Just to confirm if i understand what is going on here

A drinking game.


Anyone who manages to record himself reciting this without pause gets an achievement.
Bonus points if they do it with an awesome accent like this recital of a game review.

I got to ‘complex’.

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I tried to translate it into something halfway intelligible (because I have no life), but it’s impossible for me to make heads or tails of it. My grasp of the Gibberish Language is poor at best.

I can confirm that there are at least two sentences, though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and get started on the ‘drinking’ portion of the game. :beer:

OP is very obviously a ferengi.


Long post, but two sentences. Are you a free diver champion?

people keep talking shit about games and game ideas they dont know they dont want to know or they just dont get because they dont understand that this is not just about a game but it is about infinity and infinity is about combining great if not the best tech regarding procedural content generation with a gameplay which simply allows them to finish this game in the time they have with the money they say they need so i wish you could stfu and put the tshirts where the sun never shines because they belong there as inovae studios is no textile shop or giveaway producer but a game development company with some of the greatest people around doing the greatest stuff they ever did and we ever seen we all are sorry if you are blind to this interesting would also be if you still know what you wrote or if you at least know what you wanted to write while doing it



Oh dear. They’re multiplying. It’s contagious!

Just in case you weren’t, @inoX is joking.

i want to confirm that i was joking when i wrote that they are multiplying because i didnt really mean that so i want to apologize because i understand that inox is joking but i also wanted to make a joke about his joke so that we could all like the joke and i thought liking his post would show that i was joking but i guess i should had done a better job showing that but i didnt do a good job showing that i was joking and now you misunderstood me and thought i had misunderstood inox and thought that you should clarify but you dindt need to clarify so that is why i am sorry for that and for taking up your time with this wall of poorly formatted text unless you are joking and are doing that just to mess with me which would also be cool but would lead to more misunderstandings because it is hard to do those sorts of things through text as anyone who has been on a forum before would know as there are times when misunderstandings lead to big arguments and that is bad and makes me feel bad but if this is not the case than i feel good because we are all good



so inoX was joking and you were joking about his joke but i didnt check who had liked his post otherwise i would have seen that you liked it and would have known that you were joking about them multiplying and so wouldnt have made my post in case you weren’t joking, which you were, but i didnt know that because i didnt look at who had liked the post which just shows that devs dont care about giving the opportunity who spend time on forums to not make these mistake because you have to click so see who liked it even though the people who dedicated their lifes in forum making have made better forum but inovae studios have chosen this one because the best forums you have to pay money for but inovae devs dont know value of money for spending on what people do because they want the new trash freetoforum software abusing posters time commitment seriousness and dedication. right?


All in all, this entire thread is just a big joke, on several levels.

so of course you meant all in all this entire thread is just a big joke on several levels and not an blatant try to rehash things no one really wants from some ones fantasy without taking into consideration the rest of the whole gameplay but further try and convince people that this will make everything easier and better and cooler just by accepting it in our hearts and let it fly our wallets to the sky and make us rich and wealthy and happy to work in a game in our free time instead of focusing in having fun I agree that we all should focus on creating the most fake value and circlejerk all day long for our amusement and all others while earning fat stacks and super packs and buy villas and yachts and not only virtual ones but real ones and bitches don’t forget those we will put a whole industry in the game and real women then have to animate them in real time for less then minimum wage per hour so we can really benefit instead of just the developers. right?


so you think to say what op goes and says is not serious and is a joke because you want to make what op says sound like a joke, you should be more open to valid and clever ideas to make a better game out of the game that is getting made because op makes valid points and you should listen to those points and not the points they make about what the op is saying. right?


I’m going to save myself some time and just assume that every dense run-on paragraph sentence posted in this thread from inox’s post onward is hilarious.


Note to OP, your best bet for making money by playing games is probably DOTA2 or some other popular MOBA, not making your own Real Money game or convincing devs to make one for you.