Patch and Updates Notes ( Wednesday, 27 July 2016 )

Note: this patch includes the new deployment plat-form with automatic patching. It is recommended that you uninstall the previous version ( ) manually from your installed programs before you install the new version.

Download link hasn’t changed:

The installer will now download online the required dependencies and packages. Once the launcher is installed, log into it and run it; then click the Install button in the bottom-left, which will download & install Battlescape.

Game Content

  • Geometry for all 3 cockpits is now done
  • Texturing for Fighter is WIP
  • Added space stations in various layouts at 7 spots in the solar system

Game Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with flight auto assist and strafing, which didn’t take target speed into account
  • Fixed multiple random/rare crashes upon death
  • Fixed a crash bug when initializating a renderer or adapter on non-standard or older video cards
  • Fixed a crash caused by infinite octree recursion that happened when a lot of objects were spatially created on top of each
  • Fix for rotation stabilization when flying in warp mode
  • Various bugs & tweaks in OpenAL (audio library)

Gameplay Features & Tweaks

  • Introduced atmospheric parameters which can be set per-planet
  • (Re)Introduced a drag coefficient for each ship
  • As a consequence of these last 2 changes, top-speed in atmospheres is now significantly higher
  • Rewrote spawn system and docking points on the server

Physics updates

  • Physics is now running in a separate task/thread which might help with performance in physics-intensive scenes
  • There has been major changes in the physics under the hood; interfaces were rewritten. Watch out for potential bugs!

Updates to Input system

  • Fixed key detection bug with gamepad arrows
  • Added KeyPadEnter to differenciate from the Return key
  • Added support for sliders ( 2 extra axes ) to Direct Input
  • Better handling of special keys/combinations like Alt-GR

Deployment system

  • First experimental version of our deployment system, including bootstrapper, installer and new launcher
  • Install, launcher and game now have the ability to self-update and install patches
  • Note that the user interface is a step down and minimalistic; we’ll reskin it at a later time


  • Engine now utilizes static libraries instead of DLLs
  • Fixed light bleeding artifact line between shadow cascades for infinite lights
  • Upgraded deferred renderer’s shader model to 5.0 which allows to run more agressive optimizations
    Note: this means the game now requires a SM 5.0+ video card.
  • Tweaked shadow priorities queue in shadow rendering pipeline
  • Tweaked HDR settings and minimum luminosity; space backgrounds should feel brighter now. Eye adaptation is also faster.

Known bugs

  • Random crash at exit; seems to be related to switching the engine to static libs. Cause not yet identified.
  • Race gates no longer display. This is probably a minor bug related to change in the assets paths. Will investigate later.
14 Likes ( Sunday, 2 October 2016 )

Note: this patch requires a manual Installer update, please see this thread for more information:

The game itself should upgrade automatically fine.

Download link hasn’t changed:

Game Content

  • Added factories and military bases (placeholders) across the 3 moons of the test system
  • Updated Interceptor, Bomber and Corvette cockpits with more geometry work
  • Updated texturing & decals for the cockpits, including new materials, self-illumination for buttons. Corvette still largely untextured.
  • Added ambient & button lights to Interceptor & Bomber cockpits.
  • Added static NPC hauler near the spawning station. Just used as “decoration” until we add A.I. in alpha.

Game Fixes

  • Race gates should now properly show up on Sarake near one of the factories.
  • Updated shadowing in cockpit view. Higher quality and resolution for shadowing in cockpits.
  • Added faster refresh of image-based lighting after spawning with a ship. Previously IBL only showed up after you travelled a minimum distance.

Gameplay Features & Tweaks

  • Reduced atmospheric density of Cinder ( volcanic moon ) which should increase a bit the atmospheric top speed
  • Reduced minimum warp speed requirement from 1.5 Km/s to 250 m/s. This should help to enter warp more quickly, at lower altitudes.
  • Added camera orientation vibrations & shaking ( will especially be noticeable when hit or at high air friction )

Deployment system

  • Fixed .NET 4.6.2 dependency
  • Fixed a bug in the launcher after a first install where the game install button was disabled, forcing the user to restart the launcher.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to elevated rights and installation upgrades
  • Added user status icon and log-out option to the launcher on game screen
  • Added more log file information for users still experiencing trouble during installation


  • Optimized particles sorting which should result in a small performance gain in particle-heavy scenes
15 Likes ( Saturday, 14 January 2017 )

Download link:

Game Content

  • Interceptor, bomber and corvette geometry pass done (untextured) including level of details. Added placeholder lights on the hull too
  • Revamped cockpit lights for interceptor, bomber and corvette
  • Horizontal bar removed from Interceptor cockpit frame (experimental)
  • Added glass material to all cockpits
  • Space stations geometry pass done. Utilizes proper level of details. Generic placeholder texture
  • Added Eupraxia ring station in orbit of Rethe Prime (the gas giant); moved Thalys station to Cinder’s orbit
  • Reworked geometry and lighting in hangar and garage bays for space stations
  • Revamped lights on the hauler (near Arcadia station)

Game Fixes

  • Cockpit lights are now disabled when the ship is powered off (including ‘mood’ lights)
  • Mouse cursor is now restricted to window area (experimental performance fix)
  • Better default GPU adapter selection on multi-GPU systems like laptops: defaults to AMD or NVidia video card instead of Intel’s
  • Crash fixes related to 3D sounds

Gameplay Features & Tweaks

  • Slightly reduced camera near clipping plane to avoid clipping with the interceptor cockpit frame
  • Changed third-party camera viewpoints for interceptor and corvette to be a bit closer
  • Respawn location is now randomized in various space stations, upon restart/death/suicide (F9)

Deployment system

  • Fixed OpenAL dependency, should now be properly set up during the installation process
  • Fixed various bugs and issues with the launcher and installer


  • Log files should no longer have exclusive read access
  • Ring’s asteroid field is back
  • Reduced size of some of the HUD indicators such as velocity

Known issues

  • Performance: stuttering every second or so on some systems
  • Interceptor: Z-fighting on cockpit frame
  • Interceptor: some side thrusters are incorrectly placed
  • Random client crash with projectiles when a ship is dying
17 Likes ( Wednesday, 18 January 2017 )

Download link:

Game Fixes

  • Crash fixes related to projectiles when dogfighting with other players and/or dying.
5 Likes ( Friday, 27 January 2017 )

Download link:

Game Content

  • Fixed Z-fighting on Interceptor cockpit frame due to duplicated geometry
  • Added lights to the Corvette cockpit frame

Game Fixes

  • Changed OpenAL initialization to avoid a crash at startup.

