Patch 0.2+ - Feedback thread


I’m so hyped to get into this. This is the earliest I’ve woken up on a Sunday for ages :stuck_out_tongue: Downloading patch… expect feedback later today…!


@inovaekeith the launcher is asking me for my Google username and password every time it’s started, regardless if I select “keep me logged in on this computer”, it’s annoying, especially since I use two factor authentication and need to go through the whole process every time the launcher is opened.

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Very much this.


I don’t know if this is more to do with the atmospheric flight model or the planetary collision detection, but I don’t ever seem to automatically come out of warp when entering a moon’s atmosphere. I can fly all the way to the ground well below 500 m/s without any of the resistance/shaking of the previous model.

Also, not specific to this patch, but I think I’d like a toggle for automatic warp adjustment when nearing a body. If I have to get from A to B and Rethe Prime is in the way, I have to give it a really wide berth to not have it cripple my speed. I’d rather be able to use it to my advantage and slingshot around it.


@AusQB: warp ( and auto-assist in general ) by default limits your speed to the maximum air speed. If you manually override your main thrusters ( forward/backward ) you can exceed the limit ( you’ll then get the shaking and damage ).

This also works in warp. Warp by default is “safe”, but if you like to take risks you can go much faster. Forward/backward override the warp speed when warping, too.


Some initial impressions:

  • I am loving all the work on the HUD and UI. The radial menus especially are very good. I also like how the icons cluster around the edges of the forward-HUD, rather than the screen - it’s much cleaner.

  • The new additions are looking really nice! Gallia particularly shall be my new home I think :smiley:

  • I like the new control scheme more than I thought I would. It doesn’t limit the feeling of drift you get with Newtonian flight at all, whilst providing easier mouse control.

  • Bobble heads! Soooo cute!

  • Yay free external camera! I love that it can provide us with cinematic shots, but that it also bobs and weaves a lot which encourages cockpit-view for proper flying.

  • I’m not sure I like the changes to warp. (I know it’s still WIP). It seems to take longer now to accelerate to reasonable warp speeds, and to decelerate again. Also, the vector will track quite well to the direction you’re pointing up to a certain speed, but after that you seem to rapidly lose all directional control and can wildly overshoot. I’m not sure if this is better or worse than the old smacking into planets too quickly!

  • Although I like the new control scheme, the mouse control icon on the HUD definitely needs to be better. It’s confusing to look at when you’re trying to put an enemy in your crosshair and you can’t remember which is which.

  • Perhaps an automatic centering for the mouse when left near the middle of the screen? I don’t like how the ship slowly turns if it’s not exactly in the middle. Only have this when the mouse is near the centre though, not for more assertive turning.

  • Lastly, this message:
    The grammar-police in me wishes to point out it’s either 1 full stop, or 3. Never 2! . or … please!

I shall add more at some point! I will be testing quite a bit (on and off) this week :slight_smile:


Weekly Update #85

The game keeps crashing for me (logs:
Also the x360 controller doesn’t work properly (profile gamepad 1 or 2), I can only get the radial menus with X, Y A, B but I need the mouse to select anything and the left stick allows me to strafe forward, backwards, left, right and everything else doesn’t do anything… It’s been a while since I played but it worked ok at the time.
Any pointers to set it up properly?


I’m working on the crashes today, hopefully I’ll have a fix soon.

As for the gamepad controllers, I haven’t tested them in a while. I’m not surprised they’re not working with the radial menus. You should probably stick to mouse & keyboard for now, I’ll revisit the controllers when the dust settles in a week or two.


Fine, but its very awkward to use the keyboard when it has a bépo layout…


You can edit / remap the keys in the profile directory, in your documents folder ( C:\Users\Flavien5\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles ). Must use a text editor and edit the XML file manually though.

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I tried that but it is not straightforward, it crashed the game (maybe due to the " key that I tried to escape with a backstroke, or the dead caret one).

Edit: Like on the azerty profile, keeping the numbers for target speed works, so no need to bother with the double quote key. However, the “É”, “È”, “À” and “.” keys don’t work. I elected to ignore the caret.
Also how can I use the directional arrows and begin/end keys?


Getting many crashes, generally near-instant with anything but the interceptor.


  • Spawning inside the station, behind the hangar wall and cannot get out
  • Warp is a bit awkward to use: no dedicated warp button, keeping initial velocity when dropping out of the warp is weird
    (sudden jump from ~0 to 2km/s…), adding inertia to warp can make reaching a target awkward
  • Interceptors could still be a bit more agile
  • The asteroid looks a bit meh
  • For some reason, direct control is sluggish as hell and practically unusable to me
  • F4 for switching between target and direct control is a bit too far
  • A button to switch auto-assist would be nice
  • An alternate key to zoom than mmb would be nice, it is always the first thing to degrade on any mouse I’ve had
  • (Button-related problems aren’t critical, as they can be changed anyway)

But otherwise, this is a very nice update. Stations look better, the new ice planet is a great addition, the gas giant has a better colour palette, and I wish I could try the capital ships!


I found this to begin with. If you increase the Mouse Sensitivity slider on the launcher to maximum, it makes it better. However, then the other control method becomes super-sensitive. So pick one!


For anyone wanting to put flight assist on spacebar instead of reverse

C:\Users<username>\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles
(where <username> is your folder username)

edit the appropriate xml file (ex: Qwerty.xml)


<Input Event = "ToggleReverseFlight" Keys = "Space" />

<Input Event = "ToggleAutoAssist" Keys = "Space" />


Best to make a copy as the original file is liable to be overwritten by updates.


Some UI feedback (nothing new though):

  • I have little situational awareness ingame, it is difficult to understand a target’s relative velocity (beyond the approaching speed, which is not very graphical).

  • The selected target doesn’t stand out when off-screen, is there an arrow to point at it somewhere?

  • Also, I agree with Sab1e, the mouse control icon is a bit confusing.

  • We need a hierarchical overview of the system, with planets, their moons, their stations and bases, and the ships located there (that we know of). Currently we just aim blindly at a bunch of icons cobbled together…

  • It is also difficult to know where something is in relation to something else (is the station on this side of the moon? On another one?). We can compare distances but it is not intuitive enough.

  • Chat messages fade off quickly, while orders remains. Is it intended? Also, do NPCs respond to orders?

Also, firing on enemy cruisers is considered friendly fire, and ship selection doesn’t work (I always get an interceptor).
I am already missing ground bases :slight_smile: .

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Misc gameplay feedback other people havent mentioned yet:
gun convergence might be nice (depending on the range of what you have targetted) for non-turret interceptor vs interceptor fights. if not, it’s fine to just shoot with one gun at a time.

Warp Seems odd, it can either drop you out slower than you were in warp or faster. Drop out of warp too close to something and warp can propel you forward into that thing unexpectedly.

Sane and i did some testing, we found some pretty odd results with hit detection/hitboxes at speeds over 2km/s, they seem to be over a wide area and have gaps. the desync gets pretty significant at higher absolute speeds too, though i guess that can be expected. The best way to explain the issues we were having is for me to post the video i recorded of the issues:


My first ever cap ship kill in This took at least 10 mins of constant circle strafing :stuck_out_tongue: Edit: direct link


Was that a mosquito we see, trying to shoot you but not getting the mark ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah the AI don’t really handle strafing targets very well :stuck_out_tongue: He barely landed a single shot on me the entire time.

Another one from the end of the night. Cue Flight of the Valkyries.