Thoughts for the Kickstarter campaign

After a so long time we are almost there, as you know Flavien and Keith have submitted the Video on KS and as this tweet reads we will have a launch date soon.

So we are very close ! I thought it’s a good idea to have such a thread where people can share their thoughts, hopes, questions or expectations about the KS campaign. For example, I’m curious about which rewards (from the draft) will you guys take ?

Will you make sure to get the earliest access as possible to the prototype or do you prefer waiting for the finished game ?


I thought the Tweet should be shown here…

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That thread title gave me an adrenaline spike. How could you? :smiley:

But soon… I think I’ll be getting the tier where I can immediately start playing, so the 250$ tier.


Sorry, it was not intended !

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Any flaming zombie deserves a statue to its name :wink:

More seriously, having some programmation skills, I’m very interested in seeing the modding tool and tinkering with it.

Also, now that I think of it, @INovaeKeith, what exactly is the “developer forum” stated in he 250$ pledge? Is it a special section on this forum or a separated one?

And here I thought for a second that the ks campaign started stealthily over night -_-

If only I could get the 250$ tier… I’m moving in another town, stoping my job, etc actually… don’t know if I’ll find enough money for that but I hope I’ll can get the “alpha access” tier…

I’ll be pledging $250 for the “Developer Access” tier.

I’m sure it will be a category on this forum that is only accessible to those with the requisite badge, like the Lounge for Regulars. Creating a separate forum would be silly IMO.

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Keith clarified that if you at least purchase something during the kickstarter period, then you will continue to have access to the kickstarter tiers after the campaign.

My plan is to fund as much as I can afford now, and then upgrade as soon as I can to reach the Dev Access tier.

…or maybe the KS video will cause me to convulse at checkout and somehow add $250 to the pledge :hamster:


Yep, this. Sooner I can get my hands on the game the happier I’ll be.

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I really want to get the $250 tier, but it makes no sense, get the game a few months before everyone, after 6 months of pre-alpha my $165 has disappeared and forum group has merged. What I have to show for it is some decals and skins.

For about the same amount of money pledging for ED, I have a galaxy map, t-shirt, book, all future DLCs and I had the game at the moment they released the first build.

Really I’m a fanatic and I will probably shit the money for Developer Access if needed, but it is so damn hard to be pushing my heart against my brain.

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If need be, you can always tell your brain that you’re making an effort for the Dev Team support. A donation, if you will, but with some nice goodies so that you’re sure the Dev Team heartly thanks you.

Not yet convinced? Let me take you by the hand :wink:

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As the name implies you will get the most benefit if you are actively participating in the dev builds and giving feedback/bug reports.

I’m sorry, but a company should be paying people to do Alpha bug testing and reporting, not charging them.

My reason for even considering the $250 tier is that I have been a part of this community for nearly 10 years and the fact that we are promised direct access to developers, hence an ability to influence the design/development rather directly.

I consider my pledge a donation to help them produce a great game and build a strong company that will go on to produce another great game (the MMO).

I am not buying something. I am being thanked for my donation with a token gift. That gift will enable me to help further by donating my time and energy into testing and QA and providing feedback. Of course I anticipate enjoying that process as well.


I’m not really into donations though and if I was, there are a lot more deserving people and organizations than Indie Game Developers. :frowning:

Ok maybe less of a donation, more of a highly speculative investment.

This is, of course, the core value proposition of the Developr Access tier. That and the fact that you will be getting a copy of the game as soon as we can get it to you upon successful completion of the KS (much sooner than “a few months” before everybody else). As you will see during the campaign we have a prototype that is playable right now. It’s still a far cry from the finished game however the dev team has already spent quite a few enjoyable hours playing it.

All early access tier forums will be a private section of this forum.


Oh, @INovaeKeith, while you are here, can you please extend the post edit period after work tonight, just add a zero and the edit period will be 60 months?

Ok, editing should now be forever.