Spread the word, support the I:B Thunderclap!

Yup! Although not ideal, better something than nothig at this point.

When creating a new, empty account, make sure to set it public for max reach!

How this hasn’t reached 100 users yet I don’t know, when we have 4,500 backers

Mostly only those of us here know about it. It’s been mentioned a couple times in the Kickstarter comments, but hasn’t really gotten around.

Got several more over the last house for the thunderclap.

We’re over 50%! Spread the word, we ought to get at least a 100 supporters out to of 4k+ KS backers!

@INovaeFlavien, @INovaeKeith any chance you can support the TC with the I-Novae Twitter account?

My guess is that many ‘don’t get’ thunderclap and can’t be arsed to give their details to yet another site they never heard of before.

I’m one of those who don’t really feel comfortable with it as well as never hearing of the site before.

@dekaku & @bikkebakke unknown makes unloved. Here’s an FAQ: https://www.thunderclap.it/faq - Hope this’ll take your concerns away. We need all the publicity we can get :smile:.

Join here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/34220-48-hours-to-battlescape

has anyone made some advertisment in the chris roberts forums made or in the E:D forums? maybe it will be deleted soon, but every pledger counts :smile:

Woo, thunderclap was mentioned in an update, and only 25 more people to go. More than 100 is better of course.

Only 20 now!

19 left lol…

… perhaps Inovae could have posted this sooner .
It skyrocketed since they posted it.
And we need those supporters FAST.

5 to go, 3 days left.

9 peoples left to reach the minimum 100

I’d like to see this break 200

1 more lol.

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…and we made it!


Here we come 200 supporters

1 day ago that would have been an illusion.
Now a perfectly achievable goal


So how many new backers will that 59 000 yield?