The Old Infinity Timeline and Exegesis

The Old Infinity Timeline and Exegesis

The old Infinity Timeline and Exegesis surfaced during the latest art challnge. So I figured we should dedicate a whole new thread for it.

Feel free to discuss the old lore here and/or speculate with the future one(s).

So without further ado, the original Infinity Timeline and Exegesis:

Timeline in text format

Exegesis in text format

Note! The old timeline does not represent the final vision for the story that I-Novae Studios has in mind for the Infinity universe. However I feel it is an important part of the “dna” of this community and hence deserves it’s own thread in the new forums.

Special thanks to @TerranAmbass for providing the link.



A chronology of Human history from the year 3500 – 12050 of the Galactic Orbital.

3500 SO

Human civilization rises out of pre-history on the planet Geodesa, in orbit around the Type – G star, Delta. The Human population of Geodesa is now 16.9 million human beings.

6500 SO

Deltan civilization is now technologically oriented and philosophically aligned, possessing a high level of social order and an advanced culture. The Human population of Geodesa is now 3.8 billion Human beings.

6645 SO

The discovery and generation of Negative Matter, a form of Non-Baryonic matter, by Deltan Scientists begins a new era of technological advance. This Raonic matter is proven to display anti gravitational properties, negative mass and positive surface tension.

6715 SO

A Deltan spaceship carrying 3 Geodesan astronauts, equipped with a Negative Matter Efflux [NME], or Space Drive blasts of from Geodesa on a round trip lasting 6 weeks. The crafts destination is Tridesa a Jovian class planet approximately 18 AUs from Delta.

6739 SO

Experimentation with Negative Matter containment devices, for Neutron Densification within Particle Accelerators on Geodesa, generates the first artificially produced Dark Matter. This Raonic matter is shown to possess negative mass and negative pressure.

6795 SO

It is predicted by Deltan Scientists that the combination of these two forms of Raonic matter in vacuum will cause the supra-luminal inflation of Space-Time.

6882 SO

Two laboratories situated on opposite sides of Geodesa, one operating a Raonic Oscilloscope and the other generating a Negative Matter activated Quantum Phase Inversion [QPI], through which Radio Waves are transmitted, are successful in tele-communicating data faster than light. This technique is later named Hyper Tunneling [HT].

6960 SO

The construction of the Hyper Spatial Propulsion [HSP] Drive for integration into a Deltan spaceship begins. This propulsion system is hoped to provide Hyper-Spatial transit to its carrier craft.

7000 SO

Project Apex - The construction and dispatch of a Hyperspace capable Manned Spacecraft on a 3 year mission to visit and survey four of Delta’s closest Stellar neighbors, is announced to the Geodesan public.

7055 SO

Apex – 1, a Fusion powered Starship equipped with Ion based Impulse Propulsion and an HSP Drive, carrying an 8 man crew is launched from Geodesa. At 3,000,000km from Geodesa the crafts HSP Drive is engaged and the ship disappears from Deltan medium range telemetry.

7057 SO

Apex – 1 reappears to Deltan graviton astronomy 0.6 billion km from Delta. After successfully completing the survey of 2 local solar systems it’s mission was cut short by a malfunction in the ships Life Support Systems. Apex – 1 returns safely to Geodesa.

7100 SO

The exploration of the Delta solar system by the Deltan people is now at its height. A Deltan Military base is constructed on a moon of the Jovian class planet Tridesa.

7114 SO

Deltan Heliographers observe an irregularity in the magnetic cycle of the star Delta. The shift of the stars magnetic polarity which usually occurs every 12 years has occurred 1 year early.

7144 SO

Further Heliographic analysis by Deltan Scientists confirm that the rate of Nuclear Fusion within Delta has begun accelerating at an exponential rate. This increase in the stars consumption of its hydrogen fuel is accompanied by an annual growth of the star’s radius by 0.1%. It is predicted that the Deltan people have less than 500 years before the greater radiation of their parent star makes life on Geodesa unlivable.

7150 SO

The population of Geodesa is now 4.9 billion human beings.

7160 SO

The Deltan government announces its plans to save a small proportion of the Deltan people by stowing them away on an Ark Starship, to find new home about another distant star.

7165 SO

The construction of The Interstellar Operational Spaceship [IOS – 1] begins. A vast spacecraft capable of carrying 1.1 million Deltan civilians away from Geodesa to the furthest reaches of the Milky Way.

7390 SO

IOS – 1 is completed in orbit around Geodesa.

7405 SO

IOS – 1, with a full complement of passengers and crew, departs the planet Geodesa on a 400 year voyage to the Sagittarius Spiral Arm of the Milky Way.

7644 SO

The immediate evacuation of Geodesa is ordered by the remaining Deltan government and organized by the Deltan Military.

7645 SO

The Deltan exodus, an argosy of 20. 000 spacecraft carrying 3.8 million Deltan citizens, sets forth from Geodesa outward into interstellar space in search of a new home. They leave behind 4.8 billion Deltan humans on Geodesa.

7652 SO

HT tele-communications contact between Geodesa and both the Deltan exodus and IOS - 1 is lost.

7695 SO

The Deltan exodus reaches a Type-G star in the Perseus Arm. The Deltan people christen this star Lux and the colonization of it’s two habitable planets, Foran and Ionis, is begun.

7740 SO

On Foran, the city of Siola is established by the Deltan people.

