Patch 0.2+ - Feedback thread

What mappings did you set in your profile?

Have a Thrustmaster T16000 M. Tried all four settings.

Don’t know how to use the input detection tool. :sleepy:

You have selected the right Controller on the game start screen. Right?

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Right click, open as administrator.
Select your input in one of the drop down menus.
Xinput or another, depending on your stick, it should show up there.
Press the test button, press stick or move axis.
The tool will then show the detected input in its correct name.
You must also choose the right input setting under the profile setting in the game launcher.

You need to create an XML file in the Documents/I-Novae Studios/Battlescape/Profiles directory (or something like that) which maps the controller axis to analog input events.

Have a look here: Hotas/Joystick controls feedback thread

Ran as administrator and selected T16000 M but nothing happening

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Thank hrobertson but XML PML it’s all the same to me. Too many bad experience going into files. lol.

I just discovered a problem spawning as cruiser/carrier at Euraxia station (the one above the gas giant). Not sure exactly what was causing it (I suspect geometry collision on spawning).

As soon as I spawned as either of those ships, I started spinning and died immediately. After a few tries, it allowed me to spawn at one of the points on the station only. The others spawn points kill your capital ship!

I have found the energy management quite effective on capitals (though I regret the lack of boost, but I think I noticed it only because turrets are fixed ATM), the difference between boost to shields, engines or weapons is quite noticeable and satisfying.
I didn’t really test it on lighter ships because I was content with weapons boost and strafe-dodging shots.

Ok first flight with default mapping:

“Target” Control modes max rotational speed is muuuuch too low. Remove max rotational speed altogether or increase it. Max acceleration is alright but max speed isn’t in my opinion. If a ship does 10 rotations a second apply damage to it if you don’t want people to do it.

Scroll wheel to controll target speed is bugged. Looks like it does not register all the triggers of the wheel. Also I find it quite unusable with its current “steps” on the target speed range. I prefer the mouse wheel over multiple buttons.

Visuals and sounds. I agree with all the praise.
We shouldn’t hear enemy shoutouts though … would really cut down on the clutter.
I like the added/increased movement of the camera in cockpit.
I don’t so much like the art direction of the “hit” bloodyscreen. I like that it’s in the periphery but something more hud/tech like would be more fitting in my oppinion.

Need to play more with warp to judge it. I would like a way to disable emergency cutoff or at least an indicator for when it happens. Is it when shields drop? Will check later.

I think the interceptor is plenty manoeuvrable. The “Target” control mode is just too slow for it. With the other mode I was able to rotate extremely fast, acquire and switch targets easily.

Mind you I play with very high mouse sensitivity, in most games, I just like it. Used 4500dpi on this flight.

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Increasing the turn speed is doable, but it also increases momentum, which start to make the movements look “laggy”. Because if you’re already turning fast to the right, it takes a second or two to absorb that movement to turn in the other direction.

The idea however is that turn rate is part of the flight auto assist, it doesn’t change your ship’s physical abilities / maneuverability, so I actually planned to make that a user option in the menus ( which we don’t have ). So we’re talking about the defaults for new players here :slight_smile:

Enemy shoutouts is placeholder while server population is low. It was supposed to make it easier for a player to let everybody know where he is exactly, if you want to organize some combat with enemy players as testing for example.

Blood effect is placeholder. Sounds are placeholder. UI in general is placeholder.

I agree scroll wheel sometimes look a bit off. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, because I’m pretty sure it’s correctly intercepting all events from Windows. I still haven’t figure out why it’s happening.

Emergency cutoff for warp atm is set to twice the max air speed ( yellow bar ). However the speed meter isn’t linear so I agree something is needed. I’m just afraid it’s going to lead to a very high number of hard-to-see bars on that meter :slight_smile: Maybe I need to add more information not on the bar, but next to it instead.


It’s not the rotation I have issues with, it’s how long the interceptor takes to change direction. Even at the lowest speeds reasonably possible (100 m/s) changes in direction take quite a while. I feel like this is out of character for the interceptor and that its thrusters could do with a small boost.

In combat I’m having to almost constantly use the Turboboost to achieve the manoeuvring I want, which of course leaves precious little energy for shooting!


Increasing acceleration much more than that is quite problematic with the sense of scale / speed / ability to hit, though. It’s already very fast ( 4g’s back/front, 3.1g’s sides without boost ) and sometimes in combat vs the AIs or other players, it takes quite a bit of skills to land enough hits before the shields regenerate.

A small boost might be doable, but I hope we’re not talking about doubling its specs here :slight_smile:

Also, just an observation: imagine that the specs were doubled. You could indeed slow down faster… except that you’d probably reach higher speeds / momentum in the first place ! Therefore I very much doubt that it’d “feel” different. No matter what, you’ll always want faster changes in direction, and you can only achieve this by boosting acceleration, which also means more momentum to absorb, which means even more changes in direction are needed… if you see what I mean… :slight_smile:

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What I’m thinking of doing is reworking a bit the overcharging, so that you’d want to use “overcharge weapons” in combat, instead of the default “off”. I’m finding that currently, overcharge shields is pretty useful between 2 combats, and overcharge propulsion is useful outside of combat to catch up to a target. Overcharge weapons however is pretty much useless, because if you use it, you end up consuming all your energy faster, leaving you quickly without weapons neither boost against an enemy. Which defeats the purpose of using overcharge weapons in the first place :slight_smile:

Ideas are welcome to make overcharge weapons more useful; I’m thiking it could slightly increase fire rate AND decrease energy consumption, but it needs to have a drawback, which would be lower (/ no?) shields recharging and maybe a slight decrease in main propulsion.

Just tested my Hybrid setup I tried in the last build and the interference bug is still there. Alright, no big priority there.

But I noticed that camera controls now use the ship controls.
Please separate those in the xml file if possible.
Because currently there is no way to use a joystick and look around at the same time.

The old model with separate head look controls worked quite well. Would also stop the bug where the ship moves with the camera.

In the last version I put a weight on the “Head” key while flying and used the mouse to enjoy the view … can’t do that anymore. :cry:

Guess the were some complications that asked for that switch.

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Thanks for the info Playbenni

I had created a modifed xml for my controller.
The right stick on my controller was not working.
Using direct mode sorted that.

I am going to try and get my Hotas working as I use that in other games as you get used to it.

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Overcharge weapons is handy but only if you guarantee to yourself that you’ll hit all your shots, as you gain the chance to kill someone much quicker. High risk, high reward. Way more handy in corvette vs corvette and bigger ships in general where you can easily guarantee hits too, but it is odd.

A good alternative might be to make the hits do more damage per energy, but then it becomes a question of what the disadvantages would be if its just better energy efficiency.

Also I think engine overcharge is super useful in combat, but only for a little bit! Its weird how it clashes with boost though, it just feels like a more effecient version of the same thing.

Funny, I use a combination of overcharge weapons/engines in combat.

I fire everything asap with weapons overcharged, then switch to engines to avoid enemy fire while recharging to fire another volley.


I brought that up a long time ago, shortly after dev release. Sometimes it works but almost always I have to scroll very slowly or else the scrolling of the wheel doesn’t reflect in the game.

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