Most annoying on this forum...

…is for me, that I have to login every time I visit the forum. As if this was not enough, Chrome already fills the login form with my credentials, but I cannot click the login-button because the form waits for me to edit it. So everytime I want to check the forums, I have to click login to get to that form, change my username to “ino”, change it back to “inoX”, (being annoyed that it is always written wrong starting and not ending with a capital letter)… realize that by changing the username the password field got cleared, so I retype the password and finally I am actually allowed to click login. Why not simply implement openid?

Edit: the “Argh” at the end of the topic is for not letting the forum delete the “…” which I wanted at the end of the topic name.

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Do you clear cookies? I loose my login about every two weeks.

I know that greyed out bug.
You can just press enter, that works.

I too stay logged in for several weeks.

When I do need to login, autofilling my username and password with LastPass does not work.

Fixed that for you.

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The most annoying thing on this forum is whiteness.

My EEEEEYES… :eyes:


As @Lomsor mentioned you should stay logged in for ~2 weeks at a time. If that isn’t happening then it’s probably because the cookie isn’t being persisted between sessions.

Why is that, this is like the only site that forces me to log in all the time, and the autofill when logging in is a bit bugged. the name and password are filled but I can’t press enter (it’s grayed out) to log in fast, I first have to click one of the fields for the button to become blue, but I still can’t press it with my mouse cursor, I have to press enter for it to work.

//Using chrome on windows so I’m not using some weird browser or anything,

i was about to say georgeman, but yeah, lack of a dark theme is the big problem forum wise.

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Ok I’m confused about the title. I edited it and it was fine for half an hour then the … disappeared.
The same change to the thread in the Regulars’ Lounge is still there after the same amount of time.

So you have to edit it every half an hour for the remaining time, then.
Problem solved!

Strange, on Opera (same engine than Chrome nowadays), I can press Enter on the keyboard to log in even if the button is greyed out, and I think others with Chrome are the same…

I feel that “white on black” is a bit harder to read, probably because lines of the letters get burned into my eyes making those burned lines cover other letters.

Still not sure and haven’t found a proper study regarding this.

In real life, ink is black, which is the only reason why bright writing surfaces are the standard.

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It was a somewhat arbitrary decision to balance convenience and security. I’ve been thinking about making it permanent with the next site update.

Black text on a white background provides for optimal readability. Microsoft’s Visual Studio team did extensive research on this and that’s why the VS text editor continues to default to a black text white background theme. Here are some links which provide more info:

Here’s some additional info:

If you take a look at, also a discourse forum, it doesn’t actually have a white text on black background. It has a light grey on a dark grey theme. For me, reading white-on-black is also an eye-strain, more so than black-on-white even. That’s why I really like the colour pallet of the Turtle Rock forums. Now, the eyestrain on this site currently only happens in any situation that isn’t well lit. If I’m on my laptop, and it’s dark-ish, I turn down the brightness, which makes the text even harder to read, due to the white background turning greyish on the lower settings.

@INovaeKeith So while I agree that black-on-white certainly delivers the best contrast, especially in well-lit rooms, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a small portion for that so that I don’t have a hard time reading the forums in a darker room. I would at least experiment with a theme similar to Turtle Rock.

Just my opinion. :wink:


I totally agree.
I use Monokai at work.

Monokai forum theme anyone?

Ok, right now I am on mobile and didn’t have any problem. I will keep watching the behavior. I am regularly switching between multiple Chrome browsers.
Regarding the readability, my experience is, that dark gray text on a white background is better readable than black on white. But I guess that’s due to the huge pixels on pc screens. Inverted text only works in very dark environments.

I find it pretty easy to login through mobile device, login through Facebook button. Bam I’m in.

Not all of us have a facebook :smile:

We support google as well :wink:

I’ll consider it :hankey: I just found that there is a poop face and I had to use it.

Tried turning on a light?

I personally prefer light (not (mostly)white) text on a dark background. A great example would be the dark theme in Visual Studio