Balance changes

  • Reduced hitpoints recharge rate from min 1% - max 3%, to a constant 0.5% per second, for all ships.
  • Reduced hitpoints on all ships ( 250 to 200 for interceptor, 800 to 500 for bomber, 2500 to 2000 for corvette )
  • Changed interceptor weapons: 15 to 25 damage (+10), 0.10 to 0.15 rate (+0.05), 3.0 to 2.5 lifetime (-0.5)
  • Changed bomber weapons: 15 to 50 damage (+35), 0.10 to 0.20 rate (+0.10), 4.0 to 3.0 speed (-1.0), 3.0 to 4.0 lifetime (+1.0). These changes increase the range and damage of the bomber at the expense of their speed and firing rate.
  • Changed corvette weapons: 15 to 100 damage (+85), 0.10 to 0.40 rate (+0.30), 4.0 to 2.0 speed (-2.0), 3.0 to 7.0 lifetime (+4.0). These changes make the corvette weapons deadly for fighter with a bigger range, however the shots are now twice slower.


  • Increased horizontal (yaw) max view angle in cockpits from 72° to 90°
9 Likes ( Monday, 30th January 2017 )

Download link:


  • Added support for UTF8 / unicode paths in engine, which allows paths with foreign character sets to run the game ( Chinese or Asian characters are now supported in engine paths )

Bug fixes

  • Fixed default GPU adapter selection on multi-video cards systems ( ex.: laptop with NVidia + Intel HD ) - was implemented in patch but was previously disabled. Users on such systems should no longer have to force GPU affinity with the executable.
  • Fixed a random crash of probability 1 / 32768 that happened every time the camera mode changes ( cockpit from/to external view ) or when you died / respawned.

Input / controls

  • Added support for “Oem8” key
  • Added DetectInput tool to “Dev\Profiles\Detect Input Tool”
  • Added support for Direct Input’s sliders ( usually mapped to throttle on Joysticks ), detected as axis 6 & 7
  • Added support for Direct Input’s buttons 16-31
  • Fixed a bug with automatic key detection in DetectInput tool: tool stopped detection too early for some keys
10 Likes ( Wednesday, 15 February 2017 )

This patch is mostly a performance / experimental patch with a few asset improvements.

Download link:


  • Blaster shots particle effect improved: they now behave better under low angles near the center of the screen
  • Corvette now has ambient occlusion on its exterior hull mesh
  • Consoles are no longer empty in Interceptor cockpit; now uses a static self-emissive texture
  • Added exterior windows with self-emissive to Arcadia station ( experimental, windows are very repetitive atm )

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some memory leaks

Performance improvements

  • Fixed hiccups related to mouse cursor: cursor icon was recreated every frame even when in focus
  • Log file now performs asynchronously - will avoid minor hiccups on slow hard drives
  • Physics keyframe interpolation is now multithreaded (x3)
  • Static entities no longer invalidate transformations, which avoids useless updates
  • Fixed a minor bug with quaternions dual representation which caused some bodies to be dynamic instead of static
  • Massive optimizations (x6) to octree updates - now performs much better under heavy workloads
  • Massive optimizations to asteroid field animation updates (x3)
  • Previous frame matrix calculations for motion blur is now multithreaded (x3)
  • Planet’s procedurally generated terrain props is now multithreaded and should cause less hiccups when flying low over the terrain at high speeds (x3)
  • Optimized frustum culling algorithm (+20% speed)
  • Optimization to atmosphere updates
  • Fixed slowdowns when landed on planets and powering off in cockpit mode due to invalid IBL priority

Those optimizations fall in 3 categories:

  • Hiccups / having a more stable framerate: the game should now behave better for some players who experienced these strange issues. We’ve still indentified one additional source of major hiccups related to Windows’s message queue. This cannot be fixed in the current version, but we’ll come back on it later on.
  • Adding local multi-threading to some parts of the engine: those can easily double or triple performance, but only at a local ( sub-algorithmic ) level that was relatively fast to start with. Therefore those changes will mostly go unnoticable to most players.
  • Algorithmic improvements like culling / octree updates: those can bring massive speedups, but only in the heaviest scenarios, involving complex scenes.

Overall framerate improvement should be between +10% to +40%, depending on the scene. Here are some examples between the old version and, tested on an i7 6700K with an NVidia GTX 1070;:

Kupraxia ( ring ) station: 101 fps (before) vs 117 fps (after): +16%

Myron station: 87 fps (before) vs 101 fps (after): +16%

Arcadia station: 51 fps (before) vs 63 fps (after): +24% ( note that the station has windows now, so real number is probably closer to +30% )

Kallios station: 76 fps ( before ) vs 81 fps ( after): +6%

On a local test ( not public ) involving 40 space stations, framerate went from 25 fps ( before ) to 65 fps ( after ): +160%

20 Likes ( Saturday, 21 October 2017 )

Here we are. As you can see from the major branch version increase, we’ve jumped from 0.1.x to 0.2.x. This means a step closer to alpha. This patch is the first one to include all the technical work from the past months related to networking and refactoring the entire code to entity-component-systems ( ECS ).

Download link:

Now let’s see in details what that means:


The entire code has been refactored to use client-side prediction and server-side lag compensation. This means that it’s now possible to hit targets, even with 100-250 ms of ping. The previous builds were performing client-side prediction, but not lag compensation, so it was next to impossible to hit anything unless it was directly in front of you ( or coming torwards you in a straight line ). This is no longer an issue, at least for lower absolute velocities.

