Ship Naming - SFC Bomber

As some of you may be aware, the SFC bomber that we have in the production pipeline is nameless. And while a number of suggestions have been made already on other threads, it’s about time we found it an official Name.

While we don’t have any “Set in Stone” naming convention for ships, do think about the SFC faction and what it represents. With that in mind, have fun with it.

Potentially necessary disclaimer: This isn’t contest, no awards will be given out to the “winning” name selector, and I can’t guarantee that any of the suggestions will be chosen.

Images of the “Bomber” in Question

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I stick by “Burst”. That, or “Hammer” (on account of the very big, hammer-head shaped aft).

Quoting myself from that other topic plus a couple more.

Martelo(hammer in portuguese)
Talos(greek giant)

Hmmm… how about Sulfur?

The Vulcan
The Hephaestus
The Ikenga
The Ogoun
The Shango
The Tvastar
The Ilmarinen

I’ll stick to “Hammer”, or “Hammerhead”. It looks like it it bulky, sturdy, not very agile but come down fast (with its oversized engines) on big targets to inflict lots of pain. And as TA noted, its aft is kind of hammerhead-shaped.
Also, I’d imagine SFC naming their ships after this fashion, by giving simple, straightforward (or ironic) names due to their pragmatic, no-fanciness tendencies.

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The Buzzkill.

It looks like a bee… And it looks like it kills stuff.


Rock Chopper

Hammer + thesaurus. If SFC doesn’t get a straightforward name I will look at you disappointingly through the monitor. >:

My choice would be Piledriver
Though I quite like Hammer too

It’s not beautiful enough to be a Vulcan in my mind

<img src=

Hammer is still my favorite after all this time…

Hammerhead for me.


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Hammer mk. XLII
Or perhaps Hammerhead mk. XLII sounds better, even though it’s shape is wrong for it.

No way that’s the first time the SFC has used that name.

well as many of you the first thing that popped in my head was hammer, so, how about something like : Mjölnir

Hammerhead gets my vote. :smiley:

The Roman god Vulcan was far from beautiful.

Vulcan was the offspring of Jupiter and Juno. He was so remarkably deformed that Jupiter threw him down from heaven to the isle of Lemnos. In this fall he broke his leg, as he also would have broken his neck, had he not been caught by the Lemnians. It is added that he was a day in falling from heaven to earth. Some report that Juno herself, disgusted at his deformity, hurled down Vulcan into the sea, where he was nursed by Thetis and her nymphs, whilst others contend that he fell upon land, and was brought up by apes. It is probable that Juno had some hand in his disgrace, since Vulcan, afterwards, in resentment of the injury, presented his mother with a golden chair, which was so contrived by springs unseen, that being seated in it she was unable to rise, till the inventor was prevailed upon to grant her deliverance.

Hammer/ Hammerhead is fitting but so overused…
I like Hybrid or Cubrix or Robus


i see what u did there XD