[OG] The Old Guard (133 members - Pre KS nominees are listed in 4th post)


closed at the announcement already. :wink:


Yes, I mean skype and teamspeak are really bad at such things. By IRC bindings I mean in context of discord. I would not be surprised if there are bindings for IRC eventually, but it is one thing I would use right now, if it was around.


It may be possible to make a discord/irc bridge, though who knows if it would even be wanted, and discord might get upset at it depending on how their setup works. We used to bridge the galactic chat in a game that shall not be named with it’s irc before the dev got mad and had a petty shitfit


I don’t think discord can handle IRC volumes of chat.


Interesting; Discord must be so new, I actually found it today before even looking at this thread.
It’s a great piece of software.
As seamless in execution as Infinity itself!

Edit: Does the Old Guard have a server? Would be a great place to talk to all of you who have spent years following Infinity!

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The general “Infinity Community Network” Discord server isn’t that populated yet, so hop over there for the time being. I’m sure the OG will have some com channels in the near future.

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Not the worst idea in the universe :wink:

I created one. Here:

(is it a good idea to share these links like this btw? I’m new to Discord)


Sharing links are fine, they invalidate automatically after 24 hours by default.


Alright, LucasFIN…got it after 5monthes oO
Finally the news of KS lead me back to here :smile: and what to say? I really like to see “The Old Guard”. So how to join?


Welcome back Spuk. :slight_smile:

You were indeed nominated before KS (see 4th post). So you are in.


Cool, just need to get familar again with the “new” forums…


it makes me excited wondering the OG events such as in-game gatherings, maybe we could make space combat movies :grin: i always want to see some ships formation, like fighters flying side by side with capital ships.

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That guy was a douche. :sunglasses:


Yeah. You can take that douche’s place if you want :wink:


Hey I’ve just looked at this website as I was alerted to Infinity’s KS and saw my name mentioned what is this thing?

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OP is pretty self explanatory atm :slight_smile:

Welcome back by the way!


Also, turns out that I (@Lux) discovered the password to my old account, Legato, which is also mentioned on this list as it is the one I used on the old forums. Don’t know which one I’ll use in future though hah.

And thanks for the welcome!

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So will you accept the nomination?


Sure! It sounds like fun why not

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I will add Legato if that is the account you will be using (at least it was the one you used to use)