Due to the way networking works ( in general, not specifically for Battlescape ), you still get inaccuracies are higher absolute velocities. In addition, due to client side prediction, interpolation ( and visualization ) of other entities than you happens slightly in the past compared to you. So it’s possible for two players to experience a situation that is a bit different. The higher in absolute velocities, the higher this becomes noticeable, for example if you’re flying in formation / sync. Other games that perform client-side prediction all suffer from this issue, but unlike us they cap speeds to very low values, so it’s not noticeable.

I want to stress again that our implementation is perfectly functionnal and these issues shouldn’t be a problem in a typical game scenario or in battle, only in extreme circumstances. All games have the same limitations, which come from the networking model design itself, not its implementation. You can read more about it here:

An alternative networking model is to skip client-side prediction, like in World Of Tanks. This is only do-able if your entities are moving relatively slowly. This also means that when you hit a key ( like for turning your tank ), the client has to wait to receive the update from the server before it can display the change. In other words, the visible input lag depends on your ping. This is okay if you can guarantee that your players will always connect to a close server with < 50 ms of latency. This is not an okay model for players that have hundreds of ms of latency, or if entities are going to move pretty fast ( in Battlescape, this means it would be okay for capital ships for instance, but not for the interceptor ).

Overall the current networking implementation is pretty much complete. It’ll need a few tweaks here and there, tuning some parameters etc… but there’s currently no plan to make any significant reworking of the networking architecture.

Authoritative server and error correction

This new patch also moved away from the client to the server-authoritative model. Previously, clients were sending information about themselves ( such as position, orientation etc… ) and the server was trusting this data. This is no longer the case. Cheating is now impossible. The server is authoritative, which means that when the client and server disagree, the server has the last word, and the client gets “corrected”. Of course, it’s still possible to hack the client to ignore the error corrections sent by the server, but there would be a desync in the situations, and other players wouldn’t notice it, and would still be able to shoot at the hacking client. So for instance, hacks such as teleporting, increasing accelerations / speeds or similar, are by design impossible from now on.

Another benefit of running everything on the server side is that we were able to introduce bots controlled by the AI. More on that in a minute. We’ve also implemented collisions detection and physics on the server side, and stress tested various scenarios with a higher number of ships in a battle.

Bots / AI and large battles

In this version we’ve introduced experiment AI-controlled bots, that are flying around points of interest ( mostly space stations ) and attacking each other ( or attacking players ). They are killable, and some are pretty dangerous. Killing them will bring credits, which can in turn be used to upgrade to new ships.

The battlefield is controlled by what we call an “AI commander”. This commander controls the overall strategy of the game, chooses to spend some team credits in important battlefields and no others. It can also send reinforcements or scouts to isolated places, based on detection status / range. Finally, it assigns “missions” to players ( asking them to join a certain battlefield ), which at the moment is just for feedback / Information ( but later on, will bring credits bonuses ).

Due to the limited concurrent of players on the server, our current server ( located in US-East ) is pretty slow ( to keep our expenses down until as late as possible ). The virtual machine runs at 2 Ghz and has 3 GB of ram and slow HDs. We’re of course planning on upgrading it by the time release comes, however that means it currently underperforms a typical gaming machine by a factor of 5 ( in other words, its cpu computational power is 5 times lower than my own personal machine ). This puts a hard cap on the amount of bots + players the server can handle. This limit is currently set to around 120 bots/players.

The AI commander mostly concentrates on a single battle at a time ( although we’ve already seen occurances where 2-3 battles were occuring in different places ), which means it ipossible in this patch to experience a battle around a space station with 80+ ships. This number will increase once we optimize rendering and increase the server caps.

New control-scheme and radial menus

In this version we’ve introduced a new control scheme, based on the mouse cursor. It is similar to what you can experience in other modern space games, but we’ve balanced it in a way that should feel pretty good, especially for new players. The mouse location on screen determines the direction your ship tries to face. It turns slowere towards the center of the screen, and faster if you move your mouse on the periphery. The old “direct” control scheme is still available with the F4 key. The main advantage of the new control scheme is that you no longer need to roll your mouse over all the time during combat, which was putting a lot of pressure on your hands. It’s also more compatible with other game controllers / sticks.

Another new introduction are wheel-based menus. Hotkeys still exist, but now most ship systems can be found in those radial menus. Visual feedback is also part of these menus ( for example, you can see if a system is on or off, or damaged ). Three menus are currently available:

  • Ship systems ( V ): toggling power, warp, floodlights, auto-assist/reverse, and overcharging.

  • Weapons and formations ( X ): weapons are not functionnal yet, but here you can choose to chase a target, match its velocity etc…

  • and finally, the new Communications ( C ) menu which introduces voice-commands, to assign orders ( or request assistance ) to other players. An audio sound will get played ( and heard from distance ), as well as visual clues on the HUD.


  • Indicators have been reworked. Out-of-screen indicators are now displayed in a ring-like shape around the center of the screen ( WIP ). A shields bar has been added, next to the hitpoints bar. These meters also display the amount of points and recharge rate at their bottoms.

  • The new detection / sensors system is in, more about it in the next section. The current emissions range is displayed on the top-right as a little graph. Enabling / disabling various systems will affect your emissions range. It shows up as neutral green if you’re currently undetected, and red/orange if an enemy is detecting you.

  • We’ve also introduced various text areas for information / missions objectives, and a global chat ( press ENTER to toggle it ).

  • We’ve introduced a leaderboard showing score for players ( kills / deaths ) per team. It also shows the scores of offline players. Note that credits and scores are persistent, so even if you disconnect and come back later, you’ll retrieve your credits and stats.

Energy emissions / sensors

  • We’ve reworked the way detection works. Each entity now has a base range of emissions, which is the distance at which other ships with a standard sensor can see you on their HUD. This range starts at 200 Km for the interceptor, and increases for more massive ships ( capital ships can be seen at thousands of Km away ).

