Lutris/wine request

Ok I know this is going to be denied but a WINE friendly version and lutris install script would be awesome for those of us who use linux as a primary OS, I’m not asking for a port, EVE did this for years.

Guys even have star citizen working on wine through lutris…


What makes a game WINE friendly? Isn’t the point of WINE that you can seamlessly run any Windows application?

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Pretty much what Keith said. There have been a couple of other threads. One that started promising was:

but unfortunately the op never said if he tried to get the .Net 4 framework working on wine using the linked article in that thread, which as far as I know is at the moment the main hurdle when trying to start the game on linux (the launcher needs .Net 4, not the game itself), at least according to this thread:

Hmm, it might be a good idea to have all threads relevant to I:B on linux in one place, let me just link one or two more things here:

things you mentioned:

And additionally:

I was able to install and play IBS on my Arch Linux machine. I installed .net 4.7.2, d3d11, dxvk, and the fonts through winetricks.

After that I was able to run the installer.

The Launcher crashed instantly because it could not compile it’s shaders. So, in a hunch I installed d3dcompiler with winetricks. Now everything worked.

I’m running IBS now on a Ryzen 2700X, 32GB Ram, EVGA GTX 1080Ti in 3440x1440 resolution (ultrawide). I have the graphics set to “High” and get 60-120 fps depending on the amount of action on screen.

Greetings, DreamKeys (aka Seuche)


OMG, I had given up getting this to run on Linux after supporting the game a year ago. Your post gives me hope! You should totally make this into a Lutris script so it can be a one click process. I’ll maybe try this out later tonight. Thanks!!!

The “point is to make it seamless” but reality is more complicated, I don’t know the details but there are ways to make games wine friendly by avoiding specific API’s and using anti cheat that works with wine.
I would guess asking the the wine guys would provide pointers on how this is done considering the EVE guys have done this for years.

Looking at lutris, it doesnt seem like it will be able to become a one-button solution. iirc you have to log in to your account on the inovae website, in order to download the inovaeinstaller, and can’t just directly download it. This is a deliberate choice made by the devs, I assume?

Indeed, that’s because the launcher is handling authentication and patching. However keep in mind we’re going to Steam in 4 months and all of that will be handled by the Steam client, so presumably it’ll bypass the launcher and you’ll be able to launch the game directly. I’m assuming Steam is pretty well supported on Linux, so as long as the game itself runs on Linux with minimal work, it should be pretty straightforward once we’re on Steam.


Sadly, I tried the modifications but still can’t get the launcher to work :(. I have a feeling that the Winetricks .dotnet install isn’t working… I guess I"ll have to wait until we can download from Steam…

Mind elaborating?
What linux are you using
did you use lutris or wine to make it work
was there a certain error message popping up
which modifications did you make
how did you apply those modifications

Have you tried logging the error as described here?

Sorry for the delay

Manjaro Plasma

Lutris with Winetricks, using Wine-Staging, latest version…

No, but .dotnet install seemed to go too fast and I think that’s the problem…

All the mods in Seuche’s post above, via Winetricks in Lutris. Again, didn’t try very hard as yet, didn’t try logging yet. Maybe this upcoming weekend when I have more time. There is another title that uses .dotnet I’m going to try installing via Lutris script, and if that works, I’ll try to launch the installer via the same prefix…

I wish someone would make a Wine prefix with all the WInetricks successfully installed and make it available via a Snap we could all install and modify from there.

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Finally got this to work!!!

I successfully installed Assetto Corsa on Proton using Protontricks, my first custom build and successful dotnet install (including, like, 10 other dlls and mods). Now that I had a working install, I copied that prefix over to my IB directory, created a Lutris entry and directed it to use the copied prefix from AC, and the IB launcher worked!

The game seems to run flawlessly after that with Wine Staging and DXVK and the custom prefix, just as well as it did on the Windows partition I haven’t booted since '18… Now I just need to figure out how to play and what to do… Was somewhat disappointed that space and atmosphere dynamics weren’t different yet after all this time (I exited a planet thrusting backwards into space). VERY smooth, though. Thanks!!!


That op here, I fiddled around with it a bit but due to my lack of knowledge back then I wasn’t able to get it working. I’ll try again today and might even get to the point of finally creating a Lutris config in my life if I succeed.

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