7771 SO

The city of Ailando is built upon the surface of Ionis by the Deltan people.

7792 SO

Three, AI controlled interstellar Robotic Space Probes are sent from Foran by the Delta to search the Sagittarius Spiral Arm of the Milky Way for the Ark Starship, IOS -1.

7804 SO

IOS – 1 arrives in the vicinity of a Type– A star within the Sagittarius Arm. This white blue main sequence star is named New Delta by the citizens of the Ark Starship.

7805 SO

IOS – 1 enters orbit around a Gaian class planet in the system of New Delta. This planet is named Atma, to become the new home-world of the voyagers of the Ark Starship. Planet-side the ground colony of Genera is established, a seed of civilization planted.

7835 SO

Far from their origins, the people of Atma come to name their culture The Centaurus owing to the bright band of stars arched across the night sky of their home planet.

7850 SO

The combined population of the Delta and Centaurus civilizations is now as little as 45 million citizens, divided between two star systems, unknown to each other and light years apart.

7875 SO

The Delta Space Force [DSF] is founded to utilize the numerous interstellar spacecraft inherited from the days of exodus and begin the exploration of star systems local to Lux.

7948 SO

The Centaurus culture formalize the spiritual truths that are now at the heart of their way of life. The religion of The Harmony is founded.

8014 SO

The colony of Stelle is established on a Europan planet in orbit around the Type -F Star Belsar by Deltan explorers. The first of many new worlds to be explored and colonized by the Deltan people.

8050 SO

The Delta Federation [DF] is instated as the interstellar government of the system of Lux and Belsar.

8110 SO

The Circle of the Empyreal [COE] becomes the primary oligarchic government of the Centaurus civilization.

8165 SO

Centaurus Starships voyage from Atma in search of habitable planets around foreign stars. The expansion of Centaurus civilization beyond the system of New Delta ensues.

8215 SO

COE mandate is extended to include five more recently colonized star systems within 50 light years of New Delta.

8295 SO

Eleven other stellar systems within 100 Light Years of Lux have now been charted and settled by Deltan explorers. Of these the star system Taltai is designated by the Delta Federation as the location for the construction of an Antimatter generation facility.

8362 SO

The newly built Antimatter generator plant on the planet Taltai - 4 begins the production of Anti-
hydrogen at a rate of 100 Kilograms per day. Stockpiling of Antimatter by The Delta Space Force begins.

8403 SO

Interplanetary Antimatter Missiles are tested by The Delta Space Force in the system of Plinol . A Moon of the Jovian planet Plinol - 2 is dislodged from its orbit by the impact of Deltan Antimatter weaponry.

8455 SO

Centaurus scientists develop The Biogen a non-invasive gene enhancement process that accelerates biological evolution toward preprogrammed goals. This technology is quickly applied to the science of Eugenics, to free future generations of the Centaurus people from disease.

8500 SO

The Delta Federation now holds 16 colonized star systems under its governance, with a total populace of 7.4 billion people. The migration of Deltan citizens across Delta Federation space becomes widespread.

8588 SO

Mandatory Biogen treatment is introduced into Centaurus interstellar society and welcomed by the majority of citizens within COE sovereign space. However some social groups within Centaurus space, mistrusting the augmentation of their natural biology, rebel against Biogen treatment.

8600 SO

The expansion of COE territory continues to compass 11 star systems within 85 Light Years of New Delta. Centaurus population is thinly spread across these colonies, now totaling approximately 5 billion human beings.

8620 SO

Organized rebellion against the COE government and the Biogen program by Centaurus citizens leads to civil disorder and fighting on 5 planetary colonies within COE sovereign space.

8622 SO

As emergency action the charter of The Stellar Safeguard is drawn up by the COE and recruits from across Centaurus space are gathered to form a peace keeping and surrogate military force to suppress the uprising.

8637 SO

All those Centaurus citizens revolting against COE rule and Biogen therapy are rounded up by agents of The Stellar Safeguard and exiled to the star system of Oraodol.

8645 SO

The planetary colonies of the Type F-star Oraodol, now home solely to political dissidents, are refused party to the COE council and become the first independent Solar State on the Sagittarius Arm.

8705 SO

The charter of The Stellar Safeguard is finalized by the COE and this martial body is named as the primary military force of the COE oligarch.

8774 SO

Novel advancements by Deltan Scientists in Photon Spin Encoding [PSE] techniques leads to the development of Holofield technology, a form of fully immersive virtual reality platform. This technology is ported first to military devices and later to civilian entertainment systems.

8801 SO

Holofield Head Up Displays [HHUD] and Telemetric Data Displays [HTDD] are now fitted as standard on all Delta Space Force starships.

8850 SO

After unanimous agreement within the COE council The Sagittarius Science Directorate [SSD] is founded within Centaurus space.

8900 SO

The population of Delta Federation space is now estimated to be 26.3 billion human beings, across 25 Star Systems within 100 Light years of Lux.

8935 SO

Following refinements of PSE technology by Deltan Scientists the first true Quantum CPU is born.

9000 SO

COE sovereignty now spans 20 star systems within 100 light years of New Delta with a total population of 16.5 billion Centaurus citizens.

9190 SO

All forms of genetic abnormality and disease are eradicated from the Centaurus population. The COE announces The Biogen program a supreme success.

9500 SO

The total confirmed human population of the Milky Way is now 56.8 billion human beings across as many as 50 colonized star systems, divided almost evenly onto the Perseus and Sagittarius Spiral Arms of the Galaxy.

