Patch - Schedule and Stream


Source engine style playback? I’d be incredibly surprised. I think that would take a significant amount of time to implement.

And would chat be a surprise? it’s shown in the screenshot.

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Great news.

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I guess a set if new planests/moons with slightly different parameters but no real new proc-gen types.

In order to test warp capabilities.

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If I remember correctly that went hand in hand with the implementation of the entity-component-system that was talked about. See Flaviens post here:


Ah yes. Good quote-fu. Thanks.

It would still need UI, client side recording or downloading from server, and other bits and pieces.
The core functionality might be there but it takes more than that to make it a usable feature in the client.

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Second guess: Megastructures or a really huge station, even bigger than Skycrane 5. Or a tutorial voiced by Flavien showing all the weapons and ships…


I’m going all in on Huck and the Space Whale.

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The mockups for those have already been shown in-game lol.

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Bobbleheads? or full size objects? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The bobbleheads.

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The space whale would be a nice April Fools day event to see just how large objects can be.

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For anyone else like me that is busy tomorrow night, shall we meet up at the same time on Sunday? We might even be able to talk some devs into coming on as well.


ETA: around 3 to 4 hours before the patch is released.

Wrapping up the last todo things. Still a bunch of tests, then on to producing the build.


Update: found a few more bugs. Attempting to fix them right now, which might introduce another hour of delay. Working hard and as fast as possible :slight_smile: But overall it’s looking pretty good.


ETA: build almost done and should start uploading in ~15 mins


ETA; build is done, uploading now.


Hope you’re all having fun, I hope to see some of you tomorrow!


Just got home from the wedding. Wife’s not going to be too happy if I fire up the PC but I’m not waiting until tomorrow!


I’m probably not going to stream today, or if I do, a bit later. Too many crashes and issues to address before a stable version can be shown to the public :frowning:

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Maybe push out a newsletter explaining this.