No Man Sky Preoder Now!

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Wow thats a hefty price for a game with no apparent gameplay.


For Russia its sooo afordible price thanks Sony!!!
1049 rur :smiley:

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Wow thats 13 €…
Which should be the price everywhere. :wink:

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Wish Kickstarter had local currency conversions like that. :wink:

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No dude i think it would be 2999-1999 rur but 1000 rur wow just amazing :smiley:
But what inside gameplay mby nothing but for this price Russian not lost anything, mby one time to go shop for food or 1/4 rent

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Seriously? Because it’s $66 CND. There’s no way in hell I’m putting down $70 on an unreleased new IP. That’s positive-reviews kinda money.


Yeah 13 € in russian money. Its 59,99 € in germany. Which is 65 $ american dollars. Way too much.

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but the dollar is very high for us but he gradually falls due сlose the quarter and of all taxes.

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It’s the same here.
Kind of arrogant pricing IMO, I mean, that’s an AAA game pricetag.

If it was half that, I’d pre-order in a heartbeat.


I’ll wait until reviews are out. If the game is boring ( my main worry ) I probably won’t get it. If it looks like it has enough variety and content for at least 15+ hours I might consider it.


meh price up in steam still same in GOG

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A little expensive for an Art and Exploration game for which I consider it … and it really is …

Should have price tags like these:

Ok I would pay double but not four times as much.

Maybe … later.

Also maybe merge this with the No Man Sky thread?


I really don’t get the hype, all the signs point to a it being shallow game i probably won’t even want to spend the time, let alone money playing.

We’ll see though.

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i will watch someone play first…

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I guess they have to pay for that AAA marketing budget somehow…


wow i was expecting around 20, maybe 30€. And afaik the game is like a first-person Galactic-stage Spore game. Not sure where they got the content for that. Unless it includes all the DLC that will come in the future or something?

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It comes with a fitted ship. Apparently it’s a good(?) ship.

And yeah. I was expecting something on-par with Cities Skylines launch price.

What’s the betting it’s this price to keep Sony happy and fit in with other PS4 titles?

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I’ll see closer to launch how much I feel like putting money on it. The review on Kotaku (I think?) was fairly positive.

I don’t think the price is particularly unreasonable given where Sony is positioning it

I was a little disappointed by FRACT so I agree with the sentiment of Do Not Preorder

I have a bad feeling about the gameplay, so it’s not worth paying full price sight-unseen.

EDIT: Giantbomb has done a good preview of the gameplay