9633 SO

After nearly two millennia of tireless searching one of the Deltan AI interstellar Space Probes arrives in the system of New Delta and is collected by a reconnaissance spaceship sent from Atma. For the first time in 2000 years communications are reestablished between the two peoples of the long lost planet Geodesa.

9670 SO

The Circle of the Empyreal and The Delta Federation now in frequent FTL communication schedule the construction of two great Hyper-spatial Interstellar Portals [HIP] to connect the home systems of their two civilizations, bridging an interstellar gap of 35000 Light Years.

9733 SO

The HIPs connecting the systems of New Delta and Lux are opened. With the launch of Quantum Fluctuation Probes [QFP] through both gates, first contact between the Deltan and Centaurus people is consummated.

9750 SO

The Galactic Network Node [GNN] goes online to provide reliable FTL telecommunications between Delta and Centaurus space. Initially consisting of two HT relay Space Stations, one situated in the system of Lux and one in New Delta.

9755 SO

A great exchange of technology, resources and knowledge between the Deltan and Centaurus civilizations is begun, and travel between their home-worlds becomes commonplace among their people.

9792 SO

The Delta Federation publicly refutes the scientific principles of Biogen. Biogen therapy becomes illegal in DF space.

9805 SO

The Pan Galactic Medical Association [PGMA] is founded as a compromise to cooperation between the DF and COE governments. Further research into Biogen by PGMA scientists is agreed, but the ban on Biogen in DF space remains in place.

10100 SO

16 more HIPs are built connecting various highly populated systems in the vicinity of New Delta and Lux.

10355 SO

Delta Federation sponsored exploration and colonization of the nearby stars of the southern arc of the Perseus Arm for scientific and industrial purposes is begun.

10502 SO

The Sagittarius Science Directorate dispatches the first of a series of interstellar robotic Space Probes to the Centaurus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way, to search for and survey notable Black Holes in this region of the galaxy.

10840 SO

Discord arises between the secular governments of the Delta and the COE over the establishment of missions of The Harmony within Delta Federation space. After lengthy diplomatic argument the DF finally agrees the establishment of Harmonic temples within its territory assuming their payment of heavy tax’s.

11000 SO

13000 Light Years from Lux a small cluster of colonized star systems across the Perseus Arm are now populated by both Deltan and Centaurus citizens, seeking a new life in a new frontier of space.

11014 SO

The assembly of two HIPs, one in the system of Soraco and one in Lux begins. This construction is funded by the Delta Federation to assure the shipping of resources from the industrial colonies now abundant in the southern arc of the Perseus Arm.

11042 SO

The assembly of the HIPs in Lux and Soraco is completed and they are opened for public transit.

11155 SO

The colonies of the Perseus Arm, fostering a thriving industrial economy, request independence from the Delta Federation and begin the formation of their own independent government.

11156 SO

The Star Fold Confederacy [SFC] is formed, composed of the leadership of 44 star systems of the southern Perseus Arm. Its purpose to legislate trade laws and to provide freedom of lifestyle to its community.

11156 SO

The Delta Federation refuses to authorize the liberation of the industrial colonies of the Perseus Arm from DF trade sanctions, or to recognize the authority of this fledgling government. The SFC announces trade and docking embargo’s upon any spaceship carrying DF registration.

11157 SO

The Delta Federation declares war on the The Star Fold Confederacy.

11157 SO

The HIP in Lux is forcibly disabled by Delta Space Force operatives and transit between the northern and southern arc of the Perseus Arm is ceased. The DF publicly announces it’s plan to strike out at the Star Fold government and society.

11157 SO

The Coalition of Armed Forces [CAF] is formed from militaristic splinter groups within SFC space, a military to defend it’s dominion.

11160 SO

The bombing of strategic industrial locations within SFC territory by fleets of DSF covert operatives begins. Their destructive activities go mostly undetected by CAF surveillance except in their aftermath. Various battles ensue in the next decades.

11172 SO

Talks between the COE and SFC commence and the construction of HIPs connecting New Delta and the star system of Reuthid, 28.2 light years from Soraco is scheduled to enable trade between the two interstellar nations.

11193 SO

The final DSF strike upon the Star Fold is enacted. This time targeting civilian settlements within the system of Soraco. CAF forces are moved to intercept and combat ensues between the two opposing military factions, almost annihilating each other. This is known as The Battle of Soraco Sonal.

11194 SO

The Circle of the Empyreal, informed of the hostilities between the DSF and CAF forces at the Battle of Soraco, voices its disapproval of Delta Federation tactics and calls for an end to the tepid war between the two interstellar nations. Due to internal and external political pressure and lack of foreseeable victory in the close future, the Delta Federation decides to stop the hostilities. A peace treaty is signed.

11196 SO

The HIP in Lux is repaired by DF employed technicians and travel between Delta Federation and Star Fold Confederacy space is resumed.

11200 SO

In an effort to establish interstellar peace The Circle of the Empyreal asserts the need to homogenize interstellar law, regulate a universal currency, and provide a universal time frame for all sectors of Human domain. For this purpose The COE proposes the constitution of The Democratic Interstellar Alliance (DIA).

11204 SO

The Democratic Interstellar Alliance [DIA] is formed from the united governments of 480 inhabited Solar Systems, across 3 stellar clusters within the Milky Way. Its prerogative to preserve peace, equality and liberty across the stars, to unite distant localities under common law and a unanimous purpose.

