My old contributions nostalgia topic

For some random reason I tried to find some old pictures of some of the things I modeled for Infinity back in the day. I was surprised when I found that my Photobucket account, with most pictures I ever sent to the forum, was still up with all my images.

I thought it would be fun to share this with the older Infinity members.

Here are a few of the best(most of them concepts from @LucasFIN) .

Buildings(weapons are from someone else):

Vehicles and weapons:

Starfold “guedalia” frigate:

Deltan ship(only concept I have there, maybe Lucas has the others?):

The “finished” ship

edit: I felt like creating a topic to not hijack “The old contributions topic!” by linking 100 images out of nowhere, but maybe I should delete this and make this a post there. Not sure.

And I forgot to link the image with almost all I modeled(in scale I think).


Oh the memories! :open_mouth: