect to use it for several thing namely: Fly the Ship, Use Menues and look around.
People are less surprised when they double bind a key that it fires the other things too.

See this section:

The direction of “locking” is somewhat the right direction but due to it being applied on the whole event it disables a whole ship function.

It should block the mouse from triggering the event, not disable the event to not have it be triggered by the mouse.

Such a block currently works already in the game. When I open the chat window to chat, I just tested it, I can still fly the ship with my SpaceMouse even though WASD (Or WARS for me) is bound to translation. The Keyboard is being “captured” by the chat window. Only the chat window can listen to it. (might be because the Axis and the ShipUp etc. are separate events though and it’s just a side effect of that)

Some games don’t just do that blocking for the mouse but for pretty much all possible bindings. They have their events structured in groups that apply only in certain situations. Like when a menu is open or when using a certain mode. They “filter” what events are fired depending if that menu is open or not or what mode or vehicle the player is currently using.

I really dislike all these “special cases” currently hidden and hardcoded. Things like not binding View locks view always on or the switch of controls while in capital mode. It would like them to rather be settings under “Game” tab in the settings of the final game. Might be planed anyway.
The problem is that they are undocumented, unintuitive and block people from access to direct ship function when they want to set it up the way they like.


Based on your instructions, I figured out that I wasn’t switching to Direct using F4. But that’s not something I would have ever realized if you guys hadn’t laid it out step by step. I have my curves adjusted so that I’m getting a similar feel to my Elite: Dangerous setup, so I’m really liking it. I use the Space Mouse in my left hand and the mouse in my right hand. The fire buttons are still on the mouse, but I will probably bind missile and chaff to the Space Mouse buttons.

I don’t currently use the freelook with the mouse, but it would be handy. If freelook were separate from pitch and yaw in the control editor, then you could just unbind the mouse from pitch and yaw if you use the Space Mouse. For me, it’s not a big deal though.

A thousand thanks for the help, I’m really loving the game!


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Glad that you got your setup more or less working :wink:

Yeah, an update to the input events is planned. Especially the different control modes, which will be unified. But I’m waiting to have our new UI ready before I iterate on the controls / events, it’ll be so much easier to set up / test everything when you’re not forced to restart the game every time you modify something :slight_smile:

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