Seldon Crisis - Foundation Space MMO
based on foundation series

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no way!
Its about Foundation.
Ok i am rather intereted since i am actually reading it now. :smiley:
thank you for heads up!

Something about this whole game just screams SCAM to me… Seriously look at the company’s website for yourself… and see their previous games.

and the game engine they are using is HeroEngine 2.0, google the type of games made on that…
Also they are Hiring a Programmer that can work with HeroEngine, which suggests they have pretty much ZERO coding currently done… yet they are trying to steam green-light the game ALLREADY?

Its a huge scam.

It doesn’t become a scam until they ask people to pay for something they know they can’t deliver.

Do I think they can deliver something like this? Probably not, but if some of those android games they’ve made have sold well, it’s entirely possible they could pay someone to do it for them.

Do I think the game will be worth playing? No. Hiring coding done is easy, but making a sandbox game worth playing, oddly enough, requires immense skill at game design. I don’t see any sign they have it, and if they haven’t hired someone to use proper English on their company’s front page I doubt they’ll have the wisdom to hire someone to tell them what their game should be like.

But hey, even if the game has only a snowball’s chance in hell of being worth playing, that’s still a better chance than if they didn’t try to make it. As long as I don’t have to pay until they have a product worth the price, I don’t honestly care one way or another.

Well all I can say is that their developer logo preroll is far too long. They should really try and stick to one core graphical effect and one sound effect… not 30 seconds of lasers, fire, wooshing, heartbeat, thunder, neon and more.

It will be going to kick-starter soon… That is where the money comes in

And if the Kickstarter promises something they know they can’t deliver, it’ll be a scam. I’m not saying it wont, that’s possibly why I used “until” rather than “unless”, but what little I read of the website didn’t promise anything I couldn’t make myself with enough time, a decent engine, and the help of an artist.

Of course, the fact that their aim is “what a newly minted programmer could do on his own” does indicate, at least to me, that it might not be the best game ever. And there’s the whole thing where it would be a literal miracle for me to make a sandbox game worth playing, those things are hard to get right.

The Greenlight page for it shows the Promises they are making, they are saying it will be an MMO like EVE Online

A Quote from the Company’s Comments on the Greenlight Page:
“A game like this is designed for thousands of players around an unique server, no istance, 95% of the space will be player driven”

And thier Kickstarer :
" "

“Chaos Interactive Ltd is a young, fresh and vibrant British company. We are an international team formed by people from the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Germany and Switzerland”

It doesn’t sound like they have much funding, which makes sense considering they’re doing a Kickstarter.

Now I have to address the Elephant In The Room. How the hell did they secure the I.P. rights to the Fondation Universe ?

You can’t call your game “Seldon Crisis”, taking place in the Fondation Universe, rip off the entire Lore of the Foundation series ( down to all the faction logos, planet/system names, etc… ) if you haven’t secured the rights.

And if they did secure the rights, why not mention it explicitely ? Why say it’s “loosely” based on the Fondation universe from Asimov ?

I’m afraid those guys are soon going to learn what IP infringement is when a lawyer is going to knock at their door. I definitely wouldn’t back their KS due to that, and I’ve backed a fair number of indy projects so far, that should be a tell…

Sure you can! Just look at at the other games that have done similar things in the past. Their court records should be publicly available.

I mean, they might not be around any longer, but clearly their getting sued to oblivion proves that it is physically possible to make a game based on an IP you don’t have the rights for.

Exactly. It will be a MMO (buzzword) sort of like a decade old game only with some of the features that makes that game work removed. There will be no need for 64 bit locations, they’ll copy the names of everything from a book, and from the greenlight to kickstarter the number of hulls has dropped from hundreds to dozens.

As I said, I could make a game like this if I just put enough time into it. It’s not inventing new technology, or even new gameplay elements, merely reusing old stuff with a disliked feature removed. With $400k it certainly wont be an issue.

