The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


Well signups for this one are a little slow cry

I guess I'll start in about a week, regardless of numbers...


Enginish to the rescue! I'll partake as well.
(How could I not?)


@Krishna wink


Sorry no time.
Here is some fitting music to make up for it

I'm totally in! I'm pumped!


Hello! I am in as well. I am @King_Cosmos's sister. He told me y'all might be a little short on people and I have been wanting to play one of these wolf games for a long time now. I cant wait!


Oh yeah, by they way, thanks @LucasFIN for using the magical power of tagging to alert me to a new wolf game! I don't really check any forums all that often, unless I have something to do like a wolf game, and I had no idea this was going on until your tag showed up in my email. Usually Enginish tells me, but he hadn't yet. So thanks! I've been really looking forward to this!

I'll work on an RP tonight or tomorrow. I had plans so, it will have to wait until after. Also I guess I really need to get back to it and finish that Minecraft wolf game. We were really close too, and then life kinda got in the way.


Well in that case I guess I should remind @LyskTrevise @The_Sane @TerranAmbass @NobleBrutus and @Pendrokar that they all need to sign up to be murdered.


Ahh... darn it.

I'm traveling in Russia until the 6th of July and can't guarantee any reliability of wifi access until then.

I will check my various accommodations' services and edit soon if I think there is a chance I could play on a fairly low key basis - but if all the spaces could be filled with more active players then I would naturally drop out.


So it turns out all my low key hostels do each purport some degree of free wifiness so I could check in most evenings (with gaps for sleeper trains).

I cannot guarantee to read every post three times, make a table and draw far reaching conclusions however... not till after the 6th at least wink.

Then if nobody objects to me lying low a little I'm In!


Just don't get murdered yourself in your sleeper trains. The irony would be sickening, and you would get kicked for inactivity, which would not make you a team player.


So... you're playing a murder game where people are being ended on a train, whilst traveling on a train?


I know right?


Im in. 10 char


I had only glanced at the RP... this game is going to be scarily immersive. By the sound of it the 'Flying Diablos' Transcontinental Express might be a little more luxurious than my Platzkart sleepers however, although I will take the 'Red Arrow' from Moscow to St. Petersburg which will likely bear more than a passing resemblance.

I will do my best to watch out for Vampires (Enginish) and Wolves (Cise) in both real and virtual worlds.

As NobleBrutus boarded the Flying Diablos a shiver ran down the length of his spine, - something felt oddly familiar. Shrugging his shoulders Noble placed his briefcase below his bunk, placed his top hat on the table in front and began reading his copy of the 'Daily Diablos' newspaper. The front page article on 'Trains in Parallel Universes' failed to interest him and he flicked through to the financial section to check how his shares in Diablo Rail were faring.


Noted. I'm afk for the next 2 days (travelling right now), so I'll edit you into the first post when I can (not even gonna try that on mobile xD)


I wasn't going to sign up for this one. I am not really in the right frame of mind for a wolf game and in the coming weeks I will be busy / away on a couple of occasions... But you know what I'll probably be dead by then.

I'll take that last slot. I'm in.


I've changed the topic title to reflect we're now full up.

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Huh, can anyone change that topic title? Or are you a moderator?

We're now taking one extra passenger for... administrative purposes smirk

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Anyone with a sufficient rank can, see here

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To promise to absolutely never ever change the title again.