  • The emissions range is not a constant, but adapts dynamically to your ship systems / actions. Using warp will massively increase your emissions range. Powering your ship down, howerver, will massively reduce your emissions.

  • Each ship also has a sensor power, starting at 1.0. These values increase for more massive ships or space stations. They’re currently a static value, but we’re planning on making those upgradable in a future patch. The sensor power acts as a modifier to the emissions range of a target entity. Let’s take an example: I’m flying in an interceptor with an emission range of 200 Km. A enemy capital ship, far away from me, has a sensor power of 4.0. Therefore it will detect me as soon as I fly within a range distance of 200*4 = 800 Km.

  • This emissions range and sensor power system is asymmetrical. Detecting an entity doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s detecting you back. Stealth approaches are now possible.

  • A team shares knowledge about detected entities instantly, and without consideration of distances. If a teammate is a million Km away from me and suddenly detects an enemy ship incoming 100 Km away from him, I will get notified immediately by a new hostile indicator appearing on my HUD, next to where I see my teammate is.

  • For this reason, it might be hard to locate other players that are far away when they’re in an enemy team and undetected. This is on purpose. If you want to test combat with other enemy players, use global chat to set a rendez-vous location.

  • In the future, this detection system will be key to making sneaky attacks on land bases / factories before the enemy team can call for reinforcements. We are hoping it will also make scouting / exploring on planets a viable activity, for players that do not wish to participate into massive combat, but want a more relaxed experience while avoiding fights.

Capital ships

  • Capital ships placeholders are now available to players ( and bots in battles ). At the moment they use the target-based control scheme, however in the future controls for capital ships will get better adapted.

  • Flying capital ships in atmospheres is possible but might be a bit tricky. Their vertical anti-gravity thrusters are pretty weak, and be aware that escaping some planets ( depending on their gravity or atmospheric density ) might be impossible.

  • Capital ships currently fire like small ships, in the forward direction only. It is possible to aim at and destroy other capital ships, however aiming at smaller faster ships is next to impossible, unless by accident. Obviously, this will be changed once we introduce auto-aiming turrets, targets selected and more weapon types in a future patch.

  • Capital ships spawn at docks around various space stations

  • The carrier will eventually act as a spawning point for players, but it is not implemented yet.


  • Atmospheric colors have been tweaked for many planets. The earth-like Sarake planet atmosphere is now blue.

  • The volcanic planet Cinder has received a desert sand-type layer for more color contrasts / variation as seen from space ( or ground ).

  • Gas giant Rethe Prime’s cloud layers have been tweaked and improvement, they’re now far less noisy / sparkly

  • A new planet has been introduced: Semny, an icy planet, my new personnal favorite one. Look up for nice reflections on the ice at sunset or night side :slight_smile:

  • A giant asteroid, Gallia, has been added in orbit of Rethe prime. It doesn’t have an atmosphere. It will challenge your sense of scale, as it’ll feel pretty small, until you get closer to it. This asteroid actually has a mean radius of around 400 Km and a potatoe shape.


  • The destroyer’s geometry pass is around half way done. The shape of the ship is close to final, but the details and the bridge are still a WIP.

  • The cruiser and carrier’s are low-poly placeholders and currently look horrible - just ignore them for now :slight_smile:

  • None of the ships ( including the small ones ) have had their texturing pass done yet. We’ve added a generic painting layer for the smaller ships though. This painting color is currently set to the team’s colors ( red / green / blue ), but code for customizing painting colors or material is already done - we just lack the UI for players to customize these -.

  • We’ve introduced the space-whale and the asteroid bobbleheads in the cockpits. Those are currently randomized, and not tied to your KS rewards yet.

  • Added placeholder for turrets on capital ships. The source of fire is still the center of the hardpoint though.

  • Space stations have received a new modeling detailing pass, as well as the first round of materials and textures. None of them but an experimental one have received their lights. Arcadia is the only station to have its windows / emissive pass.

  • The asteroid rings have been disabled in this build but will be reintroduced in a later patch.

  • Similarly, the old factories / bases have been disabled too. Art completion is underway for those and we are hoping to reintroduce them soon ( with static defenses ).

  • Props ( trees etc… ) have been disabled for planets. Will get reintroduced in a later patch with a higher density once we optimize them.

Bug fixes

  • This new version has for the most part, been completely rewritten. As a result, a lot of bugs might have appeared ( or re-appeared ).

  • Performance in battles scales a lot better thanks to our rendering and networking improvements. A few dozens ships battle shouldn’t stress out your framerate too much. Large battles will of course impact your framerate, but I can still reach 60-100 fps in 2.5K with 100-200 ships in the battle with a gaming computer. You’ll probably need a GTX 1080 in 4K to sustain 60+ fps, though.

  • We’ve fixed a couple of old-standing crash bugs

  • We’ve also fixed the problem in the old builds where performance was slowly degrading over time.


  • This patch also introduces a new camera system and effects.

  • It is now possible to look around your ship freely in third-person mode, or zoom in/out.

  • The HUD has 3 selection levels, off, exploration (default) and combat. In the combat mode, the only indicator visible is the one about your selected target, making the screen a lot more readable.

  • A debug menu is available on F10. You can toggle your frame stats ( framerate, bandwidth etc… ) here. Be careful not to disable error correction, or your client might end up in a desync state compared to the server’s.

  • The escape key no longer instantly exits the game. Instead it opens up a new radial menu which allows you to select the ship you want at respawn or to suicide.

  • Each ship has different credits costs. Kill enemies to get more credits to afford the bigger, capital ships. It is currently balanced to avoid grinding to be able to reach these ship categories with few kills, to make it easier to test.

  • Be careful, exiting the game is done through the left-most option of this menu - I know a few people have still been doing it by accident :wink:

14 Likes ( Monday, 23 October 2017 )

A minor patch addressing a few issues from the previously released one:

  • Fixed crashes related to projectiles in battles - the game should now be relatively stable.

