Kerbal Multiplayer Server - Updated - Now with 100% more planets

I am hosting a modded Kerbal Space Program multiplayer server.

How To Join

See this post for the new server: Kerbal Multiplayer Server - Updated - Now with 100% more planets

The modpack is available here. Download that file, and then in CKAN do: file > Install from .ckan. This should install the modpack with the exact versions I have installed.

When you install the modpack you should be asked to choose a KW engine config (graduated or instant throttle response), you should be able to use whichever you prefer.

You may also install some additional mods, see the modlist for an up to date list of what should work.

Once on the KSP main menu you need to setup DMP. Set your name and colour to whatever you wish, then add the server details:

Port: 6702

Help, Something Broke!

I’m certain I’ve forgotten to configure something properly, and I haven’t tested the exact modpack I’ve uploaded (I’m running with all supported mods) so if something breaks it’s probably my fault. Give me a @mention in this thread, or a PM on this forum, or talk to Nyarlathothep in game and I’ll try to fix it ASAP!

Multiplayer 101

If you’re new to DMP there are a few things you should be aware of:

When Time Warping you will fast forward time for you and no one else, this puts you in a “subspace” which shows your vehicles as they are. You will see vehicles from people who are in the future (you see a recording of what they did) and you will see vehicles from people who are in the past (you see a projection of where they will be, this may flicker around as they make small maneuvers and they’re projected forward in time). You can synchronise to any other subspace in the future, allowing you to truly interact with ships controlled by other players in real time.

There is a Safe Zone around the launch pad (1Km radius) in which no vehicles will ever be synchronised. This is to prevent crashes on the launch pad when 2 players launch at the same time. Of course, 1Km is actually quite small in terms of rocket launches, so you may want to check you’re not about to rear end someone when you launch!

In Atmospheric flight vehicles will not be synchronised until they are very close (5Km iirc). This doesn’t apply in space, and you can see other space vehicles anywhere in the solar system.

Part Restrictions are enforced on launch. If you somehow get into the server with incorrect parts installed you can construct a rocket using the parts but when you try to launch the server will disallow the launch and inform you of which parts are not allowed. This shouldn’t ever happen but if (when) it does please inform me of the exact part name which is restricted and I’ll try to fix it.


Thanks! I was thinking of getting back into this when I have the time, and now you’ve solved my problem of forgetting how!

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I’ve sent 6 more kerbals to the Minmus base, but I’m not sure what you wanted with them exactly. You’ll find them inside the spectacularly silly plane/rocket thing by the base.

In other news, tomorrow I plan on beginning some deep space exploration. Vehicle testing on Minmus went well, and I’m pretty sure my spiffy new design can land a kerbal on Pol or Bop and return. Here’s a quick sneak peek:

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I sent up a compact little ore miner yesterday to supply to the ore needed to bootstrap into space. Unfortunately I forgot that EL has a different type of ore and so my ore miner is useless for building rocket parts! At least we can make fuel using it…

I’m looking into the best way to mine resources at the moment.

Edit: After a little more investigation it seems like Simple Construction is the best solution to this problem. It allows conversion of stock KSP ore into metal which means we don’t need to mess around with two completely incompatible resource systems! It’s not updated for 1.1.2 yet, but I I’ll add that to the pack as soon as it is.

Just to let you know, I ran into many compatibility problems with the mods when I tried to install from the CKAN file onto a clean KSP install. (Everything is latest version). In the end, I had to go through manually and find what I needed one at a time, and download the remaining ones from the internet. Fortunately, that worked!

I guess the problem was things just updating so frequently it’s hard to keep up.

Personally I like that we have to different ressources for fuel and for rocket parts.
Using the same base material for fuel and for solid parts sounds a bit like voodoo magic to me.

It seems like v1.1.2 came along and broke everything (just after we got over 1.1.1 breaking everything which had just become compatible with 1.1)! I think this is compounded by CKAN not installing old versions of mods (even when you tell it to with a .ckan file). I’m probably going to open up an issue on CKAN soon, detailing the problems we’ve had to see if there’s a solution to the problem.

Fair enough. I might at least look for some alternative parts for EPL because their defaults are all seriously ugly! The drills in particular are a pain in the ass - they have no deploy animation so it’s very hard to design a decent mining craft.

Ugly is correct.
I had to realize first that the drills head does not collide with the ground when you land on it before I was able to design a usable miner.

Todays Log:
Built a Miner, launched it towards Minimus.
Lost connection to the server while landing
(yellow Disconnect sign = you can continue to land your craft but your success will not be safed on the server)
Watched the craft crashing into Minimus after reconnecting.
Found a recycling bin near the crash site…
Produced a winch on our Minimus Launchpad and attached it to the jet that was parked near the base (I like that jet)
Pulled the recycling bin towards the base and safely positioned it there.
Went on EVA with an Kerbal and watched how the recycling bin spontaneously exploded. (We really have to add legs to everything)
Launched a new Miner.
Broke the miners solar panels shortly before landing on Minimus.
Managed to get it landed a few seconds before the batteries went dry but landed far away from the base.
Used the jet to refill the batteries.
Ran out of fuel on the miner before I managed to reach the base.
Positioned the jet next to the Miner again for refueling…

I learned a lot today, but I was not able to finish our base.
Feel free to continue my work.

