Infinity Battlescape, Community Creations

I made a thread for people to post textures and 3D models for ideas for Infinity Battlescape, mainly just pictures of them, downloads if you like.


I for some reason am posting mine in my own thread, oh well.
1,2, and 3, are not finished(mainly none are). Also I think I lost the files, oops I might replace these sometime.

1. 1: Large Solar Panels with around 1-3 per land base with sun :
2. 2:A Lightning Rod and Antenna with 1 per land base(Lightning Rod when you add storms and the planet or moon has them) The Lightning Rod or Antenna or both is very large mainly the tallest building at the base :
3. 3: A ship that has a tail which uses the design of a scorpion's, that when used swings forward(like a sting, and wobbles the whole ship) and heats up, using a lot of energy, and if it hits the target starts heating it up to around 500F, the tail uses up all the energy in 5-6 seconds of heating, this ship has a high energy regeneration rate around 1.5 times faster than other ships, so you can reuse the tail :



WOW :heart_eyes:

She’s beautiful @Zen !

Thanks Spacejay. Have to redo it again because of all the mistakes but it is on track, I think. Going to do the interior as well so it should keep me busy for sometime…


Zen With my lightning rod picture, you cant see but it is cut into 2 different parts, mainly the antenna can be separated like if ingame it was destroyed.

Sorry PlasmaStruck, I don’t understand. What are you referring to?

Zen I was referring to what my 3d model suggestions were, the second one, which is a WIP lightningrod or antenna.

I see. Sorry about that…I usually log onto Battlescape first after waking up…need at least 2 cups of coffee in me before my brain begins to function. Though function might be overstating it. :confused:

It there a way to hide the pictures like a spoiler which you open because I don’t want to over whelm the page with my stuff

I believe there are Discourse plugins that allow that sort of thing but I haven’t installed them.

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There is:

<details><summary>Mah Cool stuff</summary>
Cool Stuff
Mah Cool stuff Cool Stuff

ok thanks lomsor

Thanks but if you want can you try putting what Lomsor said in the edit bar so its easier to do like highlight then click it with a title because it would be nice to not have to find or ask what it is everytime, but only if you want.

Wait I just noticed its a little glitchy so if you want can you try installing the plugin?

What program do you use to model that because I use blender and its hard to undo mistakes and I cant use ctrl r to create more edges after merging which often messes it up.

You can (and should) answer multiple people in one post. Just select the text you want to answer it and a button will pop up for you to quote it.

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Super Carrier

Included a see through mode to show docking and Hangar - docking interior WIP

Added docking bays at the bottom - guess you can take the boy out of star wars but not star wars out of the boy. :slightly_smiling:


What do you use to make those models? because for me blender tends to limit where I can create edges when I need to merge something mainly for an interior or a part to make it look better.

Super better then all the previous. Nice job.

Looks like 3Dsmax from Autodesk.