  • Fixed AI bots getting stuck into stations

  • Fixed AI capital ships standing in front of each other outside firing range, forever.

  • Fixed various issues with NPC voice chat spam

14 Likes ( Sunday, 05 November 2017 )

This patch introduces military land bases and gimbal weapons / auto-turrets. Unfortunately it also seems a lot more unstable, so expect a patchfix soon !


  • this version has a client crash whenever another player is in range and selecting something. Conclusion: don’t get in range with other players

  • this version will also most likely crash when pressing the M key - beware, especially if trying to chat

Download link:

Land bases

  • Land bases have been added, they’re now available in various locations around planets / moons of Rethe Prime.

  • They’re all called “Factor 1” in game - forgot to set the name properly. They’re also lacking a polish pass on their properties, will do that later this week.

  • The smoke industrial effect on top of some modules isn’t correctly affected by daylight, so expect it to look white even at sunset, or bright even in the night side on a planet. Will also get addressed later :slight_smile:


  • Introduced gimbal weapons. Small weapons have a little bit of degrees of freedom - around 1 degree for the interceptor at the moment

  • Added auto-aiming turrets, which you can test on the corvette and capital ships

  • Currently this is a very very rough implementation, there’s no targets prioritizing, the weapons will all aim at the currently selected target

  • When a target is out-of-reach by a weapon, or not well aligned, the weapon will not fire, even if you press the fire button; this is normal behavior

  • However one downside is that for gimbal weapons, like on the interceptor, it’s no longer possible to aim at an offset from the center of the target (especially if that target is huge on screen), the weapon will not fire. While this is not a bug, this is only a temporary effect, and will get addressed in a future update.

  • Each weapon / turret aim-at direction is represented by a small dot on the HUD

  • Added energy cooldown for NPC AI bots, they should no longer fire without ever running out of energy. They’re still pretty bruttal (especially in this patch with the gimbal weapons), so difficulity will probably be reviewed soon too.


  • Turbo boost now increases maximum turn rate of all ships by +25%

  • Interceptor turn speed increased from 1.0 to 1.25

  • Interceptor linear thrust increased by 5 to 10%

  • Interceptor angular thrust increased by 50% (for yaw only)


  • Active players are now displayed on top of the leaderboard

  • Indicator bleep in/out sounds only happen when the actor is within a 1000 Km radius now. No more bleep spam from battles a million Kms away.

  • Target direction indicators around screen center are now using a filled color to be more easily readable, and are smaller

  • Planet name is now displayed in addition to point-of-interest name in the mission objective window

  • Fixed a small issue that could display 0 for hitpoints on HUD, yet the ship hasn’t died yet (HP might equal 0.7, but HUD was rounding it at 0 instead of 1)


  • Since all ships are now much more effective at killing / focusing an enemy, balance is totally off. Ships will probably get a huge boost in survivability later this week.

  • New explosion effect: replace the old “fire” explosion with the Kickstarter’s plasma explosion. It looks a bit too dim, and pretty ugly for large explosions / capital ships. Need more feedback from players.

  • Fixed incorrect interpolation glitch with camera system, wasn’t always taking the shortest route angle when being reset

  • Updates to AI commander, now sending multiple scout ships at once if has enough credits. Revamped credits timing a bit too.

  • Fixed some forgotten experimental code that disabled entities rejection in the distance when too small on screen. This optimization is now back in.

Bug fixes

  • Air speed friction effect and sound are now matching better

  • Fixed incorrect selection targetting (using hidden mouse cursor) in direct control scheme. Now uses ship center.

  • Fixed a crash when you were loading a ship that doesn’t have any hardpoints

19 Likes ( Thursday, 09 November 2017 )

This is an intermediate patch right before our alpha play-test week-end tomorrow ! As such, it contains a bunch of fixes ( including the crash bugs hotfix from last version ) and improvements. A new version with more polishing and tweaks will be released tomororw, so I would suggest to only download patch if your connection is fast and don’t mind to have to re-download another patch tomorrow :slight_smile:

Still it would be helpful if a couple people could download this patch and test that the crashes from the previous version have disappeared, prior to making the game public tomorrow. They typically happened when players were in close range and selecting targets ( NPCs or players ), especially related to this target dies. As usual, if you experience any crash, please report to the forums with the entire log file, thank you !

Download link:


  • Massive bandwidth optimizations. I realized recently that static actors ( planets, bases, stations… ) generated as much bandwidth as dynamic actors like ships. This should now be fixed. In theory if you’re alone you should experience around 1 to 2 KB of download bandwidth.

  • Optimized error correction. Server snapshots validation rate has been reduced, which further reduced bandwidth. Client only applies error correction to the latest server snapshot, which could in some scenarios prevent the client from falling into a freeze.


  • Assigned proper names to land bases ( they were all incorrectly called Factory_1 )

  • Added caching for actors. This increases the loading time, but should prevent the multiple-seconds freezes when coming in range of a point of interest. Note that it uses a lot more video-ram. I enabled mesh/textures caching only in video quality ( set in the launcher settings dialog ) High and Extreme. Physics caching does not consume video-ram, therefore it is always enabled.

  • Optimized collisions on the server side, which should reduce a bit the load and prevent it from “teleporting” players around when exceeding its cpu limits.

Assets and visuals

  • Replace “blood frame” texture ( when hit by an enemy ) with a smoother version.

  • Reverted explosions to the previous patch’s “fire” effect

  • Tweaked windows emissive texture intensities on land base and Arcadia station

Stats and balance tweaks

  • Added energy recharge rate setting. Previously it was a constant always set to 5% of the max energy points. It is now tweakable per ship.

  • Added tactical behavior to bots AI. They can now alternate between three modes: “keep distance from target” ( this was the only one in previous versions ), “cross and turn around”, and “flee from target” ( happens when the bot is low on hitpoints and shields ).

  • Adjusted AI difficulty with more randomization. They should no longer kill you that easily :slight_smile:

  • Reverted Interceptor to fixed weapon with no gimbal.

