Is this game going to Alpha or not?

Soo been a long time supporter of the game and pledged as much money as i could.

I am just wondering when this game is going to go to alpha so i can actually play it. i have delayed upping my pledge because all the release schedules promised to release alpha builds (which i as a planetary supporter should have access too) are supposed to be out like months ago.

any more information on when the build will shift from internal to alpha?


It is, yes.

And as a totally unofficial, totally unreliable estimate; probably before the end of this year. I wouldn’t have said so before, but considering the crazy amount of stuff released in a huge new pre-alpha update over the weekend; the push to alpha is ramping right up at the moment.

There will certainly be plenty to read up about in this week’s developer update, so keep an eye out for that! :smiley:


I’ve been waiting it for almost a year too, they say at the end of the year it should enter alpha!
They surpass some big obstacles in recent patch, so two more months shouldn’t be problem wait for it.
I hope it won’t delay more, there were some discussion while ago about giving access to alpha backers but it wouldn’t be fair toward higher tier backers and i agreed but now i think since it’s been a long delay and dev tier backers have it for a two years now (i guess) so it shouldn’t be unfair to them making it fair to us who waited this long.


Keep an eye on the FAQ thread, plus further Dev Updates. It’s coming in the near future.

The issue with not releasing it wasn’t about fairness it had more to do with releasing a pre-alpha game to alpha backers who expected a game to be in alpha. Inovae has struggled with PR and vapourware allegations for a decade at this point. Releasing something that is clearly not even close to alpha levels of content and usability is a bad move which is why the decision was made to delay the alpha release.

Due to their small team and issues with losing team members they are behind the schedule they planned for pre-kickstarter. You’re absolutely right though, alpha should have been out some time ago but it just wasn’t ready. For better or for worse Inovae is committed to deploying quality and being perfectionists…one could definitely argue that they push too hard for that at the cost of posts and disgruntled backers like yourselves.

That said, I have to agree with Naiba. I can’t comment on a date but the most recent patch was waaaaaay more than I was expecting to come from this. I haven’t logged on yet but from the screenshots and videos it almost looks like a game that could be considered alpha.


The good news is that this patch brings Alpha a huge step closer!

We have the fundamentals of gameplay beginning to appear, which are generally quicker and easier to implement than the tech stuff.

So have faith, Alpha is coming Soon™!


I was and still am patient, i never complained about delays months after months and i don’t intend to, i upgraded my tier cos i was thinking alpha is already out (reading from KS page) and i never said single word against it when i realised it wasn’t and that’s why i’d like to try something that i invested 120$ in if delay is going to be another year away.
If explained alpha is not reached yet and allowing us to play it in current state i think it would cause less bad reputation than further delays.
Ppl are not stupid, they will understand it’s not alpha yet but at least they will know they have something.
Just my opinion!

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There should be another Alpha-backer access weekend coming soon I think :slight_smile:


It’s been said in weekly update #84.

I dont want to hype myself cos it was two weeks away since february.
I don’t want to sound salty, just wanted to say my hope if further delays happen (which are normal in game development) that maybe devs could give us early access not just weekends. It would be fair !

In recent decade in gaming business it became a norm for consumers to get access to early development builds.
And more often then not they get surprised and disappointed or burned out.
Are you sure you know what you asking?

Don’t want to come as patronising …but
I hope you understand what Alpha state means
Its lot less then Beta state.
Therefore nowhere near Release state.

Please be patient you will have way more fun if it is later and more filled with game mechanisms.

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ow yeah this game I supported November 2015
Almost forgot about it…

I would really be happy to have a permanent access to the game along with other Alpha backers. But I agree with argument that it’s a bad idea. We all want Infinity: Battlescape to be a successful game. Giving a permanent access to Alpha backers right now would be a PR disaster which would cause that this game would not succeed.
IMO success of this game is far more important then fairness.


I upgraded pledge following that alpha is two months away, waiting it for 8months while it wont be out for an at least half year further.
Throwing around dates and missing them by huge is even worst PR.
110$ is not small amount money for not having anything in return for patience, my decision is made by reading every week that alpha is delayed further more making me believe it won’t be out for another year.
I have nothing against inovae, they are doing their best i believe but they are not good in estimating dates making me lose faith.
I’m not angry at them and i wish them best luck and success but again 110$ is to much for me waiting game access for another year.
If things were different, i mean if i knew alpha will be delayed another year i wouldn’t upgrade pledge staying on beta access.

But then you would have had to wait even longer…
Upgrading or not, we all had to wait longer because of the delays. Alpha play weekend will happen very soon and after that its just a couple more months when the alpha is finally released. I think it will be worth the wait.


I think alpha is more than far months away form what i’ve seen so far, thing is one day alpha is 2months away and day after it’s 5-6months away and it’s been that way since february.
Keith and Flavien need to agree about release dates.
They need to be more careful when giving dates cos it’s starting to look like a bad joke!
Again 110$ is a much money for not having anything in return while missing ETA’s by huge.
It’s easy to say how good project is when you have access to it, alpha backers have nothing and who knows when we will have!

The key is to ignore any dates that they specify. They’re meaningless because there’s no methodology behind them.

Once you ignore the dates, following the project is much less annoying and stressful. Just tag along and watch what they do as they do it.


They shouldn’t give them cos they make ppl invest more money expecting they will gain access to the game!
They said two months delay, i said ok and wait another 6months, delay is 1+year so i have right to ask either refund or game access.

I sent email yesterday asking refund or game access so story ends there!
8months i’ve been listening about alpha release and promised alpha weekends, none of them happened, only i see further delays into who knows where into the next year.

We understand the frustration of the delays, and of course it is your right to decide that you’ve had enough. However, Alpha weekends have happened and there will certainly be more.

You aren’t losing anything by waiting. Remember, backing a project is not exactly the same as pre-ordering, and I-Novae are a small, independent team. See it as an investment, where you will reap the reward at a later time.