Login problem with Firefox

logging into the website has some weird behaviour for me.
I use the latest firefox version.

the login doesn’t respond or redirect.
nothing happens when I fill in the right password.
it does reply if incorrect

but if I close it and open again then I am logged in already.
very confusing.
anyone knows why?

Hello @spaghetti_M, sorry to hear you have problems. This is a known issue, though. I think it might be fixed with the future updates of the Account system.

I still have this problem, actually. The method I stumbled across still works, though, so as long as that works I think I’m okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

okay a known issue then.
maybe an explanation then with the verification email is an idea.

There seems to be some intermittent weirdness with FireFox. @INovaeFlavien recently ran into a problem as well. We’re working on it.

I confirm the problem in all versions of Firefox and Palemoon.

Also there is potential XSS vulnerability, as during login I’m redirected to url containing JS code:


You need to hire competent web developer asap

For those of you that are having trouble with login in to a forums.
Go to EDIT / Preferences
In a Privacy tab select "remove individual cookies.
And delete cookies for everything inovae related.

Go straight on to a forums click login (should redirect you back to main page, now that you deleted cookies)
Enter your login info and hit login. It will most likely not do a damn thing. Don’t worry it is just messing with you :slightly_smiling:
Just close the login window and hit comunity button again. You should be loged in now.

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You’re right for the login messing, and we must go to community after nothing apparently happens, and we’re logged.

However, there is an issue before that and I found a fix. The issue is that you cannot login if your old account (mine is from 2019) was created with an uppercased first letter because the login button remains grayed out, even after entering your credentials. Since I use Firefox builtin password manager, I found it very weird. To fix that, I just edited my login name and changed the first letter to lowercase (same password of course). Only then the login button was clickable. Then I clicked it, and as you say, nothing seems to happen until you click community button again. Finally, Firefox asked me to record that “new” login, I validated and deleted the old uppercased one manually.

Hope that helps someone.