As a Linux gamer

… I’m a little sad to se I:B to be a Windows only game.

But I pledged anyway. I hope that, maybe someday, I’ll be able to play it on Linux or on Wine, but knowing that I-Novae Studio is a (very) small studio, I’m ok to wait.

Linux users aren’t as “sectarian” as some may think :wink: .

Have a good day, and good luck for the KS.

p.s: yes, the title was a clickbait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would like it to be released on Linux. Maybe in the future…

It was mentioned by Flavien over one of the live streams and in previous conversations from who knows how long ago that it is the hope to eventually port over to mac and linux. It isn’t near the top of their priorities, but it probably will eventually happen.

So don’t give up hope! :wink:

Porting the game over to Vulkan has been mentioned several times. In the end it would depend on resources obtained from the kickstarter, from what I’ve gathered. I too was concerned about this as linux is the primary operating system I use, and actually don’t even own a copy of windows.

I suspect it’ll happen somewhere down the line. Having the engine work across platforms will probably increase it’s value :smile:

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I realy hope I’ll be able to play it someday :smile:

I really hope till the release-date usb3 gfx-cards will be capable to realize that :smile:

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If I-Novae want, they can pass the game off to a company like EON and get a Linux port made quite fast that performs very well (refer to ARMA3 Linux). Downside to that is I dunno what EON charge nor how much it costs to maintain vs making a NATIVE Linux version. But it’s a option!

Vulkan is truly the holy grail solution to Windows/Linux/Mac cross compatibility!

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Not sure, as Apple currently refuse to support Vulkan and OpenGL 4.2+, and try to push their own API (Metal)

Lets just wait and see what Vulkan brings.
I am Linux too and i am confident it will happen sooner or later anyway.
Whether it is direct port or Wine it will work eventually…

That won’t last, and I don’t see how they can refuse the API. Thats some seriously dodgy stuff right there, if there was ever a reason to STOP using a apple desktop!

I really hope that this won’t last, I would be sad to not be able to play with my OSX friends :wink:

Reviving this rather old thread.

I also backed the Kickstarter and recently got alpha access. I was hoping that similar to the combat prototype I can just run it through wine but didn’t have much success.

Did anybody got the alpha to run on Linux and has some tips?

Another Linux user here … i did not even try it with wine. We most likely will have to wait for a Vulkan port after the release. I’m fine with that and keep following the development as I wanted to primary support their I-Novae engine effort in the first place. :smiley:

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Yeah I’m fine just following the development too. I’ve been doing that for over 10 years so… :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say that until Vulkan fixes their graphics issues (there is another thread with far more detail than I can remember) you likely won’t see a port of it.

Three’s just so much extra to be added, I doubt they will want to write a custom graphics handler.

I think it might actually be possible to run the game through wine if one could bypass the launcher.

Does anybody know what the hostname of the server is?

Infinity Battlescape.exe -auth 904 xxxxx -client -host -port 7778 -userName hrobertson

Where xxxxx is 32 bytes of data base64 encoded.

Good luck.

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You probably won’t be able to bypass the launcher easily. The launcher performs authentication. It receives a token from the web infrastructure ( that xxxxx data hrobertson mentions ) which is only valid for a short while. This token must be passed to the client, which then sends it to the server, and the server queries the web infrastructure to verify that the token is indeed valid.

So every time you want to launch the game, you need to get one of those tokens. To do that manually you’d have to use the web api to do multiple calls. It’s not just a one easy step procedure ( which is the reason it is done by the launcher ).

Figured as much.