New Blog post: state of the Infinity Battlescape Kickstarter and prototype


:smiley: Go read it!

Edit: It looks like these short “Videos” :wink: only load in chrome when on the forums for some reason… if you can’t see em, go to @INovaeFlavien 's blog!


Big smile on my face on that one :smiley: The gameplay scenes are great.
Really looking forward … I think I showed that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also bold move to do a limited-public play test. But you seem to be very prepared. Most games don’t have such a long FAQ for the whole game :smile: One note though, when viewing the trust level it gives it in its name: “regular” not a numerical representation.

Sadly I’m out. Wasn’t expecting to want a graphic card update that early :wink:

That jump from 11k to 200k triangles limit was really unexpected to see such a big possibility in increased 3D modelling freedom in the last couple of years.

Thank you Flavien and team.

With that I don’t only want to thank you but also “mildly congratulate” you and the team for not only bringing this project so far, but also not letting this magnificent ride end.

Okay, does anybody know how to remove drool from laundry? Mine appears to be eating through my shirt… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love the vids (@Hutchings it works for me in FF). In that first one I was almost expecting it to fly into a giant worm-cave. :wink:

Edit: Dang, only have 3GB DDR5… I guess that leaves me out of the preview. :frowning:


You are cleaning up everything before the kickstarter, thats great! I really hope, that you don’t forget the QA on your website. The current responsivness is rather breaking the site than improving it. There is some work to be done on the website to make it work well in every environment. If you need someone to check any issue on it (or to report issues) please don’t hesitate contacting me.

First of all: great blog entry. I really enjoyed reading the blog posts since back on gamedev and it is always a joy to read a new blog post about everything infinity :smiley:

Even though I am not trust level 3, thus not eligible to the play test: Does the operating system have to be Win7 or is it more of a Win7+ thing?

About the 4GB vram: Dedicated or total?

Also are you going to have the server open at all times during this public playtest, or are you going to host it just at set times to have a more … ‘focused’ battleground?

Also the one who seemingly just now dropped out from trust level 3 (since I can see only 19 on trust level 3 atm) is probbaly cursing at him/herself ^^

But yeah, to everyone who is eligible, have fun next week ^^


I’m gonna have to weld some VRAM onto my GPU, is that possible? :wink:


What a great gift to start off the weekend! Sadly I won’t be able to participate in the prototype demo, good luck to those who can!

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I read that entire blog and watched the video with a giant dumbfounded smile…much like Lomsor’s reaction I imagine.

I’m really excited about the playtest. I’m really excited about everything. You guys have certainly taken me along the rollercoaster ride through the years.

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I would totally submit a request to do the test but I guess having an account from 2008 doesn’t really mean anything since I am still a basic user:(

Happy that the kickstarter is making progress and I will be for sure backing it with money.


At least you’re not disqualified because of ram. Muh 4gb


Unfortunately I’m a basic user too, though following the project since 2011. Anyway I’m happy to see that Flavien is now ready to show his baby to us :smile:

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We’ll see. It may well happen that they won’t get enough from the “superactive” forum users.

Counting all Regular users and excluding the devs and myself and cybercritic there are 15 Potentials left. I think it’s good that they limited the pool, as it doesn’t overcomplicate things.

Besides, my account didn’t get transferred correctly back then, that wouldn’t be “fair” either.


Read it. Watched it. Now about that tongue that i have to roll back inside my mouth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It looks grand. The flight looks really fluid, not jerky, but really smooth.
Were you close to one another geographically ?
Would be interesting to see harder turns.

And the terrain. I was slightly worried that terrain would be mostly flat and, that we wont see much surface diversity. Oh i am so glad that i was wrong. It adds more importance and purpose to the planets.

By the way, i have no idea how i earned the regular status, there is lot more people here, who really contribute and are really active here and in the past.
(guess am here too often - and should get treatment :smile: )

Although i feel honored :relaxed: I don’t feel that i have earned it. :flushed:

My PC is slightly lacking in memory and GPU departments anyway.

So one less to worry about, rest of you folks have slightly better chance.

…we all will be flying around soon enough anyway. :wink:

You’ve just made my day. Thank you.
Looking forward for the kickstarter

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No, these little videos were recorded by me, I had 160-180 ms of latency to the server ( I’m in EU, server is in US ).


Thank you for the update!

Sadly, I miss out on the possible play test due to three (!) reasons: no Skype (although that would be fixed really quickly, if only…), I’m not at home / not at my computer that weekend (a friend is running a marathon), and I’m also lacking 4 GB VRAM GPU (only 2).

Come on fellow regulars, someone must fit the criteria! :smiley:

EDIT: I also want to add that I really like that you are doing a somewhat open play test with forum members, and I hope it works out perfectly for all involved!

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I am fairly certain I will fit the requirements…I just need to doublecheck I have nothing planned for next weekend.


Awesome blog
Awesome videos (I saw shrubbery!!!..I’m guessing it’s at a state similar to where the cloud model is)

As for the play test, I’ve got two strikes against me:

  1. Only a member cause I don’t actually post that much
  2. I haven’t gotten to upgrade my computer yet because intel paper-launched the skylake 6700k…so not likely to upgrade before next weekend…possibly even the KS at the rate they’re going…

Is it possible to get honorable invites to the skype session only?


I see, that seems like fairly good connection.
Although there were only 3 or 4 of you, it still is a giant planet.
Lot of under the hood things, that we don’t usually notice.


I think I’m a bit deficient on the VRAM side, and I’ve also recently upgraded to Windows 10, so that might be enough to disqualify me.

(And if it were me, I’d go based off post count in the old forums, if only because I’d still be fairly close to the top :stuck_out_tongue:)