Unofficial Infinity Minecraft Server


Still chipping away at Future City :slightly_smiling: I have quickly whipped up another building next to Sable Tower that is available for ownership and interior design! Feel free to claim it and start personalising! There is plenty of surrounding space to expand it and add to it if required.


Really liking the design :smiley:

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Where the hell is that city btw? I don’t see it on Overviewer


It is FAR away from the initial area :wink: Try zooming way out.

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@Lomsor We tried to go to END and just fell out of the world :S Lot’s of good stuff were lost. Something is not working.

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Is there a warp point for it? I guess I’ll check this evening

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@topperfalkon: /warp futurecity

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Cool, I’ll pay a visit this evening if my PC decides to work.

Also need to figure out the Overviewer signposts so that Little Sister and Big Sister show up on the map.


Ok, the End spawn point fixed.

I accidentally regenerated the nether and end though … so they might look different now. Seems to be a problem to where you get spawned in the end.

What I also just thought off? What happens if you die in The End? What if in the Void?

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Dragon fight imminent in the HC. Come and join us there asap if you want to take part in the epic battle.

Rumor is Lomsor has made the up coming fight even more epic than before!


@Lomsor Are we gonna see an epic video of the Dragon fight? :wink:

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Darn, that’s one EPIC video of an epic battle! Awesome job Lomsor! Didn’t realize how thoroughly you were documenting the battle :smiley:

Gotta love the discussion during the fight.

“needs to be harder” ;D


I paid a visit to Future City today…

My thoughts so far are:

  1. Damn that tower’s big
  2. Elevators are cool
  3. Not enough (not varied enough) residential zoning (can’t build my mansion yet)
  4. The roads are pretty neat. Maybe templates aren’t a bad idea after all.
  5. It’s going to be bloody ages before I can invest some time in this place
  6. So that’s why I couldn’t see it in Overviewer. A label would help :stuck_out_tongue:

Been busy at the HC so zoning has been suspended for a while. I assume you might want to have that mansion near the edge of the city instead of dead center? :slight_smile:

Right now pretty much the center has been zoned. Gotta build more roads …

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Oh sure. I’m happy to wait.

I’m busy building a sea wall by the Twin Sisters, by hand. It’s gonna take a while.


Offer still stands … :wink:
Don’t hurt yourself. You mai fall into a delirium building this. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be happy to have the ability, but there’s something to be said for building projects “organically”.


Bump to remind people this server still exists and to also remind @Lomsor the server is quite out of date now


Updating the Server is on my “ToDo after The Pentagon” list. Should be done by the end of next month.

The server is running and fine though. Last week I went trough and restored some chunks a griefer mutilated. By accident I wiped my big map room and had to play some puzzle game, quite literally, to bring it back.