The «Steam / GOG» thing…

I really dislike Steam and all its ‘magical’ sales! Call me ‘old timer’ but, when ‘Steam Green Access’ ended, quality control also ended on Steam. Right now; is full of ‘crapware’… a good game can easily be mistaken, as the same low level quality; ‘money maker’. If Infinity goes that route please, consider releasing on «GOG» too.

I only buy anything on ‘Steam’ as a last resort; if only released on it… As a previous Beta and now Alpha user; will I be still capable of installing / using the game, ‘independent’ of distribution?

X-Plane 11: No steam
DCS World: No steam
Elite Dangerous: No steam
Star Citizen / Sq42: No steam
GOG: No steam; games I like DRM free :slight_smile:

Best regards to all,

I’m quite certain Inovae will distribute the game on their own website, as they are doing now.

Xplane, DCS and ED are all on Steam FYI. SC/SQ42 will very likely be on Steam after release.

As Flavien said in that thread you linked, it will be on as many platforms as possible including GOG and Steam. Just like ED, the distribution platforms are simply a way to purchase. You will still be able to download and run the game outside of Steam.