Login problem with Firefox

logging into the website has some weird behaviour for me.
I use the latest firefox version.

the login doesn’t respond or redirect.
nothing happens when I fill in the right password.
it does reply if incorrect

but if I close it and open again then I am logged in already.
very confusing.
anyone knows why?

Hello @spaghetti_M, sorry to hear you have problems. This is a known issue, though. I think it might be fixed with the future updates of the Account system.

I still have this problem, actually. The method I stumbled across still works, though, so as long as that works I think I’m okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

okay a known issue then.
maybe an explanation then with the verification email is an idea.

There seems to be some intermittent weirdness with FireFox. @INovaeFlavien recently ran into a problem as well. We’re working on it.

I confirm the problem in all versions of Firefox and Palemoon.

Also there is potential XSS vulnerability, as during login I’m redirected to url containing JS code:


You need to hire competent web developer asap

For those of you that are having trouble with login in to a forums.
Go to EDIT / Preferences
In a Privacy tab select "remove individual cookies.
And delete cookies for everything inovae related.

Go straight on to a forums click login (should redirect you back to main page, now that you deleted cookies)
Enter your login info and hit login. It will most likely not do a damn thing. Don’t worry it is just messing with you :slightly_smiling:
Just close the login window and hit comunity button again. You should be loged in now.

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