I fully expect them to get hit with a C&D, and if this happens during their kickstarter it’ll be interesting to see the results. Even if that doesn’t happen, I fully expect the game to suck as “EVE without choke points” really wouldn’t work. You could build a different large-scale spacegame without choke points (such as Infinity), but the gameplay would have to be completely rethought.

Though yes, if the Kickstarter is actually started this game will fit the wikipedia definition of a scam. Still not a sham, mind, though I may be the only person to get the two words mixed up.

Hm… well basing my opinion on solely the Game Description, it looks as if it would be a damn near mirror image of EVE, with the only real differences being the minor factions in each sector, the “Each sector of the universe offers a unique variety of resources and procedurally generated content”, and the “no jump/star gate” point.

That’s not exactly a bad thing if it’s done right though, Infinity is basically EVE minus the skills and jump points. (Which is awesome :D)

I mean, one could argue that all space+mmo games basically equal EVE, but hell the game has been around for a little past 10 years, it’ll be hard to not be put up against it.

Wait, are you saying that MMO is a buzzword in general, or just in this particular case?

In general it lost all meaning when World of Tanks started using it.

Problem with this is that I doubt their ability to come up with a valid replacement for it. A key difference between Infinity and EVE is that Infinity has never intended to have any form of artificially enforced sovereignty system, meaning that you did not need a chokepoint to centre your border security around, as borders wont be a thing.

All of the above are or have been features in EVE. I think they might’ve gotten rid of unique resources after someone tried to ruin the balance of the game by monopolizing an important one.

Yes, even procedural generation. You have to remember that “procedurally generated content” can mean a lot of different things. It’s use as a buzzword is rather recent, in my experience, possibly related to the advent of E:D. Used to be seen as a bad thing, more often than not…

Fair point, however I don’t think that it’s been too abused to where it can be called a buzzword quite yet, but more-so on a case-by-case basis. It does still have a clear definition to it… doesn’t it?

True, but I was just pointing out differences, I never said it was all a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh really? That must have been before my time, regardless though, it would still technically be a difference in terms of current game mechanics. Nothing in EVE is procedural in this current time, at least not to my knowledge.

As far as calling P.G.C a buzz, I’d say that just boils down to ones own definition of the term. I personally think that “no artist or designer, but rather, large chucks of whatever created on the fly by an algorithm”, is procedural. Like say, worlds in Minecraft, Terraria, or Starbound. Based on what we know, unless something changed, basically the entirety of Infinitys universe would be created by functions and simple assets, neatly sown together. From the placement of stars in a galaxy, down to the placement of trees on a planet. That is what I could call true P.G.C at heart.

Now, unless my own understanding of the term is wrong, things that could technically classify as P.G.C, but I would feel silly calling it that, would be guns and equipment in the Borderlands series. Those things I would feel more comfortable calling randomized, and if they were to use the term procedural to describe it all, I would agree that in that case, procedural is being used as a buzz.

the eve universe is procedural. Just up to 7,000 systems, in 2003. Then I guess the devs heavily modified it over the years, but it’s still procedural. Wormhole systems are also, because it is a pain in the ass to design 3,000 systems for one patch.

You guys always have to tear down my air castles.

Perhaps they want to get the licence from kickstarter money?

It would be nice if their kickstarter video had… anything what so ever about their game in it rather than just a crummy looking cutscene.

“No Pay-to-Win! All purchases are vanity items, such as skins and cosmetic models.”


Why, exactly, would I want to spend £15 on a ‘digital’ copy of a free to play game?

Isn’t that the point of a kickstarter video - to show stuff about the game?

Crummy ? That was very well done if you consider the budget. Much better than what you can have doen Naiba, I am certain. Please, don’t be a hater. Thanks. Anyway, you all know where my allegiances “lay” but I have to admit that Seldon Crisis looks like it will be a good one. Anyway, Keith is 100% right the KS Vid is supposed to do what it did. Don’t see the reason for the hateraide here.