Upgrading pledge?

sorry i know i seen it somewhere here but i can’t find it or i’m just to lazy to search more.
i would like to upgrade pledge from beta supporter to alpha supporter (60=>110$).
can someone point me to it?

found it!


Good to hear. You bring up a good point that it’s not very visible for visitors who have been away for a while.

@INovaeKeith it might be wise to pin the upgrade thread to “facilitate” the upgrade process :smiley:

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do you know when will alpha be available for planetary supporters?

The full Alpha release is unknown at this point, but there should be another Alpha Weekend coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned to the Weekly Updates for that info.

will do, thanks!

Where did you find it ? cant seem to find it.
I see the link. thanks

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in products section there is upgrade pledge option at the end o fthe line, click it and follow instructions