New website update

For those who bookmark the forums and not the website, check the frontpage! It has had another update.

So much new stuff to look at.



The ultra thin version of Roboto font looks bad on Chrome when small and white.

Ever since the major overhaul I’ve been irritated by all the design and technical flaws. It has a nice aesthetic, and I know it’s still under development, but as a web developer I would be itching to get under the hood and fix all the little issues.

really love the new homepage design.

Nice update, the site is starting to look quite professional.

Now you just need to delete or somehow hide those spammy “describe the puser above” topics on your forums. They’re a bad reflection of your community seemingly used by a minority just to increase their post count.

It wasn’t so bad on the old forums where they were somewhat hidden away in the lounge with all the other trash, but here they seem to get front page exposure.


It is starting to look very nice, obviously it’s not finished yet and could do with quite a bit of polishing (finding the absolutely best pictures and font to use). At least newbies have enough to read to grab their attention for a bit longer.

I don’t see the problem. For me it is still hidden away … and it’s fun.

If there were more content in the Battlescape section you may set that as your page to visit the forum. I’m sure a solution can be found.

Oh. And great new website.

Loving the website update - can’t wait to see more information appear on it, but the look of it is great!
Keep it up. :smiley:

“I-Novae Studios - Cool, because you love us.” Is that your new tag-line? :smile:

I agree with Crayfish about the spammy topics. Personally, I’d like them deleted.

Same on Firefox. Parts of letters gets anti aliased into nothingness. Especially the letter S.
Seems ok over 30px, or 16px when bold.

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Yes, let us start arbitrarily censoring these forums for what a selected minority thinks should or should not be visible.

I do agree that such topics tend to be a waste of bits, in fact my main concern with discourse when it was discussed on the old forums was the lack of subforums in it’s default view, but if anyone does enjoy them what gives you the right to decide they should be removed? For that matter, if anyone enjoys them, why would inovae - a company that would like to sell a product so as to provide food and shelter for themselves - delete the handful of topics potentially important to stereotypical internet users so that a few stuck up… people wont have to not click them?

Apart from that, the new website does look a lot more alive than the old one (which is really what’s important, isn’t it?), though I can’t help but notice that you have a giant banner going “Kickstarter in 2014, latest news” which then links to… well, the latest news, with no obvious mention of a kickstarter (I’m sure it’s there, if you dig around a bit… why are you expecting people who visit your front page to go digging?).

Its looking much better now. How long has Lyndze been helping you with the website?

Anyway, the company overview says there are 9 people, but the “meet the team” has 8. Not really a problem, just found that a bit odd. Its also funny how nobody has a “programmer” or “developer” tittle.

And the IB page needs something besides the logo. It needs something like a “coming soon”, and a mention to the kickstarter in 2014.

Also, whatever “Behance” is, you either need to remove the link to it, or update your profile. :wink:

And finally, the art posts on the forum are still nowhere to be found on the website. Its quite a bit of stuff that is basically hidden unless you do a forum search. At least these 3 should have links or some sort of copy on the front page.

These are also missing.

edit: I just noticed that Altfuture/Slobodan helped texturing the Helion. Is he the 9th dev mentioned?

Do you not think they negatively affect the perceived maturity of the community?

You say that as if it’s a bad thing?

Selling a video game here, remember?

No, I think they’re exercises in community building. Stuffiness can smother enthusiasm more quickly than a pillow.

Yeah that’s something we’re still trying to figure out. Our designer uses a macbook pro retina with chrome and she was surprised how bad it looked on chrome for windows. Since everybody is scattering for the christmas holiday and we wanted to get something up before that happened we’ll have to address that at a later date.

Could you provide more information about what specifically is irritating you?

She’s been working on it in her spare time since June. This is her 3rd design though, there’s been a lot of internal iteration on it.

Slobodan is not the 9th developer. He had to leave the team to pursue some promising new career opportunities and which we hope is going well for him. The 9th developer is a programmer who wished to remain anonymous.

It’s on the todo list for the next round of polish come January.

We tend to be very much against censorship. For example every single day when I log into our forums and see a topic titled I need something to keep me caring about this game it causes me pain however I don’t delete or rename it out of principal. Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, and Limit Theory all actively used our forums to recruit for their Kickstarters and we allowed them to do that (hopefully they’ll return the favor). The only time a post gets deleted is if it’s spam or is nothing more than inflammatory garbage. While those threads are not something I’m personally interested in they are posted under the correct general discussion category and a fair number of people seem to enjoy them. If those types of threads are what keep people coming back to our forums then so be it. The point of these forums is for people to not only discuss our games and technology but to have a nice place on the internet to hang out and talk about topics they’re interested in.


There are a number of things, such as element positioning in responsive layouts, text overflowing the slider, header line heights too close together, icons not aligned properly on their backgrounds, general typography quirks, fixed width elements inside percentage width elements, the arbitrarily placed, and honestly somewhat visually out of place menu button, and the massive footer is not yet responsive so it pushes elements outside the body.

However, it appears that the site is being developed live rather than offline, as the menu button was non functional as of my previous post, so I’ll just see how it develops over time.

Back when the new site was originally put up, it was left with the default margin on the body element for weeks and it made my skin crawl.

Yeah if we were waiting for it to be 100% done before uploading there still would just be a placeholder page. We’re aware of the issues w/ responsive layouts, we just wanted to get the latest code up before the xmas holiday as there will be little to no development on it for the next ~2 weeks. Nearly the entire team will be traveling to visit family etc.

I don’t have a big problem with those topics when they’re hidden in a subforum, and have participated in them myself. I just don’t think that such spammy threads are a good first impression when a new user clicks on the “Community” tab.

I also don’t agree that they belong in the general forum. There should be an “off topic” forum for such things. In most places I visit “General” is used as an on topic forum for general discussion about the site,

Yeah, I would agree with that. The EVE forums are a good example of this. The MOD’s there do their best to keep the “general” section about the game & CCP only, the “Out of Pod” forums is for all the other “stuff” and is somewhat tucked away down the list of sub-forums.

I agree with Keith that we do not want to sensor, but I also agree with Crayfish that those types of threads & posts should not be included in a new visitors first impressions.

I can agree in part. Moving games and non-Infinity based topics to an Off Topic forum is definitely a good idea in my mind, but those off topic and games threads show the community acting as, well, a community. I agree that they shouldn’t just sit at the top of the forum, but I also do not in any way think that they should be “hidden” or buried away out of sight. If there was some way to keep them from rising above a certain position on the Latest page, that would be ideal.

It has to be decided whether this is a company forum, or a company run community forum. If it’s the former, fine. These forums then are to be a sterile support forum here to support communication between I-Novae and its client base. I’d fully support that vision for this space. If it’s the latter, then it’s community interest that will decide what is visible to the community. You have to let the chips fall where they land. If that means the community is interested in silly little word games instead of polycounts and promotional videos, so be it. Keith can go tinkering under the hood to change how the community’s interests manifest themselves on the forum’s front page. I’d fully support that vision of this space, too.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Once my income stabilizes, I’m happy to host an unofficial community forum where all of the games, the swearing, and the vitriol can be shunted off to. I’m sure others would be willing to do the same. Maybe a few of us can pool resources or something, and you guys can direct inoffensive but otherwise unwanted behaviour in that direction.