Will you be selling on Steam next year? It's a bit exciting to think about it

We’ll see Flavien, doubt Keith has the time to finish the marketplace and patcher/launcher.

You should obviously fire Jan. :wink:

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This one specifically is a free open-source game, so it is not a commercial project. But for tiny or small games, Steam’s reach can help, compared to, say, Itch.io.

I:B isn’t a small game, though, but a medium game. No idea how well Steam helps for those.

The big advantage of steam in my eyes is the easy installation and updating of games. I don’t see myself permanently having the launcher run in the background (I have no apps run in the background except the windows 10 system), so I will always have to update battlescape when I actually want to play it. Sure I don’t have steam running in the background aswell, but I think it is far more likely that people do that, than permanently running the battlescape launcher.

So purely from a user perspective I have to side with cybercritic, but I fully understand the reasons against launching exclusively on steam first and my guess is, that it is probably the smarter choice to be independent right from the start.


Good point, although I would argue that the benefit of Steam’s autopatch is highly dependant on the user’s download speed.

Huh. Cool. I will have to check this game out, then! Thanks for bringing it up.

For most games without pre-existing marketing or hype, Steam has become an ocean to get lost in. It’s been completely flooded with ultra cheap or free titles, and so much garbage, that sales are way down for most indie games. Getting recognized by the Steam community is now mostly winning a lottery, unfortunately.

It’s great if you have outside marketing or pre-existing interest from a community, but if you’re starting off, it’s a crapshoot with a pair of d1000s


Steam is still useful for providing infrastructure, like patching, order processing, dealing with many local regulations, VAT processing, tax reporting, community services…


Thus I:B is a AAA-like game so… not like a random indie game

In what parallel universe is IBS a AAA title with millions in funding and millions of people in following?


AAA-like in terms of quality. And I say like not title

Show me a game of this quality (graphics, network, physics, seamless open world true to scale…) not AAA of course


I found this an interesting commentary on the new function of releasing on steam as an indie game. Give people what they want and steam amplifies your marketing a shitton, but its not like it used to be, just get on steam and get exposure automatically.

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Got a question for devs and community.
So If the game get listed on steam , or other dematerialization (DEMAT) plateforms , to get more exposure.

Will it be some "community market " open to trade some items ? :
(vessels skins, customisation kit (like need for speed garage like , rare items ect …) ?
Secondary market like dota 2 with community mod incentive ?

Or maybe later in few years, that is not priority ,
Any toughts ? thanks for reply.

We’re planning on releasing our own virtual marketplace at some point. There is still a lot of internal debate over when exactly we would do this and how it’ll be implemented but it’s definitely something on the TODO list.


Can’t wait. You know what you could sell? Space Mobile Homes! And also a ship to take them around and drop them off on a planet’s surface. You could talk about how modular they’ll be. Then a few months later say they aren’t going to be modular, and instead sale “variants”. Including a Double Wide variant and a super fancy Triple Wide variant, that will have all the Space Luxury your Space Mobile Home needs!


I hope to have a payment method in China.

inovae studio , IPO , ICO , security tokens soon … or not ? :moneybag: .
next 21 century fundraising , keep and eye on it , and get your stock broker if it apply.
if not , that is fine too.

Could you please elaborate? Is credit card payment not available in China? Would PayPal work better? If China has unique payment requirements we’re largely unaware of these so any additional insight you could provide would be extremely helpful for us to provide a better experience for Chinese users.


Thank Keith , let us know if you are interrested to tokenize your company shares in capital markets.

Advise with your partners associates , accountant , jurist, lawyer .
Crowfunding is evolving,. Keith .
Apply or contact us , via :


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The common payment method in China is Alipay or WeChat payment.

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Thanks for the info!