11205 SO

A new Calender and Time measurement system is introduced by the DIA to provide correspondent time zones for all it’s member states and to facilitate timekeeping within starship’s internal clocks and computers.

11206 GO

At 00:00 hours on the first day of this Galactic Orbital a New Years celebration is held by all people across 480 Stellar Systems, and honored in numerous original ways by their individual cultures.

11207 GO

The Universal Credit [UC], a standard currency to be used by all member states of the DIA is introduced to standardize all forms of trade and monetary exchange. 1 UC is equal in value to 1 Kilogram of Palladium.

11210 GO

An official interstellar census conducted by the DIA shows the Human population of the Milky Way to be 321.9 billion.

11215 GO

The Central Interchange [TCI] is instated as a branch of the DIA, to store and transfer the UC across the totality of interstellar society.

11264 GO

The Galactic Network Node executes the installation of Holonet, a holographic user interface and operating system over it’s HT telecommunications network.

11303 GO

The Terra-formation of an Eo-Gaian class planet in orbit around the type G star Requisol, 114 Light Years from New Delta, is begun. This planet is named Protol.

11312 GO

The Terra-formation of Protol is completed and the Terra Tech Inc funded planting of Protol with photosynthetic organisms begins, in order to maintain the already oxygen rich atmosphere.

11323 GO

The habitation of Protol as a civilian home-world, leisure resort and wildlife sanctuary begins.

11409 GO

On the outskirts of SFC Space the Mining Colonies of the the F - Type Star Krigolt are overrun by an organized group of militants calling themselves The Dynamo. Over the next 20 years the The Dynamo go on to ransack 12 star systems in SFC space.

11432 GO

Dynamo combatants are finally removed from SFC territory by The Coalition of Armed Forces and driven out into uncharted space.

11434 GO

In response to the Dynamo incident and rising public concern about interstellar crime The Interstellar Police Department [IPD] is founded as an annex of the DIA. The IPD is the first law enforcement agency with pan-galactic jurisdiction.

11505 GO

Auton Laboratories Androids, advanced robotic systems possessing Quantum CPU brains and resembling Human beings in every outward respect, go on sale to the public and private industry.

11518 GO

A SSD organized scientific expedition to the Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way departs New Delta, in search of extant life forms.

11602 GO

Having discovered 3410 unique species of bacterial life and 38 new races of animal across 7 disparate star systems, the SSD expedition begins its return to New Delta.

11678 GO

The Binary Cooperative, a corporation specializing in the research and development of improved Quantum computer systems is founded in the stellar system of Tura – A within DF space. This corporation is run entirely by Androids liberated from their compliant programming.

11690 GO

A number of civilian spacecraft are reported as missing in Centaurus space and Dynamo operatives are spotted on the cusp of Altasal system. The IPD are mobilized to investigate.

11708 GO

IPD led investigations into Dynamo activity discover the existence of a deep space pirate network with outposts situated at various locations surrounding DF, COE and SFC territories.

11732 GO

IPD and military efforts to dismantle this network prove unsuccessful. IPD undercover agents are reported missing in action and any evidence of a Dynamo network has vanished into thin space.

11788 GO

An expedition privately funded by the Mega Corporation Black Sun Systems departs New Delta on route for Xeoloci C -15 a Black Hole located in the the Centaurus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way.

11885 GO

Black Sun Systems construction of a Space Station and astrophysical apparatus in a distant orbit around Xeoloci C-15, for the collection of Positrons and other anti-particles, is completed.

11960 GO

Black Sun Systems privately funded assembly of two HIPs, one in Loros A and one in Xeoloci C- 15 system is finished. These HIPs are never opened to the public. Antimatter is now routinely shipped from Xeoloci C- 15 to colonized space and becomes for the first time available to public and private industry.

11972 GO

Torus Omega a multi trillion UC company, best known for their long running production of Starship Reactor Cores release their first Antimatter Starship Reactor onto the public market.

12045 GO

The impossible drop of the birth rate across every Human home-world of the interstellar commonwealth, sparks disbelief among Scientific communities and the public alike. The results of DNA tests confirm that 99.9% of the Human Population has developed a genetic malfunction that causes infertility.

12046 GO

The Delta Federation proclaims that Biogen technology is responsible for the emergence of the genetic anomaly. Civil disobedience mounts across colonized space and a number of Biogen facilities are vandalized.

12048 GO

A data file arrives at the Pan Galactic Medical Association Headquarters on Atma, sent from an anonymous source. The data file contains evidence of a little known medical tradition, that is said to have originated with the very genesis of Humanity on the planet Earth.

12049 GO

The PGMA makes a galaxy wide announcement via the Holonet, confirming the pandemic of Nemesis X6 -Y3 and making public the contents of the data file as Human-kinds best hope for a cure.

12050 GO

The Quest for Earth begins.


This is all likely to change as we could not securely/safely get the rights to it. Also, Battlescape will not have lore to the depth we were planning for the MMO.

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How much is about to change? Names and exact dates? The entire lore and universe?
Because frankly, it has all the elements for greatness right there. There isn’t a single main element that I would have altered if I could, and that I wouldn’t regret if it was taken away.

In-depth lore isn’t necessary for Battlescape, so it may actually be a good idea to not develop it too much: not only to free resources, but also so you won’t accidentally paint yourself into a corner when a more concentrated effort is needed, like with the MMO - where lore may have to adapt to gameplay/technical decisions.

