Nintendo Switch

Release: March 2017

Official PR Announcement:


Here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck though I confess I’m not overly optimistic that’ll be the case.


They really need to get their online interaction sorted out to stand any chance against mobile and the other two consoles.

New Zelda trailer got posted beforehand. It will launch with the NX so it might contain some unique mechanics specific to NX.

That’s one box ticked for me I guess.


Arg! That scene of fanning the boat sail while standing on the boat! It burns!


Wind blows right? :japanese_goblin:

Actually, didn’t mythbusters do an episode on that?



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…what a massive waste of time for everyone involved.

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And as expected I’m not impressed:

It’s more like a glorified gameboy than a console.

Which kind of is what most people speculated it to be anyway. Looking forward to the release of more information regarding specs (I want to know if my Shield TV is more “powerful” on paper than the Switch), but currently I am just enjoying reading up some of the online adhoc theories about the Switch’s possible capabilities. I especially like the one about 3ds compatibility (“they both use modules”).

Eh. People kind of have this intuition that you can blow into a ship’s sails and make it go, and Mythbusters was kind of about testing those intuitions. You can explain conservation of momentum and centre of mass to people until you’re blue in the face; to most people, it sounds wrong.


Whether this is a success or not depends on how powerful that base station is, if that has a graphic card and processor, extra memory, that augment the portable device graphic card and processor and memory to the point where it at least as powerful as PS4/Xbone then it may stand a chance.

We will have to wait for the specs and more details than a fancy ad.

Thankfully it wont be a long wait. The obvious lag in Zelda when it was in tablet mode doesnt give me much hope.

I’ve never understood the portable play anywhere crowd. When I’m out of the house I enjoy taking in the scenery and people wherever I go. And it saddens me whenever I see friends standing with one another but are so immersed in playing games or texting on their phones they completely ignore one another. I guess it’s a brave new world.

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It’s like soloing an MMO. Some people don’t necessarily need or desire ‘face to face’ interaction and are happy enough simply being in the presence of other people.

They’re not ignoring each other, they’re simply enjoying each others’ presence. You don’t really need to have a conversation or even be doing the same thing to do that.

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Nintendo always overdoes it with the saccharine utopian vibe. It’s just a gaming tablet console hybrid that allows for multiplayer on one device. Potentially networked across two devices if that’s how we should be interpreting the basketball part.

You are actually wrong about that, if you blow really strong (like a jet engine for example) you can easily sail the ship. You can also sail against the wind utilising the same principles that make planes fly.
Even blowing straight into the sail with normal human strengh would move your ship, you are not in an separate space, it will affect you ship.

Just standing on a surfboard and fanning in one direction will move you.
You all got it wrong by thinking the air was enclosed in the ship, protip: it isn’t.

Now who is the stupid pleb that doesn’t know crap about physics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

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Not exactly hard science but…

And yes I know - I’m officially off topic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Edit: Watched the whole video which proves my point. Thanks. :blush:

Unintended aerodynamic effects giving back a tiny percentage of what you’re wasting aside; WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT RATHER THAN JUST BLOWING AIR OUT THE BACK OF THE BOAT WITHOUT NEEDING A SAIL IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!!?