Space Station 13 (& Other Games?)

Wondering if anyone here plays (or has played) Space Station 13? Absolutely love this game.

For anyone interested it is a free to play, space RPG set on a space station. You take up one of the jobs of the crew members (ranging from ship captain all the way down to lowly assistant).
It takes a while to get used to the dated 2D graphics style, the weird nuances and even basic job functions but once you get past that hurdle it really is fun. :smiley:

Does anyone have ANY games they really like that might not be well known?

I’ve heard much good about SS13, though I still have to try it at some point.

As interesting free games, let’s see.

Brogue is a variation on the original Rogue (IIRC, Brian Walker wrote it to replace his lost copy of Rogue at the time).
It’s a pure ASCII-art rogue-like, but with much efforts spent with the interface, making it far smoother to play (and even look at) than you would expect. But make no mistake, it is hard, unforgiving and you will have to think about your moves to beat it.
I’d suggest you to play it a few times, and go to the wiki only when if you are stuck, to check what objects and enemies exist, and maybe some helpful tips. Or you can do it the hard way and try to discover everything yourself. It will be hard, unforgiving and rewarding for each step closer

Tales of Maj’Eyal is another rogue-like, but at the RPG end of the spectrum. A big world to explore, nice 2d graphics and interesting, well-developed gameplay. IIRC, it begun as a LotR game (ToME meant Tales of Middle-Earth) until they switched to their own world to better fit the gameplay full of magic.
It’s free but apart from the donations, you can also buy it on Steam if you want to give the devs some money and
have the convenience.
Its engine is also available for free, if you want to create your own rogue-likes.

Battle for Wesnoth is a 2d fantasy turn-based game who goes by the philosophy “simple to learn, hard to master and crank-full of content”. IIRC, there is a purchasable mobile version in addition to the free PC version. If you like turn-based games, play this one. It’s pretty, more than complete and of impressive quality.
Also, it has lots of custom campaigns in addition to the official ones, including some with serious changes in gameplay or mechanics, so it’s also quite moddable.

Neptune’s pride 2 : Triton is a browser-based multiplayer 4x that had been purified to the extreme. The mechanics are very simple and let you focus on the meat of the game, diplomacy. In real time mode, ticks happen every hour and cycles every day, so a standard game can last weeks or months (though it won’t take you long each day, thanks to the simple mechanics).
If you don’t believe how surprisingly great it can be, read this, (based on the slightly different first one).
Note, though, that while the game is free, you may want to take a premium account to be with more dedicated players. I don’t have one (yet), and encountered quite a few AFKers in my games - which helped me win each time, so I’m not actually complaining, but after a few game, it may annoy some.

Then, there’s
Knytt and Knytt stories (Non-violent 2d platform/exploration, great feeling),
Eversion (Great dissonant 2d platformer, somehow the 8bit version looks better than the HD one, go figure),
Nitronic Rush (Tron-coloured flying car speed-racer, they went professional with Distance next),
Dariush (Play go, it’s good for you),
OpenTTD (for Transport Tycoon Deluxe, I’ve heard it’s great but not played it yet)
and many others that I don’t have in mind for the moment.

I’m so sorry for the time any of you will waste on those.


I’ll definitely take a look at these, thanks alot!

“I’m so sorry for the time any of you will waste on those.”

Likewise if you ever get into SS13! Some of the rounds on there last for over two hours…

Check out Centration, the 3D first-person SS13 sequel currently in development:

Maybe check Shores of Hazeron too, if you’re the sort of person who can suffer SS13 levels of lag and painfully unintuitive interfaces it shouldn’t be a problem.

…As for games I like? A few years ago I would probably have mentioned Kerbal Space Program, but popularity on that sort of exploded already.

*Actually we really need a new KSP thread to catch up on where everyone is with their respective programs. Gotta see if Terran actually got anywhere(and back) in the end without exploding. =)


Been following Centration recently, looks fairly promising. I love Shores of Hazeron… such a great idea, just a shame as you said, the lag among other odd nuances.

I’ll add that someone recently put together the Pirate Bay Bundle (don’t worry, it’s legal this time - if the Pirate Bay is locket where you live, there are apparently plenty of mirrors).

Basically, he took 101 little free games on the Internet that he thought were interesting and not known enough, made an off-line version and put them together in one bundle.
I’ve only tried a couple of them so far, but you should give it a go. They seem to be interesting concepts that you can try in a few minutes, and come on, there are 101 of those, and it’s free!

I recognized one by the same guy who made the aforementioned Eversion, btw. This guy has talent, and you should check his other games.

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That bundle is impressive, I’ll have to take a look. Looks like there’s some real gems in there.

It is probably not known by the Infinity community, but about 20-50% of the sound effects that are in version 1.0 of OpenTTD were added by me. Though Yogscast made fun of my rail-crossing signal sound, probably because it was slower than it is in the original TTD. Haven’t played it for quite a while.

I did apply for sound design at I-Novae, but it seems I applied too late, as they already had someone. I just hope he/she won’t dissapoint, as two of my most immersive video games were Half-Life 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 mostly due to their audio engines.

I did play TTD … some kind of fixed version.

Sounds like I need to try openTTD … does the multiplayer work now or does it desync?

Sub Rosa:

Best first person shooter out there. (:

Wow, you did sound design on OpenTTD? Well then, thank you for your work, I’ve enjoyed it for way too many evenings… :smiley:

@Lomsor: Last I played it in multiplayer, the game never gave any problems, though YMMV, of course.

Is anyone interested in playing Neptunes Pride 2 together?

Given that it requires about the same “attention” as a forum does I think it would be great to try it out with the community.

It’s simmilar to a board game only in your browser. It takes several weeks to complete a big game (simmilar to the timespan wolf games take).

If enough are interested we should totally try it.

Also it doesn’t require a download and doesn’t ask for a lot of details on registration (or login with all those multi accounts).

I’d be interested, @Lomsor. Seems perfect for playing alongside my work stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

… tehehe … already doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s pretty straightforward. And I like the pace.
I’ll arrange something in a few days.

I’m game. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, if there is still room or if you make a new one. I can’t promise being there twice a day, but that’s part of the game.

What settings do you use?

One of the SS13 ‘remakes’ has finally made it’s way onto Kickstarter. It doesn’t look all that impressive so far but if they can get the gameplay right it could turn out pretty awesome.