Just to confirm if i understand what is going on here

so inovae studios have the most incredible enigne ive seen so far, but they want to treat their engine like a rudimentary game uses his engine, just selling some stuff to some people and be done with it. this engine is going in a direction wich will make people just play a few days, spend some bucks and to the shelf it goes. they dont want to ruin this extraordinary powerfull engine doing something new like real cash economy, and making people spend or earn real life currency as they wish, dedicating their lifes in a game making it live for ages and ages, since with the opportunity of earning money give people more conditions to keep it playing more and more time and also spend money now that people earned it, or the opportunity to people who spend money in games to spend what they like to spend and not just a limited ammount of money so we can think game is cool cause they dont ask much money, no, we dont want that complex, we are having more of the same simple trash abuse freetoplay gamers time, commitment seriousness and dedication, and ask just a little bit to the little poor people that just can pay for 300 games this week, like other games, basicaly it will be cheap and will sell T-shirts. right?

seriously what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?

irn wants a real cash economy so that xe can pay rent by playing the game.

I knew I read that name before …

We discussed this before. Your ideas has been heard, it isn’t really popular tough sadly. How about the rest of the game? Doesn’t that interest you the slightest bit? Why not discuss about awesome space battles, cool technology, pew pews? All you done to this point is talk about this.


The answer you’re looking for and that I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear is no. That is not the case. For Inovae, Battlescape is a stepping stone and a practice run. It will be a full stand alone game that can be judged on its merits, but its also training and practice on how to build, release, and balance a game. Plus it makes them money which is needed for future projects.

The future project is what we call TQFE which will be an MMO, like elite, that has the whole galaxy at your fingertips. The differences lie in the game mechanics and in the engine itself which offer fundamentally different experiences.

Sorry Coach accidentally replied to you but deal with it :slight_smile:

Edit apparently I misread the block o text for something that it wasn’t

How much real money do I have to pay for you to use paragraphs?


I actually had to read his post 3 times before I could make that out.
Wow, wall of text.

So he thinks the game is going in the wrong direction by NOT having microtransactions if I understand correctly.
And it’s a waste of the engine… how to react properly to a post like this?

Not microtransactions, he wants to convert in-game money to real money: https://forums.inovaestudios.com/users/irn4l/activity/topics

With a laugh, or not at all.

Don’t feed the troll guys


You’re trying your luck here too I see!

You’re adorable!

Not gonna happen.

Laughing was the last emotion that I had in mind :yum:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite micro-transaction.”


No. Not microtransactions, a real cash economy. Xe wants to be able to sell hir spoils from hir playing to other players for cash. Not buy stuff from I-Novae for cash.

Xe has brought this repeatedly in the past.

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oohh I see, thanks!

This thread is going nowhere fast. :dizzy_face:

Like a real cash economy!


The op’s post is lavaaa the op’s post is lavaaaa

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Absolutely not… What is the point of having a real cash economy. That would result in people playing for money, gold mining bots and chinese gold mining slaves. We want a game that people play for fun, not maximum profit.

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Wrong. The T-Shirts cost $10.000. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just realized that this was a single run-on sentence. Can anyone read the whole thing in one go? We could make a game of it.

*I got up to just a little way past the 3rd ‘they’.

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