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The Steam Group Infinity: The Quest For Earth is in need of an update.
The links are to the old forum and the name should probably be changed to Infinity: Battlescape?

@Crayfish is a group officer. - Are you able to edit it? I don’t think Betelgeuze has an account on the new forum and I have no idea who Numbgooble is.

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Just pinged Cray on IRC for you, you can try and contact Cray and Betelgeuze on Steam if you want, would be good if we got some active members on the group as admins.


Just thinking as the KS approaches we should collectively tuck in our shirts and straighten our ties so to speak…


While we’re at it, Wikipedia pages might need some love.

Thank you for noticing this. We cleaned up our pages on the ModDB / IndieDB sites a couple months back as well. Let us know if you find anything else worthy of an update.


Hutch, I’m happy to help resurrect the Steam group as I’m a group admin on there. My permissions seem a bit limited though as I’m not the group owner.

Did Numbgooble use a different alias on the forum?

Ah, I had no idea there was a steam group, but now that I do I’ll join.

@Hutchings, I reached out to Numbgooble on Steam and he’s now on my friends list, if INS wishes me to speak to him, just let me know, I’m more than willing and he would probably be ok with a chat about the group.

I don’t think you need to wait for an ‘official’ INS response.

If Numbgooble is no longer active in the community (which appears to be the case), he’ll probably be willing to make Crayfish a full admin.

I now seem to have access to the group admin page. I may have had it before but was looking in the wrong place.

I’ve updated the links to point to the new site, but left the group name and summary referencing Infinity:TQFE as that’s what it was set up for and that game is still a long term goal. It may be that there should be a new group set up specifically for Battlescape.

I’m away for ten days now with limited internet access so won’t be around to make any further updates for a bit.

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So. Should we make one specifically for I:B or a I-Novae fan group? Though I think we could leave that to I-Novae. I thought I saw some company lead community groups around steam.

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I spoke to Hutchings and made him an officer, he has access to all the admin features now.

I wonder about that. On one hand it would make sense, on the other hand there will be an official group per game anyway, once said game reaches steam, so it might also be in the best interest to keep the community on one group and wait for the games to come to steam :I

Or we do a Old Guard Group …

Everything has drawbacks, sadly.

Old Guard would be nice too, however you would at the same time exclude everyone who isn’t part of the old guard ^^

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Why not both?

Because you’re excluding a good handful of digital folks that aren’t in old guard for no good reason. (From the Old Guard Group mind you.)

That’s what I was talking about when I mentioned drawbacks.

I propose doing a:

“I-Novae Community” Group. If problems ocure, let us just work them out later on.


That would probably be the most viable option.

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