One thing I remembered incorrectly, though, was the duration of the SFC independence war. I remembered it lasting at least a century - enough to have entire generations to have known nothing but it, which was pretty good story-wise. I was even calling it the Endless War, because that was what it would have been for those living in those times. An entire historical era defined by war.
But nope, only a mere, tiny 40 years. I am disappointed!



Delta before nova

A bright orange star rose over Geodesa’s eastern horizon to shine its light upon the first aspirant generations of Homo-Stellaris. Records began when the first great cities where built and Science was discovered for the first time. It would not be long before their history would unravel into the future.

Following the example of their sun, Delta, the Geodesan’s employed Nuclear Fusion to provide unlimited energy to their society and later to power their first spacecraft.

The formulation of a Unified Field Theory, incorporating quantum gravity, by Geodesan physicists, gifted the Deltan civilization with the technology to synthesize Negative Matter. The negative mass of this Raonic matter, carried aboard a spaceship, would counteract the weight of its carrier craft, rendering it immune to gravitation and also, to a limited degree, to spatial and temporal contractions encountered when accelerating to velocities approaching that of light.

The ability of a Deltan spacecraft to reach speeds of over 150,000km/s by combining an Ion Impulse Drive with the Negative Matter Efflux [NME] would reduce the duration of interplanetary travel from years to days. The dispatch of a spaceship from Geodesa equipped with a Spatial – Equilibrium Drive, on a journey to visit the Delta systems largest Jovian planet, began the Deltan exploration of their solar system.

The fundamental properties of Negative Matter later enabled the construction of more potent Neutron containment, making the artificial generation of Dark Matter within experimental scientific facilities on Geodesa, a reality. For the Deltan civilization, the unification of these two types of Raonic matter was to open the gateway to Hyperspace and travel to star systems beyond the sphere of Delta.

Project Apex was begun by the Deltan government with the intention of sending a Manned Spacecraft beyond the gauntlet of the interstellar medium, faster than light!

The entire Geodesan populas watched in awe on live remote visual imaging as the Deltan starship Apex–1, millions of miles outside of Geodesa, projected from it’s hull a field of Negative Energy to encase it’s shape and enter into a void Quantum Phase Inversion. Seconds later the spacecraft vanished from n-space with a flash.

Two years later Apex – 1 re-emerged from a Hyper-spatial Portal in a blast of blue ion thrust. The hyperspace exit coalesced behind the ship and ahead of it the gaian world, Geodesa, twinkled on a black backdrop. The Deltans civilization’s maiden voyage to the stars had returned safely home.

Flight from Geodesa

Delta shone fiercely on a Radio Telescope Array on the surface of Geodesa that was unconcerned by the hot beams of infra-red radiation. Instead the Array recorded continuously the polarity and intensity of this Suns magnetic field. To the Radio Arrays invisible awareness, an irregular shift was taking place.

A Solar Observation Satellite in orbit around Geodesa recorded Ultra Violet images of dramatically increased Sun Spot and Solar Flare activity, just prior to being struck by an intense wave of ionized particles from Delta.

Eleven years of unusually hot summers, and cold winters rolled by on Geodesa for the Deltan people. Twenty three further years of Solar Observation confirmed… The star Delta, that had always provided light and heat and energy to the Deltan civilization was reaching the end of its main sequence, and beginning the expansion that would gradually transform the star into a Red Giant, and eventually a Supernova.

Before long the Deltan people would have to seek refuge far from the cradle of their civilization.

The Deltan government announced the construction of The Interstellar Operational Spaceship [IOS-1] in geostationary orbit on the dark side of Geodesa. This craft equipped with a short range Hyper Spatial Propulsion [HSP] drive, would carry some 0.0004% of the total Geodesan population to a new home in another part of the Galaxy.

The building of IOS-1 was a momentous task that would occupy the time and efforts of multiple generations of Deltan scientists, astronauts, and engineers over the next 200 years. In time IOS – 1 was completed and loaded with a full complement of passengers and crew, to set forth from the system of Delta to escape a slowly dieing Sun.

Delta grew brighter and global temperatures on Geodesa continued to rise. It was 240 years later that the Deltan government ordered the emergency civilian evacuation of their home planet. Then in the course of 1 year, 3.8 million Deltan citizens aboard an epic convoy of spacecraft abandoned Geodesa forever on a voyage that would carry them out into interstellar space, toward an unknown destination.

Four billion Deltan citizens remained on their home world to confront an uncertain fate. What befell the planet and the populations that where left behind remains a mystery, lost in time and the deserts that would soon cover the continents of Geodesa.

Arrival at Lux

From 78.5 Light Years the Interferometric Array aboard the Deltan Capital Ship returned the abstracted image of two globes of sparkling green and blue and at last the Deltans knew they had found their new home. Twelve hyperspace jumps later, the seventeen and a half thousand spacecraft of the exodus arrived in proximity of the Type - G main sequence star, that they would later name Lux.

It had been a harsh pilgrimage. Of the twenty thousand ships that left Duodeca, two and a half thousand had been lost and the cramped cargo holds, which housed whole families for the 51 year transit had claimed many lives. But now from transparent plasti-steel ports and oriels of starship bridges, the Deltan people gazed down in wonder at the sight of two planets, circling each other in binary orbit around Lux.

