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Since General is the new Lounge I thought I should open up a new thread for Minecraft here. Hooray!! \o/

So… @Lomsor. I’ve still been playing that server of yours every now and then ;D
So I was wondering if you are going to update the server into the latest version.


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Sure. I’ll look into it this evening and tell you what’s the highest version I have been able to update.

Now that we can communicate again … lol.aa


Yeah :grin:

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I’ve been building some stuff too, mainly tracks all over the place. Looking forward to the update!

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I created a separate threat here.
Check it out.

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Good idea. This thread can be committed for general Minecraft related posts. While that new one can be centered around the Infinite Infinity server. :smiley:

So come and join the server everyone!

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I just want to show off a map render I did on our Modded server.
Due to the fact that it is modded it isn’t as easy to create a map render. You would have to add a ton of custom blocks to the renderer. But I found one that is actually a mod for Minecraft and no standalone program that did the trick. After some tilling this is the result:

But the real reason I did this is to actually have a ingame map of the near area around the spawn.
I did that with different kinds of tools and some lua coding on a ComputerCraft Computer. That Computer outputs now a map to a screen:

Too bad you cant zoom closer. :confused:

Just download the image. Every pixel represents a block. But in that sense no, you can’t zoom to see the textures.

I just started playing but I can’t stand not knowing how to craft stuff, or having to remember the order you have to place the items to craft. Im used to playing terraria, and even though their crafting system isn’t perfect, its 10 times better than minecraft’s IMO.

Does anyone know of a mod similar to this one that doesn’t require I find a book and a redstone?

Suggestion for other mods is also appreciated.

I’m running a modified server. But I don’t know of a mod that mimics Terrarias Crafting sheme.

I got some mods that ease crafting. One is “Not Enough Items” which adds crafting recipe lookup and overlay creation and also X.A.C.T. which changes crafting tables to keep holding items and ads a special crafting table for saving recipes.

You can see a full list on mods in my mod pack here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap1WpFSpGcNjdEdZMkdsY2YyVkRqSnUtUHpLbmZIRUE#gid=0

If you want to check out some of those mods. Feel free to install the modpack. Its super easy.
Scroll down to see the instructions.

The pack code is “FTBAireen_Private”

Of course you can try out some other modpacks of the Feed The Beast Launcher.

Well. Great deal for whoever owned Mojang (I guess Notch got most of it) … I knew what I’d do with that insanely ridiculous amount of money. I would never had thought that someone would pay so much for a studio …

Minecraft 2 maybe would be an idea for Microsoft … something that is a little more polished when it comes to chunk loading and rendering effects. Maybe speed up the official Modding API or scrap it, which would have extreme backslash though.

Anyway. Big things seemed to have happened with the “deceleration” that Bukkit was, and is owned by Mojang and now that Mojang is owned by Microsoft but we’ll see what happens in the end.

I hope Microsoft doesn’t get the idea that they could just step in and give orders in a gaming segment that is so new and different. They need to work together with the guys at Mojang who know Minecraft and its customers well. It is a chance for them but also a big responsibility.

I just don’t see how they want to make that money back any time soon. Mojang itself was only really successful with Minecraft thus far.

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I’d like that idea. As long as it remains true to the first one, and the culture that has formed around the game.

They could try different art styles and see how it works out.

I just woder what Microsoft thought when they bought Mojang … waht are theor intentions. Because I just can’t imagine how a discussion inside the Boardroom of one of the bigest software producer arround the world endet with: “Lets buy Mojang for 2 Billion”

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Since command blocks have been introduced … things like that became possible :open_mouth:

MOOORE MADNESS! All vanilla!

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Lol. I found a plugin that allows for creation of Minecart networks based on Carrier Sense Multiple Access. :smiley:



I literally don’t understand how it works, but it sounds awesome! And would be great if we could get it working in the future city!

Edit: Would it work with a subterranean rail network I wonder?

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