  • Added 50% more energy to interceptor. Also added a fair amount of energy to bomber and corvette.

  • Added more hitpoints and shields to corvette and capital ships, increasing their survivability.

  • Tweaked some weapons stats; light turrets ( on capital ships ) have a faster projectile speed. Reduced energy consumption on corvette turrets. Adjusted firing cone limitation for all weapons and for AI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes related to target selection

  • Fixed a crash related to an actor dying when a player had it selected

  • Fixed display origin of muzzles and lights when firing with weapons

  • Fixed a small issue that prevented the “closest” ( key: G ) selection to work as intended. I still need to do quite a bit of work on this, as it should select in priority the target that’s the largest threat and not necessarily the absolute nearest. But that will come later.


Installation Runtime

  • Bug fix for deleting files on Windows 7
  • Numerous improvements to logging
  • Additional fixes for elevated installation
  • Added the ability to detect if the system is pending reboot


  • Updated installation runtime
  • The launcher can now display the patch notes for the latest release of Infinity: Battlescape (thus far @INovaeFlavien hasn’t been writing any)
  • Updated the embedded chromium we use for web login. This seems to fix the problem with 2-factor Google logins that use SMS. It also fixes a number of other issues.
12 Likes ( Friday, 10 November 2017 )

The alpha play-test week-end is starting today 10 November at 20:00 GMT and will end around the same time on Monday 13 November. Pease keep in mind we’re still in pre-alpha and that you might encounter technical issues, framerate drop or server crashes. We’ll be working diligently all week-end long in order to address these issues are they come.

For all issues pertaining to the installer / patcher or access rights to the play-test ( make sure you’ve pledged at the alpha backer level or above ), please contact INovaeKeith by private-message on the forums:

For in-game issues, crash reports or gameplay feedback, feel free to contact INovaeFlavien by PM on the forums.

Alternatively, you can post your feedback in the appropriate threads on the forums ( we’ll read everything, although with a bit of delays due to the busy week-end ) or send us an e-mail at: contact (at)

Thanks everybody for your participation and support. We hope you’ll enjoy this test week-end and look forward to hearing from you !


  • This patch introduces factories on various planets. At the moment there’s only 3 layouts, located on Sarake (Earth-like planet), Aresthia (Mars-like planet) and Semnoz (Ice planet).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a small bug that prevented active players from being displayed at the top of the leaderboard

  • Fixed a stats bug with the kill count when it went negative

Balance and tweaks

  • Added a new gimbal weapon with 4 degrees of freedom to the bomber

  • Revamped AA light turrets on all capital ships. Destroyer should now be a lot more deadly towards enemy interceptors

  • Increased warp coefficient by a factor of x2. Added back a bit of strafing while in warp. Still not happy with the warp overall, will get reworked in the coming weeks

  • Decreased credits given after killing an enemy and revamped credits costs for all ships - they should now be more difficult to obtain and will require you to be more focused and careful

Other improvements

  • Target warp is reset when entering warp, which should prevent players from accidentely getting out of warp as the warp drive is engaging

  • Replaced old loading splash screen

  • Updated lights on various station assets

  • Critical hull damage is now temporary. The little explosions should stop after 10 seconds, assuming you’re not getting hit anymore. Getting hit resets the “repair” timer

  • Added a global info message when a player kills another player

17 Likes ( Sunday, 25 Feburary 2018 )

This patch introduces the new weapons systems and damage model. In-depth explanations about weapons can be found in the following post:

… therefore, this patch note will simply be a summary.


  • Introduced hardpoint groups and the ability to switch or toggle on/off groups in the weapons radial menu
  • Introduced ammo per weapon
  • Introduced new damage model: kinetic and energetic damage; shields absorb kinetic damage, while armor absorbs energetic damage. To maximize damage, use energetic weapons to destroy shields, then kinetic weapons to destroy hull arrmor
  • Introduced weapons locking system ( used for missiles )
  • Introduced missiles and torpedoes. Missiles explode on direct contact, or detonate on proximity after a timer
  • Added safety lock mechanism that can be toggled on/off, to force missile launch without a lock
  • Projectiles are now properly synchronized with the server ( previously, they were client generated and could sometimes mismatch )
  • Added various weapon parameters, ex.: weapon accuracy / spread angle, ammo usage
  • Added multiple lead reticles on HUD matching weapon groups
  • Damaged shields ( reaching zero points ) now stay broken, but repair automatically after 30 seconds if not hit

Bug fixes

  • Fixed server crash bug when a station got destroyed by NPC capital ships, over hours of shooting (yes, that’s possible)
  • Fixed memory corruption bug leading to rare, but random crashes
  • Fixed a bug related to sounds auto-deleting themselves after they complete playing
  • Fixed various crash bugs in the particles editor
  • Fixed a scaling bug in particle systems
  • Fixed a major bug in auto-aiming turrets tracking, which prevented turrets from correctly rotating by 360° - they would get stuck at 180° sometimes
  • Fixed view angle when resetting third-person camera to default view

Balance and tweaks

  • All weapons parameters were tweaked due to the heavy changes introduced by the new patch
  • Ships mobility ( physical parameters ) haven’t been changed, but hitpoints on the interceptor was halved
  • Tweaked dying / death explosions effects and timings
  • Added world-space location to camera vibration effects - now the camera only vibrates when close to the vibration source. This also fixed the crazy vibrations when firing weapons in third-person mode.
  • Added a shield icon on top of the selected target on HUD, when the target has its shields up


  • Added final version of destroyer geometry
  • Added near-final version of cruiser geometry
  • New explosion effects, one for small ships, one for capital ships
  • New sounds ( firing missiles, locking, incoming missile threat, hangar ambience loop, etc… )
  • New placeholder visual effects ( smoke when damaged, missile trails, blaster fx )
  • New HUD icons ( weapon types, ammo, etc… )

Misc improvements

  • Minor performance improvements in the way entity components are retrieved all over the code
  • Added clamp to 0.75 to network time interpolator, to avoid “teleporting” actors around when a desync happens
  • Added a cooking exclusion flag to the editor, which avoids including redundant planetary textures into the build - this is the reason why this patch is 700 MB lighter, despite having more content than the previous one

New cruiser geometry in patch

12 Likes ( Sunday, 4 March 2018 )

This patch iterates on the previously released major version which introduced the new weapons system.


