Lutris/wine request


Ok I know this is going to be denied but a WINE friendly version and lutris install script would be awesome for those of us who use linux as a primary OS, I’m not asking for a port, EVE did this for years.

Guys even have star citizen working on wine through lutris…

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What makes a game WINE friendly? Isn’t the point of WINE that you can seamlessly run any Windows application?

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Pretty much what Keith said. There have been a couple of other threads. One that started promising was:

but unfortunately the op never said if he tried to get the .Net 4 framework working on wine using the linked article in that thread, which as far as I know is at the moment the main hurdle when trying to start the game on linux (the launcher needs .Net 4, not the game itself), at least according to this thread:

Hmm, it might be a good idea to have all threads relevant to I:B on linux in one place, let me just link one or two more things here:

things you mentioned:

And additionally:


I was able to install and play IBS on my Arch Linux machine. I installed .net 4.7.2, d3d11, dxvk, and the fonts through winetricks.

After that I was able to run the installer.

The Launcher crashed instantly because it could not compile it’s shaders. So, in a hunch I installed d3dcompiler with winetricks. Now everything worked.

I’m running IBS now on a Ryzen 2700X, 32GB Ram, EVGA GTX 1080Ti in 3440x1440 resolution (ultrawide). I have the graphics set to “High” and get 60-120 fps depending on the amount of action on screen.

Greetings, DreamKeys (aka Seuche)