Foran, orbiting its parent star at mean distance of 1.5 AUs. This Gaian world of expansive blue seas, high mountains, and deepest tropical jungles of vibrant flora and exotic creatures, was where the Deltans first landed stern spaceships in their thousands. Upon a mountain plateau the city of Siola was founded within twenty years of their arrival, to become the capital of Foran.

Within 30 years of their arrival around Lux, the Deltans began the colonization of Ionis, the smaller planet of the binary pair at 0.2 AUs from Foran. A world three quarters covered in metal and ice except at its equator where the Deltans established a foundry and ship yard for the construction of new spacecraft. Around these steel works grew up the city of Ailando amidst snow peaked titanium hills.

After 200 years the Deltans, having found firm footing on the Perseus Arm, prepared themselves to again venture out into space on the conquest of distant stars and new worlds. This time they would have the foundations of Foran and Ionis upon which to build their interstellar civilization.

Sight of the Arc

The incandescent disc of a Type - A star shone dreamily upon IOS – 1, casting the great ship in a vivid blue glow. As the Ark Starship neared the cloud swept Gaian planet where in orbit it would finally anchor, it’s crew and passengers thought upon the past, of the populations that they had left far behind on Geodesa. In honor of their former home the citizens of IOS-1 dedicated the star that would from now on provide them with light, New Delta.

A hundred Drop-ships spiraled down through skies thick with water vapor, plumes of steam trailing behind from their heat shields, white hot from atmospheric entry. They carried with them ten times as many men, women and children with every round trip, all of whom had never known solid ground, never inhaled natural air. After weeks of ferrying the passengers of IOS-1 from orbit to land the Dropships task was complete. The Neo-Deltans had arrived on Atma.

Night fell on the Atman colonists, who now looked up to behold the firmament. A vision like nothing they had ever before imagined, a radiant bow of stars and patterned nebula of every color, arched across the deepest blue dome of the sky. So bright and abundant are the stars of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm that many of the first citizens of Atma went blind by gazing too long at the beautiful night sky, rich in gamma and ultraviolet radiation. Fortunately optic filters where easily manufactured aboard the laboratories of IOS-1 and so the Neo-Deltans sight was saved.

It was the short wavelength light of the blue sun New Delta that erased the melanin from the Neo Deltans skin and eyes, which within 150 years of their arrival had turned the entire Atman population albino. The side effect of this was the affliction of many of their citizens with cancers of various kinds, which despite their advanced medical technology proved fatal to some.

But the Neo-Deltans where not deterred. The majesty of the starlit skies, even by day inspired this peoples fascination with astronomy and the alterations in their biology fueled their passion for genetic science. They had become a new people on a new world, their destiny decided by archetypal constellations. Future generations of their civilization came to know themselves by another name, The Centaurus, after the sidereal Spiral Arm that transverses the northern hemisphere of Atma.


On Foran, the capital city of Siola cascaded across the Huras Mountain range, countless steel towers rose vertical from steep climbs, reaching toward the spaceport now inset on a broad steppe close to the sky. Spacecraft jettisoned from the main dock zoomed toward the upper atmosphere and a tiny white globe – Ionis - in the distant twighlight.

The shipyards of the ice-planet Ionis now supplied more spacecraft than would ever be required by the civilian populations of these brother planets, more even than the Deltan military called for to operate a robust fleet of interplanetary spaceships. The Deltan government of Foran and Ionis resolved, the exploration of the star systems of the local Perseus Arm would proceed without delay.

The Delta Space Force [DSF] was founded, with headquarters on Ionis, to dispatch regular interstellar space missions to scout local stars for exoplanets harboring deposits of natural and technological resources. And wherever feasible to deploy manned scientific and military outposts for the development of an interstellar infrastructure and society.

In the year 7951 of the Solar Orbital, Delta Space Force starships emerged from hyperspace in the vicinity of the yellow-white main sequence star Belsar. Their purpose there to confirm the existence of a Europan world where Deltan astronomers had seen the spectral indicators of ice and water oceans. The landing of the DSF ships upon the planet and the demarcation of suitable sites for the foundations of future Biodomes was to begin the establishment of the off-world colony of Stelle.

Within 50 years Stelle had been built. On this cold barren world a city of sealed arcologies adjoined translucent conservatories beneath which now grew trees and crops in the yellow starlight, fed by pure water from the planets underground seas. In the following decades the populas of Stelle increased to as many as 50,000 Deltan citizens, residents to this unusual home.

Now that Deltan nations existed further afield than the realms of Lux, and had staked claim to other worlds, the expansion of their society would be marked in law. The statutes of the Delta Federation [DF] where formalized within high courts on Foran, elected representatives from each city on every planet of Deltan abode would form their first interstellar senate. To direct the Deltan civilization to advance across the stars toward prosperity, freedom and a long life on the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way.


A matrix of light shone in the firmament, a form made of stars, and in the minds eye of a people became the symbol of a Circle containing six sextants, where each 60o arc defined a quintessential principle of the Empyreal.

This bright star constellation in the northern hemisphere of Atma, arranged of the stars; Rotus, the Light, Pelsilan, of Space, Valtar, the Plasma, Adaton the Particle, Omnetal of Waves and Alandra, the Harmony of each of these tenets. These where the meanings of these stars understood by the Centaurus ecclesiast of Atma and given to its people as a philosophy to live in peace with each other, and in right relation to the universe.