  • Modified missiles behavior: will now enter detonation mode within a threshold distance, no longer related to a timer. The missile will try to close the distance to the target but if that distance starts to increase the missile explodes.
  • Added critical hit for weapons systems - these can now be broken like other ships systems. Will repair automatically over time.
  • Improved missiles interception AI
  • Some weapons can now lock on another weapon group’s reticle - for missiles, this now means the primary reticle is used for locking
  • Visual tweaks to armor, shields, speed and energy bars - now moved closer to the screen center as a curved arc meter
  • Reticles are now smaller and more transparent unless locked or firing, which should make it easier for new players to aim or see which reticle corresponds to which weapon group

Bug fixes

  • Weapons lock is now disabled in warp
  • Missiles lock now have a maximum distance (50 Km) - can no longer target a planet or far away station
  • Missiles no longer kill each other due to explosion splash damage
  • HUD no longer shows reticles for weapons that have no reticles
  • Weapons/missile launchers cannot lock anymore if there’s no ammo left to fire

Balance and tweaks

  • Increased bounding box size and thrust parameters for missiles
  • Tweaked muzzle and projectile lights to improve performance in certain scenarios
  • Made angular thrust and turn rates more asymmetric on most ships besides the interceptor. Pitch is now slightly stronger and yaw slightly weaker.
  • Revamped propulsion overcharge: now gives more boost to the side thrusters (+100%) than the main thrusters (“only” +50%)
  • Turbo boosting is now incompatible with (but takes priority over) propulsion overcharge
  • Turbo boosting no longer provides a constant boost over time; the boost is now slightly higher when the booster is engaged, and decreases a bit over time
  • Auto-aiming turrets no longer fire when the target is out of the firing cone
  • Improvements to bots AI: closer separation distance, more variation in flight tactics, improved accuracy etc…
  • Tweaked projectile effects size (especially for blasters, that looked too long)


  • Removed annoying “locked” buzz sound; replaced by a target-acquired and target-lost sound
  • Artistic tweaks to the capital ships explosion effect
  • More tweaks to dying/death explosion effects, the interceptor’s or missile’s should now be more visible

Misc improvements

  • Removed some debug code that spammed some non-critical information to the log file
  • Added additional check for stuck bots - after a time, they will now explode / disappear from the server
  • Added multithreading to particle systems simulation updates
9 Likes ( Friday, 9 March 2018 )

Alpha play-test week-end

Welcome to the latest alpha play-test week-end. We’d like to remind you that we’ll be hosting two community events during this week-end:

You can join our public Discord here:

If you have any trouble installing or running the game, feel free to post or leave us a message on our forums:

Finally, one of our artists, Dan Hutchings, will be streaming in our youtube channel ( ).

And remember, this is a pre-alpha, so it still looks bare-bones (untextured ships, placeholder effects…). Expect issues, but most importantly: have fun !

We’re hoping to see you in game,

-The I-Novae Studios team


  • First iteration of warp drive updates
  • Experimental: Added max turn/rotation rate based on absolute speed
  • Added automatic warping when reaching speeds of 2 Km/sec
  • Entering warp now requires the ship to be aligned with its velocity vector (and have low or zero angular velocity)
  • Warping is interrupted when taking damage or colliding objects
  • The ship now loses controls temporarily during the warping warmup sequence
  • Propulsion overchage can no longer be cumulated with warp
  • Randomized initial spawn location when entering the game for the first time (note: can also spawn at neutral bases)
  • Locked weapon targets are now instantly lost when the player switches to another target
  • Added spawn locations in military base hangar’s on planets (up to corvette-sized)


  • Tweaked lead reticles transparency; they now alternative between 3 states (dim, normal and highlighted) based on firing states
  • Lead reticles are also now a little big bigger
  • Locked weapons are no longer displayed as red in the weapons group on the HUD. They now get a “locked” warning text next to them
  • Broken or unavailable weapon groups are now displayed as red
  • Experimental: showing actual team colors for indicators to help with team awareness
  • Turrets “aim-at” dots projected movement is now smoothed
  • Experimental: Revamped displayed targets in exploration versus combat HUD. This should make the HUD less cluttered, and hopefully combat HUD viable
  • Note that combat HUD doesn’t show threats yet (incoming missiles or enemies targetting you) - this will come in a future patch
  • Added player name and team color to the HUD (top-right corner), only in cockpit and exploration mode
  • Added warp exit speed next to the speed meter
  • Added automatic HUD mode: switches between exploration and combat, based on the presence of enemies within a 20 Km radius
  • Note that the game still defaults to manual exploration mode - press F3 to cycle between modes
  • Fixed altitude and maximum air speed indicators near the speed meter

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with damage model: previously, broken weapons could still fire
  • Fixed a major crash bug when selecting a far-away target
  • Tentative fix for OpenAL infrequent crashes
  • Fixed ambient sounds (like spawning hangar’s) being loud and annoying while still on the loading screen
  • Missiles splash damage should now be counted towards kills/stats/getting credits
  • Fixed a bug with warp warmup sound continuying after warp gets interrupted

AI commander

  • Massive improvements to AI commander: it now has the ability to start battles over ground bases/installations
  • Better management of team resources/credits
  • Overall, this update should make the battlefields a lot more fluid and dynamic
  • Team credits are now split into 3 pools (scouting, battle and for-players)
  • Added an admin command to show bots statistics
  • Revamped warp-in algorithm for bots, to make them look like they come from a close base
  • Warp-in algorithm now takes into account planets curvature/horizon and avoids to spawn bots underground
    *¨Tweaked attack priorities for capital ships versus bombers



  • Added music director: a system that plays music tracks contextually (space versus planets ambiences versus battle action tracks)
  • Added a way to toggle the music in game (F9 debug/options menu)
  • Added a slider in the game launcher dialog to change the music volume (defaults to 30%)
  • Note that music selections can be modded by editing the Music.xml config file in the game’s data folder
  • Removed voice-chat random spam from bots
11 Likes ( Saturday, 24 March 2018 )

This patch introduces many performance tweaks, AI improvements (especially related to planetary battles) and new battle locations. Also includes many tweaks to warp mechanics to make it more reliable / easy to activate.


