Novus AEterno: The Next Evolution in RTS Games

From Kickstarter: Space game. I couldn’t find a star count.
Read it for your selves, you don’t need my blathering.

Nice Kickstarter! Looks like a solidly designed campaign, so this might be helpful for I-Novae to have another frame of reference. :slight_smile:

I hope this is actually the ingame art style and not concept art, because it looks great (2D games are still cool):

P.s. Pseudo-Latin space names are getting lame. They all are starting to sound the same; and sadly they’re quite meaningless. Latin’s cool, but it’s getting heavily bastardized by the game industry! :frowning:

They do have a working game to show. I-Novae just has a partially working engine (as far as we know). I think I:BS will require a very different approach.

The game looks kinda cool but I really don’t like the scale. Tiny planets, tiny interplanetary distances, tiny interstellar distances.

It may have been better as a kingdom game defending resource nodes.

On a side note: BS is a crass term for just kidding.

I really like the concept of a true MMORTS but I’d prefer a slower more strategic pace than what they seem to be going for.

My biggest concern is the value of each spaceship to the player. In the combat showcases the guy lost maybe a hundred ships in one battle without so much as noting he may feel the effects later.

Also I really didn’t like when he constructed more spaceships midbattle and deployed them so quickly… I feel it should be a far more expensive and timely process to build each spaceship. This would allow for better social interaction between players I think and a grander strategic layer where you have to be prepared in advance.


I agree.

It’ll probably be the way that planetary interaction is done, but the game itself is in 3d:

That’s a screenshot from the official media page on their website.

Are you talking about the “Combat Breakdown” video? Because it’s specifically mentioned that that was a result of the player in question thinking ahead, and preparing in advance, just in case he had to quickly replace a large number of combat losses in a short amount of time and it was also mentioned that it was only possible because the fight was happening in a system that the player owned.

A player trying to project on to another solar system wouldn’t be able to do that. Nor would a player who hadn’t thought to squirrel away ship parts. It’s a tactic of finite use because it relies on pre-stockpiled ship parts, which uses storage space, time, and resources that could be spent on other things.

EDIT: Fixed the url on the picture.

No, @system, that is NOT yours to download. Don’t do it again.

Seriously want a new space RTS that remembers that 3D space has more than 2 axis. Guess there’s always the Homeworld HD remakes.


I agree so much. I read their FAQ and wept:

Will there be 3D movement?

Originally we had full 3D movement within Novus AEterno. However, we soon realized, along side the firing arcs and directional armour each ship has, it becomes a mechanic that is too complex. Once a player commands hundreds of ships fighting countless wars across multiple solar systems, full 3D movement becomes overwhelmingly complex.

Along with:

Players will be able to build massive fleets and engage in combat for the first time on the same day that they started.

It seems to me that along with the ridiculously small scale and super fast build times, they are aiming for the ADD and intellectually challenged mass market.
Edit: This was a bit hyperbolic and the sentiment is/should have been directed at the games industry in general, not Novus Æterno. Sorry.

Surely some day a developer will realise that the opposite market is incredibly under-served and gagging for something to get their teeth into!

Five years ago I hoped that would be Infinity: TQFE. Some part of me still does.

Sorry but this looks EXACTLY like those countless browser space games with a fancier graphics wrap in unity. It’s those games where you need to build a shipyard and the first one takes 1 minute, 2nd level takes 5 minutes, 3rd level takes an hour, 4th level takes 6 hours, 3 days, a week, etc…

I thought I had mentioned OGame in my initial reply but I now see I must have cut that bit out.

It’s like OGame etc in that it is MMO but those browser games don’t have the real time bit. They’re calling Novus AE an MMORTS.

Yeah it’s Ogame with fancier graphics. I feel bad that lots of people get excited with “oh, shiny!” and i hope they don’t get too jaded about IB when it comes out on KS.

I really hope the devs try really hard to impress not us but everyone who has no idea this even exists.

I’ve relayed your…ah…concerns on the NA forums. I have one dev response so far:

Your thread: Need information, where should I go?

My thread: Small Scale and Fast Pace (Started just before yours)

I disagree with your assertion that we are being irrational.
Ok so my “Pathetic.” comment was a bit harsh. Sorry.
In general though we are making objective observations based on the videos and information on their FAQ. Note that no where has anyone said “… and therefore this is a bad game”.

It IS like OGame but real time instead of numbers. This is a totally legitimate observation.

Personally I’d back it if I had any money. - While I would prefer it if it were done a bit differently, I like what I see enough to back it and give it an honest try.

Then I made a mistake in my interpretation of events. Sorry.

Keep in mind guys that everything seen is on the developers server so all,production is sped up way beyond what it would be live.

I’m very pleased to hear that. Perhaps it will be a bit more strategical than I first thought.

Still… a full fleet in a day is an awful lot regardless.

That will answer every single question you have about Novus Aeterno. It’s 1hr 49mins long play through with the dev with one of the early backers(?). Seriously, every question about the gameplay. Watch it.

Sadly it’s properly needed when the physical distances between stars are so ridiculously small.

If only NÆ would massively upscale the size of their planets it won’t look like another spin-off of Sins, PA, etc. but to me it does look just like that, and ultimately I believe they’ll cater for the ADHD type gamer, because there is more Monay! in those.

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Looks like Sins of a solar empire but mmo.

I’m far from impressed. But I wish them luck all the same. :slight_smile:

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