Patch - Schedule and Stream

Patch Schedule

As you know, is around the corner and will be available to dev-access tier backers ( Stellar supporters and above ) this Saturday 21 October at:

  • 7 PM GMT
  • 9 PM CEST ( center europe time )
  • 3 PM EDT ( US east time )

The game server will go down saturday until this date / time, at which point it’ll go back up online ( assuming we did not encounter any blocker ).

The patch download itself should be made available in the launcher around 2 hours before these times, to let people download / install it before it goes live. The patch size will be around 2.3 GB.

Discord will be the go-to place if you wanna chat / comment:


Assuming the server doesn’t horribly crash and prevents people from playing, I will be streaming on Youtube shortly after the server goes up and present the new stuff.

Edit: the stream was done tonight, video is up if you want to watch it ( warning: pretty long, 3 hours ):

See ya !


I’ll be at a cousins wedding :frowning: But I’ll see you on Sunday! Can’t wait!


Great news! Shame I’ll be out at that time too, but I’ll try to get online on Sunday! Plus, I’m off work next week so plenty of testing time :smile:


In case I have to work Saturday, can you record the live stream and then save it to youtube like you’ve done in the past?


Thanks, I look forward to Saturday.

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Very nice! Hope to play the game soon, i’ve just upgraded to an R7-1700 and some 16GBs of sweet 3GHz DDR4 RAM to play this game!

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I’m happy to report that I’ve included a few surprises to the patch too. Won’t spoil it, but I’m pretty excited :blush: Can’t wait for saturday to see everybody’s reactions. Place your bets.


I bet its volumetric ghost sharks with eye mounted laser guided rockets.


I can dream!


Orbital bombardment cannons. New planets. Fleet formations??

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dude if it was clouds I’d shit myself. It’s probably just a quick design of an in-game chat box that he was referring to the other day. Flavien is too humble to show any clouds, and we haven’t seen water since like 2007.


Nope, chat was in the weekly update. Also, water looks pretty good and was included in the kickstarter video and some screenshots pre-prototype… but never in the prototype.

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Pre-rendered stuff, yeah. Notice how Saturday is two years to the day from the launch of their Kickstarter. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Pretty cool though either way.

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New planet. For sure!


Water is shown in our Kickstarter video…

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Flavien said a few surprises so more than one…

Let’s start with what’s been confirmed:

Maybe one of the surprises will be a bunch of dumb test NPCs randomly flying around shooting.


Maybe the big grey asteroid from the flyaround video some time ago. A basic chat maybe. Maybe missiles. New or changed planets. Maybe a new warp system and or a system for real distance interplanety jumps (FTL).
Can’t wait to play it!


He he, love the speculation.


my guess is chat and some of the recording features that were mentioned