The old contributions topic!


Here is the first version of InfinityContribs, it was intended to be a tool where our community contributions could be uploaded and recorded. @INovaeFlavien had input into the second version and I got some space on the development server for it, gonna save that version for a later bump. :smiley:

Yes everything is empty, the server is down.



It’s been a long while since I’ve checked up actively on this, but I’ve been lurking a fair bit in-between, I still have this back from when it was being modelled and hyped about:


HUD designs by user @junaum(not an official developer), who had got even @INovaeFlavien to discuss many details of the HUD. Note this was for Infinity the MMO, not Battlescape. Battlescape would probably have way less elements.

Stellar Flight:

Stellar Flight (legend):

Atmospheric Flight:

Atmospheric Flight (legend):

Planetary info:

Planetary info (legend):

Galaxy info:

Shield systems:

Photobucket (broken links):
Space non-fighter view? -
Planet non-fighter view? -

Ahh… the nostalgia…

Source (Post on by @Freeman ) -

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I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!
A Basic GUI in IB

You know that sensation when you see your kids or nephews / nieces reach a certain age and you get the sudden “oh god I feel old” moment?

Yeah…this thread :older_man:


That HUD design looks as good today as it did back then, I love those designs… :smile:


Absolutely true.
I loved that topic.
The GUI/HUD was and still is great. Clean informative and the STYLE !
funny to retrospect the dreaming about it in motion :smile:


Found a few models on my hard drive. Not sure how it survived my crash recently, but I managed to save one or two. As I recall, I just downloaded a few models from the
The Brahms: Can’t recall who made this. (LANDED ON A SURFACE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Brahms 2: The model came with landing extracted and retracted, as shown. (added blue lights just because.)

An early WIP of the Artemis, not sure who made this either.

I helped @Wybo by whipping up a quicky model of one of his tugs. I also made an asteroid field previously. So I stuck the two together.

A long time ago, I modeled a ship just to practice my meager modeling skills. I posted it on the old forums for some feedback, but didn’t get very far. Not sure if anybody remembers it, but hey, another spaceship picture.


That was a @LucasFIN concept, my model. You did a great job lighting it. Very dramatic.

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Concept by me, model by Hutch. Just before the old forums died I think…


Oooh, I think I ended up pushing the model a bit further than that, I’ll have to check my files when I get home. I also remember a cockpit model for it.


ooh i never saw this one.
must have missed it. Really nice


I suppose we can post other people’s work here, I have always been a fan of @Freeman contributions from his Chineese site, Lidong’s work has always fascinated…

Here is a station:


Posted earlier by @juanmanuelsanch:

Ah, the Cuttlefish! Or whatever we ended up calling her. I was hoping someone would post a render! I’ll try to find the original concept art for the sake of comparison. Fantastic job :smile:


Remember the “modular” golden bullet we praised on the old forums, this was my take at a modular hauler.


Oh god, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this forum just now, I never knew of its existance. Looking through this, I remember so many of these awesome projects. A pretty weird sensation in a way, feels like it was ages ago but it really wasn’t that many years ago.

I only made one “contribution”, it was me learning 3d modeling for the first time, nicknamed SFC Scylla I believe. I’ll post a picture of it at a later time when I’m not considered a new user.


Deleted - For some reason, the images weren’t showing up. Re-posted them below.


No ‘Cuttles’ for you.


aaah the fleet renders were great… My favorite ship was the Nimitz, took me years to realize that it was an actual ship, only there for size comparison >,<

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Couldn’t find any concept art for the cuttlefish, I know I have it somewhere. But while I was searching I came across these. Never was much of a 3D artist but enjoyed the attempt:

‘Tarsus Hauler’