The essence of the religion of The Harmony was perceived in the heavens of Atma every night by the Centaurus, ordained by the celestial order of the Empyrean.

It was decided in turn that those individuals whose body and mind most exemplified the fundaments of Harmony would be elated to a special status among the Centaurus. The Atriachs they where called, chosen rulers six times six in number, and charged with the duty of leading the Centaurus civilization by virtue of their wisdom and courage. Thirty six men and women stood aligned beneath the heavens, each six appointed to a star. Together they formed The Circle of the Empyreal [COE].

The first command of the COE council would be to shield the Atman population from the harmful rays of New Delta, by encasing the city of Genera and other townships of Atma in domes of glass and Gold.

The second ruling of The Atriachs would be to restore the Centaurus capability of interplanetary and interstellar travel. After all IOS-1 still in orbit around Atma, the planets only artificial satellite, had been partly dismantled to build the city of Genera, and consequently the Centaurus would need to construct new spacecraft to explore their solar system and local stars.

The third decree of the COE would put a full quarter of the Atman populas to work on the the mostambitious medical and scientific research mission, to discover a cure for Cancer and to inoculate the entire Centaurus population against the adverse effects of stellar radiation. It would be many centuries before such a therapy would be found.

To be continued…


An almost typical Gaian planet abundant in water oceans, vegetation and both microbial and animal life. Foran is geologically active and its oxygen rich atmosphere originated from and is sustained by photo-
synthetic organisms. A tropical world where a relatively high surface temperature is maintained by its atmospheric greenhouse and the intense radiation of its parent star Lux.

The surface of Foran is comprised of 4 major and 15 minor Tectonic Plates that have migrated to become evenly distributed across the planets lithosphere. There exists on Foran 19 disparate continents of a range of sizes whose terrain vary widely from valleyed rain forests to river threaded islands, to high and barren mountain ranges. Although the North and South poles are certainly the coldest regions of Foran, due to the humid climate of the planet, glaciation is a rarity even at these extreme locations.

Foran was colonized by the Deltan people in the year 7695SO and the construction of this planets first human city, Siola, which is situated amidst the Huras mountain range, was completed in circa 7760SO. Today Foran remains the home-world of the Deltan civilization, and capital planet of the Delta Federation, where its headquarters are situated.


Ionis, a smaller world compared to its binary companion Foran, is formed mostly of metallic elements and is covered almost entirely in ice. Electrical storms are frequent and widespread throughout the atmosphere of Ionis, due to the planets powerful magnetic field. The frozen seas that cover a large proportion of the planets surface are often wracked by lightning and torrential snow storms. The ionisation of the water oceans by strong electrical currents in the process of electrolysis is the source of Ionis’s oxygenated atmosphere.

Eight major continents constitute Ionis’s solid surface, fixed upon a geologically inactive planetary interior. Four of these are situated on or around the planets equator and a lateral band of temperate weather approximately 1,400km wide that circles the planet. Temperatures here are high enough to allow the thawing of glacial cover. The other three quarters of Ionis’s surface remain frozen throughout the year. In the early years of the Deltan peoples arrival around Lux, Ionis proved an invaluable source of metals for Deltan industry and spaceship construction. The foundry and shipyard that was established there in 7701 SO is even today one of the most active and successful shipyards in Delta Federation space.


An unusual Gaian world, Atma is almost devoid of native life. Its arid mineral soil and core and dramatic weather systems have made the evolution of animal life impossible, except beneath Atma’s less than plentiful water oceans. The plant life that has grown on the planets silicate surface is mainly hard wood trees and bracken, rarely bearing fruit. Yet this flora is photosynthetic and has over hundreds of millions of years accumulated the thin oxygenated atmosphere that now envelopes the planet. Cloud formation is frequent and varied in the skies of Atma.

Nine vast continents cover the planets lithosphere almost entirely, and closely packed together, separated only by narrow seas. Atma’s energetic geologic activity has driven tectonic plates together to form steep and high mountain ranges, the longest of which stretches two thirds across the planet from north west to east. Volcanic activity on

Atma is occasional, sometimes jetting plumes of ash and salts into the atmosphere that are carried abroad by powerful winds. Atma was colonized by the Centaurus people in the year 7805SO who where quick to seed the planet with plants to feed their population. Today Atma is a hospitable world, its changeable weather tamed by the Centaurus civilization who, despite their initial struggles to survive there, have ever regarded the planet as their home.


The text versions of the Timeline and the Exegesis didn’t both fit into a single post so I separated them into two different posts. Links in the OP.

My thoughts exactly :open_mouth:

That’s a pity… :disappointed: Was it made by an ex Dev team member?

A lot, including the faction names.

Exactly. We never came across a really good writer to clean up the “mess” we have, so for Battlescape the lore will be very minimalistic.

Most of the lore came from a dev who was before my time (all of our time’s really, except for Flavien’s). It was subsequently expanded upon by many amateur/first time writers, and it never met our expectations tbh. We don’t exactly know where we are going with it in the future, but it is just not a priority right now, and is not all that important for Battlescape to be totally fleshed out.

Wow! That’s really a bombshell tbh. So no SFC, no Delta and no Centaurus?


We have alternate names for them, but we’re still “arguing” over the alternate for Starfold.

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Very interesting. So this is basically a hard reset for the lore? I’m kinda ok with that given how old it is now.