  • Warp improvements: emergency warp out was severely nerfed, now only happens when getting armor damage

  • Fixed target warp speed that could be under minimum warp speed accidentely set by the player and which cancelled warp as soon as it engaged

  • Warp speed can now be modified while in warmup phase

  • Default warp speed is always set to 50.0 km/s upon initiating warp

  • Warp is now interrupted upon collision not just in warmup, but also after warp is engaged

  • Warp is now interrupted upon more than 10% damage or any amounts of damage in warmup

  • Warp now automatically repairs after 30 seconds of no damage

  • Minimum warp speed increased to 500 m/s

  • Removed energy requirement to enter warp

  • Warp conditions are only checked upon initating warmup, not once the drive is engaged. This change should make the warp drive a lot more reliable and not fail accidentely all the time

  • Side thrust is now disabled in warp warmup but main target thrust is maintained

  • Warp exit speed no longer equals entry speed; it is now set to a constant of 500 m/s

  • Introduced smoothing and randomization to anti-gravity vector generation, which should make the ship feel more like it’s hovering over the planet

  • Anti-gravity model physics updated: all thrusters can generate an anti-gravity force excepting the top thrusters, which should prevent the ship from flying upside-down in flight-assist mode off

  • Introduced maximum turn speed limit (assuming the flight assist is not damaged) to prevent infinite turn rates

  • Introduced maximum angular velocity upon collisions (note: the value is set pretty high)

HUD / input

  • Fixed selected target loss when actor transitionned to an indicator
  • Minor fixes to text localization that wasn’t utilizing UTF-8 in the UI
  • Setting target speed now shows a decimal value in the UI message, instead of being rounded to integer (ex.: 2.5 km/s appeared as 2 km/s )
  • Modified HUD graduations on the speed bar and shields to match the number of target speed level
  • Target speed number is now displayed on HUD above the current speed
  • Added next / previous target speed cycling input events
  • Added a cycle / switch team option in the escape menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed collisions for missiles/torpedoes: they will now explode on direct contact with a planet or structure
  • Fixed Eupraxia (ring) station around Rethe Prime) respawn death loop for capital ships
  • Fixed camera orientation / smoothing that wasn’t reset upon dying and respawning
  • Fixed new players very likely to be starting in the blue team. Probabilities are now equal for all teams

AI commander

  • Introduced ship quotas per battle. This means that lesser important points of interests will generate smaller battles than highly strategic ones
  • Introduced limits to how many bots can gang up on a single target
  • Destinations under planet surface are now ignored (example: during a warp out to a station that’s on the other side of the planet…)
  • Commander can now transfer battle credits into scouting credits and vice versa, if the credits are unbalanced
  • Intoduced atmospheric flight conditions to AI component: max air speed, min flight altitude, keeping orientation towards horizon…
  • Inreased probability for AI to launch missiles
  • Introduced warp in/out checks for AI (to avoid spawning/arriving inside a planet)
  • Revamped target attack priorities / threat levels for AI. This should change the flow of battles quite a lot.
  • Fixed a bug with AI warp out on planets: it was not aiming at the sky
  • Reduced timer on stuck bots check
  • AI commander now uses target / destination position to form battle clusters
  • Fixed major bug when establishing ships quotas per cluster. Previously, quotas were not respected
  • Lowered AI scouting frequencies, to avoid re-igniting finishing battles

Assets, visual effects, performance

  • New sound effect for heavy blasters on capital ships
  • Updated two space station modules with improved geometric details and texturing
  • Anti-gravity now properly makes the side thrusters effect fire
  • Tweaked contrails and damage smoke effects for quality and improved performance, especially on planets;
  • Revamped wind grid and dust/cloud effects in atmospheres
  • Gas giant now utilizes wind grid and dust effect as a cheap “volumetric” effect
  • Various parameters in the wind grid are now read from config files insteaed of being hardcoded
  • Planets now make better use of the dust effect: “sand” storms on Aresthia, “ash” storms on Cinder, etc… Note that the field density is pseudo-randomized, so there might be locations without dust and locations with a highly dense storm
  • Also please note that wind currently does not affect the flight model - this will get reintroduced in a future patch
  • Dying explosions effect is now attached to the parent actor (previously it simply spawned with the same velocity, but the actor could change orientation or velocity and it wouldn’t properly follow it)
  • Reviewed parameters and massive performance improvement for station module lights
  • Reviewed and made coherent energy emissions and sensor power for various actors
  • Lights / emissive intensities tweaks for ship thrusters
  • Performance / quality tweaks for lights on ship hulls


  • Added Gemini floating station in atmosphere of Rethe Prime (the Gas giant) - a nice new place to visit :slight_smile:
  • Added Ackor space station orbitting Semnoz (the Icy planet)
  • Added 3 new station outposts to the solar system
  • Added 5 new factories to various planet surfaces
  • Revamped team owners for each location, to make teams more balanced in factory/bases/stations types and numbers


  • Added a public/test command called “/ghost” (to type in chat) so that AI is not agressive towards you
  • Added a command to show the position coordinates of the player: “/position”
  • Lowered network range threshold: it was set too high by default and caused too many entitie to be sent through the network


  • Introduced priority system to audio module. Musics now have a higher priority (at equal volume) than 3D sounds. This should avoid hearing the music being “cut” during explosion/damage-heavy scenes
  • Added more debug code for a certain OpenAL crash
  • Reduced Destroyer’s max energy pool