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This put a smile on my face. :smile:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer 2


I’m sorry, but:


Someone invent time travel already! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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I know right? :slight_smile: Ticks many boxes for me and seeing Han and Chewie back at the end… :heart_eyes:


I don’t wanna get too excited for the movie incase it turns out crap… Too late


The hype train can be the worst enemy of high-profile films like this, but at least JJ knows how to manage publicity well.

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I’m cautiously optimistic now. I wasn’t meaning to, but curse you, Sab1e, now I’m actually looking forward to this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So what you guys think of the upcoming Battlefront game? I’m leaning towards cautiously optimistic on that one too.

I have a love/hate relationship with Dice. I like most of the stuff they did before Bad Company 2 … and they did Mirrors Edge, a pretty cool game.

But taking the Battlefield name and making a COD killer out of it … urgh …

Also, the leaked trailer from the old studio was already pretty epic back two years ago … after it got canceled.

We will see.

Thought this was pretty neat. :wink:

Very nice that they actually made the droid for real! I’d love to know how it works - I’m assuming magnets are involved to keep the head attached, or something.

I remember a toy called the Sphero which was bascially a remote controlled ball. I’m sure they have just applied a gyroscopic system similar to a Segway to keep it stable and use magnets to keep the head attached. It’s quite possible they have two people controlling it simultaneously.

Just wait for the merchandising tsunami of these things rolling around toy stores :smiley:

HOLY **** I was right :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


I was hyped for the game. Then all the details starting come out.


As the Reasons and Notes explain, it was probably never going to be anything like the original plan.
If it has nice visuals and plays like Battlefield then I’m sold.

Since it’s EA I’m not going to play it. No Linux support (yes some of us actually care and prefer playing under Linux), DLCs already announced (I have yet to buy a DLC although I’ll probably get the one for the Witcher 3), probably Origin required (ugh), and it quite frankly seems like they’ll do it like Sim City 4. :frowning: I will not support always online DRM. Even if it is Star Wars, even if it is Battlefront.

That said, the graphics look fantastic. Hope the gameplay lives up to the hopes, although I fear for it.

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If it’s from EA: run. Keep running. Don’t stop.

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While I hesitate to bash the new Battlefront just because it’s EA, I am painfully pessimistic about this game. They seem to be falling into the next-gen trap of ‘graphics and fluff above content’. I loved my PS2 Battlefront games - both of them, if for different reasons. This one… I’ll probably give it a miss (until I can pick it up cheap maybe).

A bunch of Star Wars games are on sale on Steam until May 7th :smile: Just passing that along, because some of those old titles are kind of awesome! Jedi Outcast is one of my favourites, along with the original Knights of the Old Republic.

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Same thing on GOG!

Yes, this is a problem. I couldn’t resist… plus I had store credit from preordering The Witcher 3. Yes, yes, again and again man proves that he is weak… :smiley:

Now I need only find time to play them again… sigh.