Pretty much yes. The plan is to only produce as much lore as needed for Battlescape, then hopefully with a successful KS and I:B launch, move forward with a more professional writing team for the MMO.

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Does this mean that the idea of a “lost Earth” is not going to be presented?
Also, seeing that the faction’s final name will also shift, is even the idea of “lost Earth” still valid?

Just make sure you don’t hire hollywood writers, or at least not those also writing AAA movies.
Seeing all the plot gaps and inconsistencies pulled me quite some faces.

So are you dumping the faction names only because of copyright issues or were you unsatisfied with them in the first place? To me they have become somewhat iconic and it saddens me to see them go.

Don’t get me wrong. Seeing a procedural, seamless galaxy with awesome gameplay is still the top priority for me, but these factions are (were?) something I think we have all grown to love in these many years following the project. I understand that they might not mean a thing for all the potential KS backers and new fans. But for me, and I believe for many other old timers, they were a big deal.

So calling it a bombshell might be an understatement. This is like the nova destroying Geodesa with everything we used to know before (if you pardon the obsolete analogy). :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess we might just have to find our New Delta then.


Man I remember all of these stories. They were awesome, very nice to see them resurface.

Hopefully we get a taste of the Infinity Universe lore in the comming months (or weeks…? :grin: ) leading up to the Kickstarter. The in-game universe felt more complete back then in comparison to the past couple of years.

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Most of the dev team is still in favor of the lost earth, there is one holdout however.

Primarily the former, but also a bit of the latter. Me personally, the only one I liked was Starfold. Deltan was a bit simplistic/mindless and Centaurus I was never fond of.

That’s understandable, but as you eluded to, we will need an order of magnitude above and beyond the current following (~2500 foumites) to have a successful KS, most of those people will be hearing about the factions/lore for the first time, they will know nothing of the previous faction names. It may be a possibility some people decide not to pledge because their beloved factions have changed, but I suspect that will be a very small minority.

Unfortunately you will not, we don’t have a writing team. We will put together a minimalistic lore package we feel is required for Battlescape, but it will certainly not be to the depth of what it once was for the previous project.

Having said all that, if we were to get a proper IP signoff from the original writer we’d probably just leave them (as it is simply easier for us), but it’s looking like that will not happen, and we plan to take the safer route. Even if the writer does not have a legal case, we don’t want someone complaining that we stole their ideas during the KS campaign as bad press. We understand that lore matters to players, but we also understand that gameplay, aesthetics, performance etc, generally come before lore.

I’m a bit surprised there.

The Deltan were close to a Western imperfect social-democracy with a militarist edge. Familiar elements in a bit more unusual combination. There are lots of things to do with such a setting. IIRC there were the least developed ones in the stories, and were sometimes unfairly summed up as the Military Nut Dudes, but there were hints of a complex society with many potential issues, narration-wise, that would parallel today’s world - something done by many good SF.
Also, they were often shown as a monolithic block, which makes no sense. It was a federation, with varied states and much potential diversity. Since the very start, actually, as they were born from an exile of a hodge-podge of anyone that could grab a starship and run with the convoy. Sure, the military was in charge, but when you have 20 000 ships, you got to have variety. And then, it gave birth to the very different-minded SFC, and those guys didn’t come up out of nowhere. You have to have quite some diversity to have that much population ready for that.

The Centauran were a bit harder to write, I’d say, but potentially very interesting as well. They were at the crossroad of several conflicting philosophies: a rigid, conservative and survival-oriented society but also believers in Harmony, which implies adapting themselves to the environment and respecting the ways of outsiders. Trying to find the balance between those opposite goals was one of the big elements making them potentially fascinating.
By their rigid, conservative nature, they are resistant to change, but they also strive to adapt. So faced with change, suppressing the outside factor is not an option and how to adapt is actually a major issue. How did they adapt to the Reunion? To the varied societal changes brought by technology? To a new political landscape with a new major power? To Deltans forbidding Biogen against Their Own Good? To whatever Biogen-based insanity some SFC lab wil concoct? To international crime?
Then, their military stance is a bit of a paradox: they are armed militant harmonists. Facing with something like the SFC independence war, for example, they have a dilemma: this war is clearly against everything they stand for. But attacking and imposing their will is also against everything they stand for. Whatever they do, they betray their principles. How do they get out of this one?
There are many narrative seeds here about what it means to stand for something, to act upon it and to keep your integrity when reality turns against you and all options are bad? How does a large, politically engaged and by nature conservative institution continues to uphold its moral principles without falling for repressive stratification or corruption? How are you supposed to use military strength to uphold harmony when war is by its very nature chaotic and disruptive? Where do you draw the line where the means are justified by the end? Between people’s freedom and Their Own Good?

Amusingly, I personally found the SFC a bit lacking. Sure, they are the rugged independent-minded guys, and their government is Megacorp Land, but apart from that, they never inspired me that much. Then again, the Libertarians in Space trope never really caught on me.

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This was a nice trip back in time to reread the story.
There were parts missing i believe.
But its was nice Thank you ! :relaxed:

It is a bit sad to hear what Gene is saying, :worried: but what can we do.
Perhaps rewrite it ? Made up something else.

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I’m talking just the names themselves, the factions would still have the same/very similar attributes, just different names.


Will we be able to vote on the new names?

Or get to name a ‘sub-federation’ with certain Kickstarter tiers? (With subfederations I mean a smaller part of the three big federations, sort of like the different named states in the US)