Kickstarter Milestone and Excited Keyboard Bashing Thread (111% FUNDED)

And it has reached 1000 backers!


(10 char)

More importantly 25% !!!

The backers keep coming, over 2^10 so far.

This is a great policy to have, you should push it as much as possible. There is a large group of people currently that will resist backing a project they think has “just enough money” to avoid feature creep and other issues other recent space sims have had.

25% funded when I woke up this morning! Not bad :blush:


$80,000 :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


:star: :star: :star: $90,000! 30%! :star: :star: :star:

Next milestone: 1337 backers.


30% funded, and up to 6th place on the popularity list.


1337 got!

Also post 69 got by Kichae!


I wonder it could get enough founds faster than Star Conflict.

So we’ve hit 96,200, keep your fingers crossed for the 100k milestone today or tomorrow!

Hopefully the weekend will snag a few more backers.

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Is hitting 100k after 2 days a good sign on KS ? I don’t usually follow KS campaigns so don’t really know. I would of thought 100k after 24hours to of been the better start. I was holding out hope for that as the clock reached the end of the first 24hrs. But I know very little about KS.

things have slowed down so quickly :cold_sweat:

If you look at the stats from the first 2 days, the average kickstarter pledge was north of $70. Clearly the majority of these pledges were from either lurkers or active forum participants, and it would be unrealistic to expect to keep that dollar # up.

As of this morning (US eastern time) INS needs about 200k to reach goal, but considering an average pledge of $35 (picked at random) instead of $70, that’s 5175 more backers needed.

That’s attainable once some of the big youtubers and news sites pick this up.

:star: :star: 98 000! :star: :star:

$8000 in roughly 17h.

It’s worrying that it hasn’t happened yet. The only “major” news website that wrote two words about this is kotaku.
We need IGN, Polygon, N4G, PC Gamer, Gamesradar and others to write about the game. We need this on google news.


Flavien said in the KS Update #2 that they are already very busy with interviews. So I guess there is a lot to come. Hopefully articles on some major news sites too.


We are mostly busy with smaller sites and streamers.

We have contacted all the major sites too, but haven’t heard back from them. So yeah, I think asking them ( politely and without spamming, ofc ) to talk about us would help.