Spread the word, support the I:B Thunderclap!

Hi All,

Created a Thunderclap campaign scheduled to be blasted 48h before the KS deadline. Goal is to send out a single message via the Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr accounts of the supporters. If we have enough supporters (and some luck) we could become a trending topic, putting the spotlight on the I:B KS, which will hopefully result in more pledges!

Join here: http://thndr.me/psd6V6


post it on ks comments too.


Done! If anyone else knows where to find fans, feel free to share. The more support, the bigger the reach!

This kind of thing is where high profile names would [also] be useful. Imagine it clapping to 200,000 people instead of 5,000.


Yup! Anyone one good terms with Scott Manley or Chris Roberts?

I’m signed up!

Signed up too

Signed up!

And it would be nice to have bigger names adding their support to this Thunderclap, but in their current absence, if a few extra hundred pairs of eyes see this, it can’t be a bad thing.

Every Little Helps.

Stuck at 36. Any more ways to spread this?

Devs could share it actually.

Maybe @INovaeAndre @INovaeKeith could add TC to the KS page? Either as update or in description? If we can even rally half of the backers to participate, we’d have a good chance of making an impact!

I think putting it in an update should boost it quite considerably. New visitors to the KS aren’t really that interested into further spreading the word if they are still reading up on the game themselves.

If it is put in an update and not buried in there. We might make it over the 100 line fast.


I would support but have no FB or other social crap.

Pretty much the same here

Only at 40 out of 100, but still has a potential reach of over 46,000 people. Even if you have to create dummy accounts it might be worth it to just join anyway.

Woah wait, I just realised why there were that many, Krowdster joined and added over 38,000 connections.

Come on guys post it as a KS minii update so people see it, it’s nearly invisible at this point!

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Every little bit helps! Of course no guarantees, but I think Thunderclap could help get those last pledges needed!

Made a twitter account and supported immediately the thunderclap

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Meh, I wasent going to, but then I did. I don’t use facebook for much of anything so it wont spread to but a few people, and fewer less as I’ve already told several bout the game.

It doesn’t matter at this point, we just need the numbers to make sure it goes out at all.

We just need 56 more people to add their accounts. If you have to just use a secondary email address to create empty accounts.

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