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I’d like to start a topic with favourite pictures/photos from space, either taken by a satellite or telescope. I will start with a couple of mine:

Storm on Jupiter

Storm on Saturn:

Io & Europa (with aurora or water jets)

Jupiter’s moon Enceladus

Saturn approach

Jupiter’s moon Titan (methane sea’s vissble):

Orion nebula:

Voyager 2 picture of Uranus (seems a lot like the screenshots we are getting from Hutchings):

Amazingly detailed mosaic photo of Mars surface;

Side view of Saturn’s rings:

Aurora on Saturn:

I am looking forward to seeing yours!


Wow. I was going to post some crappy shots of the moon that I’ve taken, but those pictures put them to shame! I’ll post them anyways, but I have already been overshadowed! :telescope:

Overexposed Jupiter

Some backstory: Last year I was working on a research project with the RaspberryPi and imaging. I decided to see how well the RasPi would work(with its webcam) at taking pictures. The result? Terrible. This is due to the settings such as exposure timing and shutter timing being hardcoded into the webcam. Thus, we could not shorten or lengthen the exposure times. It effectively killed the project. Our initial goal was to use background stars, or the objects we were viewing, along with image recognition and installing stepper motors to motorize and allow tracking for a dobsonian. We never passed the tracking stages for the reasons above. It was a good lesson in hardcoded proprietary hardware though. All of these were taken through an 8" dobsonian. The dust/specs on the moon photos were some oils or a piece of dust on the raspi CCD. We replaced the camera after seeing those pictures. We did take pictures through a 14" which came out quite nicely(of the moon only), but they are only on the poster itself which I am too embarassed to link here. :blush:

Edit: Basically, that’s the cheapest astrophotography you can do, but it isn’t so good. 40$ for the Pi, 20$ the webcam. 2$ pvc/E-tape adapter. I don’t recommend it for anything but enjoying the Moon.


I must add, I haven’t taken these myself:p

I really like the second one you have taken!

You mean Saturn’s moon Encealdus.

Also a moon of Saturn.

It’s a nebula in Orion, designated NGC 1999. Usually when people say “Orion nebula”, they mean M42


Which is about a thumbs width or two away from the belt? M42?

I’ve seen that one through a 14 and she was pretty! Although not quite as colourful as the false colour or long exposure images.

Picture taken from ISS of typhoon Maysak (love the how the atmosphere looks so thin but menacing at the same time):


1080 on this youtube copy, but much better original here.


First Pluto-Charon Color Image from New Horizons. Isn’t there another satellite of Pluto?

Pluto has at least 3 other satellites, each much smaller than Charon: Nix, Hydra, and Kerberos.

The NASA Gemini mission (from reddit):



Whole album can be found here.

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Sunrise on Mars:

Rhea close-up:

Our own moon (photographed by Galileo probe)

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Latest pictures of Pluto from New Horizons:


Amazing picture! The other pictures even show the nitrogen rich atmosphere!


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Rosetta, a picture taken from the Earth.

Thanks now I don’t have to post mine. :wink:

Saw this and startet dreaming about I:B :3

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