The Old Infinity Timeline and Exegesis

Just popping in to add, there are no copyright issues with names. You can’t copyright single words or short phrases:

You can trademark them, but the current names are not trademarked.


No, we do not plan to include the community in any naming of factions/corporations for Battlescape. Voting on corporation names/logo’s could be a possibility.

Yes, we are aware of this, but still feel it is prudent to change them. Maybe it is a bit paranoid, but it’s what we plan to do at this time.

guys… :blush: guys :wink:
Just make it like shoe ripoffs.
problem solved Peltan, Cementaurus,…


Cemen… :blush:

yes they are grand monument builders :slight_smile:

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Also Peltan are known for their production and export of luxury warm and fluffy clothes


I think you’ll lose more by changing them than you will gain. The term “prudency” is usually used to mean keeping your losses to a minimum. If there is no legal risk (and there isn’t) then what risk are you seeing?

On the other hand if the new names are really good it could be a win, so I’ll withhold judgement until they are announced,

I suspect it’s more about making a fresh start, which is a valid reason.

I personally think if people get upset and decide not to back the project due to the faction/lore changes, is a small number. I think if people who are deciding whether or not to back the project they just read about, see rumblings that the lore was “stolen” from some writer decide not to back the project, is a larger number.

The fresh start also has a lot to do with it as well :slight_smile:

You gonna kick all of us old timers off the forums before the KS starts too? :wink:

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Clean slate man, clean slate :wink:


12051 GO
Infinity releases. hahahahaha sorry I had to. Its only joke.

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its more a general risk of alienation of the community thats there, not the forum hardcores but the people who pop in once every few years and have built up their knowledge of the infinity lore over time. These are the bulk of people and will be spreading the kickstarter news the most, they come and see all the names as well as now we’re not doing an mmo anymore and then you get people going “is this even the same project”. I dont think changing the names is very wise, hopefully you guys have come up with some good replacements.

I think they are better, but as with anything, you will have people who like them and people who don’t.

[quote=“mattk50, post:32, topic:960”]its more a general risk of alienation of the community thats there.
I dont think changing the names is very wise

I would disagree and have already given my take on that. I guess we’ll find out when the new names are presented. I think at first, there may be some pushback mainly because it is change, eventually, when we start rolling out more game info and the campaign starts it will subside. I don’t see this as a major issue.

Delten and Centuran are kind of over used names in Science Fiction. Like the number 13 and Omega. I did like finding out that Wolf 459 (from STNG) was a real place though.

Wait, what?

What are you talking about, there’s no such thing.

Sheesh, if anything, “bad” press should be a reason why you would keep the names. If the writer turns out to not care, and never mentions it, a small number of current forumites might be happier than they otherwise would be.

If the writer does make a big deal of it, and all sorts of gaming news sites do the same during your Kickstarter, telling the world your name and that they should definitively not pay you any attention or money… you’ll have to come up with some more stretch goals.

Oh yeah and throw the original source of the names a bone (read: $5k or so) whenever you want a second wave of free publicity.

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