I wanted to finish the work on our Minimus Base today. Result: Base condition critical.

The base was nearly finished. Only thing left to do. Connect a pylon with the miner and with the rest of the base.
The moment I established the link between the pylon and the base the pylon exploded.
The force created by the explosion lifted the link up 10 - 20 meters.
Unfortunately the whole base joined in, moved up as a whole, flipped itself 180 degrees and came down to the ground.
I think there were no big explosions. But many of our solar panels, radiators, dishes and landing legs are gone.
I’ve unlinked most of the parts. We need to turn them around now, repair and re-link…

Noooo D:

This whole linking things up and physics bugs thing has got me thinking I might just ship the whole damn operation from Kerbin ><

No need for that I think.
We need smaller bases and move everything in them closer together.
Everything on legs or wheels - INCLUDING pylons

Launchpad, Workshop, Smelter, Ore tanks —> Orbit
Fuel producing base and Ore producing base don’t need to be linked

edit: Update: Basic base repair done. The base is now able to mine, smelt, produce rocket parts and ships.
But we are very low on power so keep an eye on that especially during drilling.

I launched the core of a station all the way from kerbin to speed things up a little. There’s an RCS tug attached to help build the rest of the station.

Pretty proud of the Korolev cross on my launcher… Which it turns out refuses to upload here, so here it is on imgur instead!

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Oh. So I should have written a report yesterday before going to bed…
Yesterday I also launched an orbital construction base into Minimus orbit (Launched from the Minimus Outpost)

I’ll start to merge them now. We will end up with a few duplicate modules but looking at our history of exploding parts that might not be a bad thing :wink:

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I noticed you’d launched something, it looks like we largely put up different modules (except some storage, and you can never have too much storage). From memory, the parts we’re missing now are IRSU units and metal refineries. We probably also need more power.

On a practical note: before you dock anything to that 6 way adapter I suggest you pull off the power block and dock that further down the stack - otherwise the solar panels will be blocked by whatever you dock off the sides!

Merge complete. I wanted to complete it as fast as possible so I didn’t care to much where I docked.
The main reason I wanted them merged: Your workshop will now speed up the production I started yesterday.
Shouldn’t be to long now till we have a smelter and a ähm secondary workshop.
Maybe we should build a recycling bin to get rid of duplicated parts :wink:

Main objective at the moment in my opinion:

  • Fuel - the production at the Minimus base is to slow at the moment.
  • Ore and Fuel Ferry
  • Re arranging the station

PS: If you want to “undock” the shuttle: Hancy Kerman has the screwdriver

1 step forward 10 steps back…
I built a new “fuel ore” miner and connected it to the base.
The launchpad was very happy about it and spontaneously jumped into the air.
It’s landing point was the main tower in the middle of the base. The one that connected all the other parts.

— Minimus Base destroyed —
Storage rocket can be salvaged.
The Kerbals all survived inside their workshop and should be evacuated to orbit base

Suggestion: No more connected ground bases.
One single object base for fuel mining - and a separated one for metal.

PS: I think we should update our mods once more…

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Well let’s be honest, that was just a matter of time xD

I’ve been trying to design an entirely self contained mining ship. So we can build as many of those as we like and keep sending them down to mine.

Yep I’ve been planning to do a modpack update this weekend, and then probably every weekend after. I left it a couple of weeks just to let the mod situation stabilise.


Which miner are you working on? Ore? Fuel? Or both?
You said ISRU on the station, so you plan to ship only ore up correct?
Do we plan to send the Minimus Orbit base to other planets later?
(=Do I need to care for stability and where the center of mass is?)

I’ve mostly been working on metal ore. I think a fuel one would be fairly simple so I might ship one of those out from Kerbin tonight.

I guess I didn’t really think ISRU on station through, I’ll probably try and get an ISRU on each miner. That way they don’t need to carry down enough fuel to land and take off with (as they can manufacture it themselves). That’ll depend a lot on the relative weight of ore and fuel though.

I wasn’t planning to send the minmus base itself anywhere else. Instead I’m planning to use it to manufacture a new ship which will take all the parts of a new manufacturing system to Duna/Dres.

Modpack Update!

See the first post of this thread for instructions on how to install mods. The upgrade process should be largely the same (in theory).


  • Updated all mods on CKAN to latest version (now only two claim to be incompatible for me)
  • Added Outer Planet Mods!
  • Added Near Future Electrical (we don’t have the NF propulsion, but we do need this to have a way to generate power up there at the outer planets. Solar won’t cut it that far out).